Johnny Depp + The Norse Religion + The Cold War + A Conspiracy Involving The President Of The United States = ?

I some dreams that were once again about things that I did before going to sleep but I forgot all of those dreams from last night except for my last dream, and it was a somewhat long and detailed and interesting dream; but I forgot most of it unfortunately, and so it does not make much sense.

All that I can remember of the dream is that I think that I was inside a house and I started watching a film, the film started with music and it faded into a scene in a dimly lit windowless kitchen, and part of the dream looked/felt like it was from the time period of the early-to-mid periods of The Cold War (the main character and his house and family and parts of the conspiracy reminded me of The Cold War) combined with modern times combined with the future.

The actor Johnny Depp was the main character of the film and he was sitting at a small table eating and talking with his young daughter who had whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, Mr. Depp possibly had a wife with whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair who was standing in the kitchen with her back facing the camera wearing dress and to her right was possibly a small  television that was on, but I am not sure.

Mr. Depp was telling his daughter some stories/myths/legends/et cetera that sounded like they were possibly from the Norse religion or something like that, Mr. Depp seemed to really be interested in them and he possibly really believed them, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream probably took place at and outside E Manor during the day and I was probably in the dream, some of my family and some family members from my mom’s side of the family were probably there, and The President Of The United States was supposed to be in this slightly fictional version of the city of D for an event/parade/speech/et cetera later in the day.

There were possibly something that happened that I can not remember that slightly revealed some strange things happening that seemed to involve a conspiracy that possibly involved the US military/government/et cetera, advanced weapons/technology, and aliens (maybe we saw some strange alien-like spaceships flying in the sky and/or something like that and/or we came across Mr. Depp and he told us some things); but I can not remember what happened, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream unfortunately.

The third/last part of the dream involved Mr. Depp and his daughter and I going to see the event where the US President would be, which was in the downtown area near the old FB Church building, and the US President somewhat reminded me of President Barack Obama but he looked different and he was older and he had darker brownish colored skin.

The US President was standing on the sidewalk in front of the metal fence barricade in front of the entrance of the old FB Church building with one male United States Secret Service agent hiding behind him, there were many police officers around the building and barricade, but oddly I only saw one Secret Service agent; and the US President was standing on the sidewalk unguarded from the other parts of the street, and so there were people lined up across the streets and around this area who could walk/run/drive over to him if they wanted to without any one to stop them except for the security behind him.

The US President was part of the conspiracy and probably the person controlling/leading the conspiracy it seemed, he had a male soldier with whitish colored skin with bright yellowish colored hair who looked a bit like an angry version of the actor Paul Bettany who followed his orders doing the dirty work, and there was a somewhat older woman with light-medium brownish colored skin with long dark brownish colored hair who was part of the conspiracy as well who was either his adviser or assistant or wife.

In the dream it was not clear what the conspiracy was about exactly because we did not have many details to go on but it seemed to involve The United States President, the woman with him, the male soldier, and a small group of other high-level people in a conspiracy that involved The United States (USA) getting/developing/using very advanced weapons and technology that possibly came from aliens by secreting working with these aliens; and I think that the US President was going to reveal some of these weapons and technologies during the event to the world, and at the same time he was probably going to use these weapons/technologies and maybe help from the aliens to attack and take over the world maybe.

That was just me guessing what the conspiracy was about because I/we were not sure, we stood across the street from where the US President was, and we watched as he waved and smiled at people; and at some point right when it was time for the event to start/the takeover/attack/conspiracy/whatever something strange and amazing and surprising happened.

A powerful and advanced force appeared in the sky/et cetera, we thought that they were aliens at first, and they began attacking the US Presidents secret military force and their secret weapons/technology ruining his plans; and so a battle started around the city/et cetera.

The male soldier who worked for the US President somehow killed Mr. Depp and his daughter as we ran (Mr. Depp fought back to protect his daughter and to stop the conspiracy, but he was no match) and later the male soldier, the US President, the woman working with him, and all the other people who were part of the conspiracy were killed as well by the powerful force who attacked them; and this powerful force seemed to have advanced weapons/technology but they also used ancient looking armor and weapons, I think some of them could fly and had wings, and that they looked like entities from the Norse religion like Thor et cetera.

It seemed that the film ended and I was back in a room with the television as the ending credits of the film started, I started to walk away but then after the ending credits I heard probably the same music from the beginning of the film/dream, and it faded to a scene with Mr. Depp talking with his daughter again in a small room like their kitchen but there was a yellowish/golden glow/filter to the scene like they were dead and in an afterlife or like this was what he saw in his mind as he was dying.

It was a peaceful scene where Mr. Depp got to talk to and see his daughter again, the scene changed and Mr. Depp changed, and he was now one of the powerful entities who attacked and ruined the US President’s conspiracy; and he was taller and stronger with a different appearance and he had whitish colored wings and he had whitish colored clothing with golden-colored armor with helmet with maybe a shield and spear and sword like a male version of a Valkyrie.

He was in a room where all the now dead members of the conspiracy were each in their own small metal golden-colored cages like an old style birdcage but human sized, except for the US President and the woman with him because they were in a separate room, and there were other types of the powerful entities who seemed to be maybe a lower rank or less powerful than Mr. Depp who were dealing with the caged dead members of the conspiracy (maybe they would be tormented almost like some people imagine hell in Christianity is like).

It seemed that at least some of the stories/myths/legends/et cetera that Mr. Depp had believed were true and that there was an afterlife that was similar to the Norse religion, and because he was a believer he became one of them when he died; and I guess he got a powerful/higher rank among them because of how he had lived his life and how he died trying to protect his daughter, and maybe stop the conspiracy.

Mr. Depp walked to the cage where the male soldier who killed him and his daughter was, he talked to him but I can not remember the conversation, and while they were talking it switched to a scene in a small room where the US President and the woman with him were in separate cages.

They were talking with each other and we learned that they were not really human, they were possibly some of the powerful entities who had broken the rules by going to Earth with a plan/conspiracy to probably control/take over Earth using some of their advanced weapons/technology that they would pass on to the country that they took over/led (The USA), and they felt that this was the right thing to do to help stabilize/balance/save Earth/humanity from itself it seems; but that is my guess because they never said what their goal(s) was/were exactly, they only said that they felt that they were trying to do the right thing.

I assume that this conspiracy took a very long time because he eventually had become the US President so I imagine that they were on Earth many years slowly working on their conspiracy until he became the US President, so they must have lived on Earth many years pretending to be human, but that is my guess.

Anyway as they were talking they decided to escape because no one was in the room with them yet, they somehow created a tunnel that was like a portal that went through the cage and wall of the building into space, and you could see the darkness of space and stars in the distance; and they walked away along this invisible tunnel/portal into space walking across space to another location, I am not sure where they were going, and this hidden scene after the ending credits faded away like the film was really ending this time and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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