A Halloween Inspired Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my other dreams that I had last night when I woke up to use the bathroom so I forgot those dreams, but I do somewhat remember part of my last dream which seemed to be inspired by yesterday being Halloween.

The dream was like a combination of a horror film, a survival horror video game, and a scary story that possibly started in a fictional city that I was traveling in by automobile; and as I traveled through the city shopping/driving/et cetera I slowly was told parts of a scary story by various people who lived in the city so the dream was slowly building tension/interest/curiosity/et cetera and building/setting the story as the dream went on.

I remember shopping at a Big Lots-like store in a shopping center where I learned more about the scary story from workers and people inside the store, and before I left the city I saw and/or experienced strange/scary things that were connected to the scary story; and I learned and possibly experienced a lot of interesting things that I can not remember like I was a character in a horror film.

At some point I drove back to the city of D and it was dark/late evening or night when I returned, I went to a fictional two-story house in a fictional neighborhood where I lived with my family, and I had rushed back home from the other city because I was supposed to have some medical procedures done on me at the hospital at a certain time.

There was a countdown timer like in a video game and the current time in the dream was shown so I was able to constantly know what time it was, I did not have much time until I was supposed to be at the hospital, and I remember trying to get ready as I talked with my mom and some of my family about my experiences in the other city.

I spent too much time talking to my family so I left late to the hospital, at the hospital a female doctor and female nurses were the ones who were going to do the medical procedures on me, but I can not remember what medical procedures were going to be done to me or why.

The medical procedure part of the dream was like a survival horror video game that was connected to the scary story and the horror film that this dream seemed to be, I remember seeing each medical procedure represented together on a screen which each medical procedure being a certain size so that they could fit on one screen, and one of the medical procedures was larger than the others.

Each medical procedure looked scary/nasty/disturbing with organs/tissue/blood/body fluids/et cetera like in a nasty gory horror film, there was a countdown timer still that was the same from earlier, and you had to move around through each medical procedure watching/experiencing it before the timer ran out; and I failed/died several times, and so I had to keep restarting this part of the dream.

I failed/died many times so I had to keep seeing/experiencing the disturbing medical procedures over and over, which was annoying but I somewhat got used to it, and eventually I completed it successfully without dying/failing; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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