Getting Attacked & Reporting Unblocked Ads To Adblock Plus

I forgot all my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream that started in a fictional place during late in the afternoon and until night, and several times during the dream I went to a fictional one-story building in a field near a quiet neighborhood.

The building was narrow a bit narrow but long horizontally or it was longer horizontally than from front to back, I think that different parts of this building were used for several different things, and I think that one part of the building on the right side was possibly the BP School Board Shop; and another part of the building on the left side was possibly a place where people could hang out like a restaurant/club/recreation center/and/or something like that.

I went to both parts of the building and maybe some other parts of the building during the dream, during the evening I remember talking to my former male classmate AM at and/or outside of the building, and during the night I briefly visited the hangout area on the left side; and then I started to leave, and maybe my former classmate AM started to leave too.

An annoying looking man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair wearing maybe a knit hat and his friend who looked somewhat similar but who had darker colored hair were walking toward the building as we were walking out, someone accidentally bumped into the man with the yellowish colored hair (maybe my former classmate AM), and they said excuse/pardon me.

The man became angry and he wanted to know who bumped into him, it was dark so he did not see who it was, and he saw me and he started attacking me even though he knew that it was not me who bumped into him; and I tried to explain that it was not me and that I did not want to fight, but he would not listen.

The man’s friends was backing him up in case I fought back, I was not afraid of them and I could have easily defeated both of them, but I did not want to fight back even though I was annoyed/angry because I felt like avoiding violence for some unknown reason(s); and so I dodged all of his attacks instead until someone got him to stop trying to attack me (maybe my former classmate AM).

I thanked whoever it was who helped me and then the annoying man and his friend walked inside the building, I left and later at the end of the dream I was inside a house on a computer looking at websites, and I started to report issues to the internet browser extension Adblock Plus.

I kept reporting unblocked ads (advertisements), pop-up ads, et cetera on different websites to Adblock Plus through the Report Issue On This Page option directly from the Adblock Plus extension itself; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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