Team Competitions At A School & United States Marine Corps Recruit Training & Ellen Ripley?

I only remember part of my last dream from last night that started at what seemed to be a school gym and I was possibly there as a student with other students including some of my former classmates like my former male classmate MB, my former female classmate LB, et cetera.

We all were divided into different teams competing against each other in various mostly physical competitions like racing et cetera, we could decide who on our team would compete in each competition or we could all compete depending on the competition, and I remember one of the competitions was a speed race back across the gym horizontally; and a short person/student with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair wearing no shoes who we never seen before was chosen to race alone for our team, and I could not tell the gender of this person.

At first I assumed that this student was a male and they seemed very confident and excited about this race, we never saw this student before and I even asked other people and they had no idea who this person was because we never saw this student before, and I recommended that they put on some shoes because the gym floor was a slippery basketball court; but the student said that they were okay and that they did not need any shoes, and so I wished them well and I told them to be careful.

The race started and the student on our team ran very quickly across the gym easily defeating everyone in the speed race so this student won the competition for our team to the surprise of everyone, as we were congratulating this student I realized that the student sounded like a female, and so now I assumed that they were female; but I still was not sure.

I am not sure if this is the same dream or not but the next thing that I remember is walking out of a building across a courtyard, I was now in military recruit training it seemed with some other military recruits/soldiers (male and female), and I remember walking by an area that had pugil sticks for rifle and bayonet combat training; and I remember telling a female recruit and some of the other recruits how my dad told me about his pugil stick combat training from when he was in the United States Marine Corps.

I looked forward to getting to try training with the pugil sticks but I can not remember if we stopped to train with them or not (we probably did, but unfortunately I can not remember this part of the dream), I just remember walking to another building where we were to have training in a dimly lit classroom, and I am assuming that this was recruit training for the United States Marine Corps but that is just a wild guess.

There were two male military instructors in the classroom talking when we entered the classroom, I can not remember what happened other than me having no memory of learning anything so far so I had no idea how to even properly salute the instructors, and at some point our instructor or second or third instructor entered the classroom when the other two left; and she was possibly the character Ellen Ripley from the alien films or she was like her or someone in the dream had mentioned Ellen Ripley.

Ripley seemed to be our favorite instructor so far and she actually taught us things in a professional/strict way while also giving us short breaks where we could talk/relax briefly if we did good, at some point during class something strange/serious happened, involving a female recruit or a male recruit who had his gender changed to female so he looked and acted mostly like a woman but you could tell that he possibly was really a man; but I am not sure which, either way we considered him female.

Ripley probably asked this recruit to do something as part of our classroom assignment but for some unknown reasons that recruit became angry, at first we thought that she was joking, even as she stood up in anger refusing Ripley’s orders so we were smiling and laughing a bit; and she started yelling at Ripley refusing to follow her commands, and Ripley tried to calm her down from across the room but it was not working.

Suddenly the recruit pulled out what looked like a folding knife from her pocket, the situation became serious instantly, and the rest of us recruits instantly jumped up in front of Ripley to defend our instructor while surrounding our fellow recruit trying to calm her down while also ready to fight her if necessary to defend our instructor; and I remember trying to calm down our fellow recruit reminding her how serious this situation was, and that what she was about to do was wrong and that she was acting crazy and that she would probably be arrested and dishonorably discharged/kicked out of the military.

Our fellow recruit would not calm down and so the rest of us were serious and ready to fight to defend our instructor and ourselves, Ripley was not afraid or worried because she could probably easily defeat the recruit on her own, and so she stood back watching with a smile as she saw how well we were handling the situation and how we were willing to work together to defend each other so she seemed to be proud of us.

I told the other recruits that I would deal with our fellow recruit alone and I easily disarmed her with an arm submission and to my surprise her weapon was really just a foldable USB flash drive I think, two large male soldiers (probably military police) ran into the classroom and they arrested her and I gave them the USB flash drive explaining that it was not a knife, and they carried her out as she kicked and screamed crazily/wildly as we watched in surprise and sadness wondering what was wrong with her and what would happen to her.

Ripley told us that she was impressed by how we handled the situation and she thanked us, she wanted us to focus on finishing class first, and then we would talk about what just happened; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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