Fighting Alien Robots? + Cockroaches In A Sports Building + The White House Gets Attacked = ?

The Terminator (1984)
Titles: The Terminator
Source: IMDb

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which was unclear, strange, and it did not make much sense; and I can not remember most of the dream, which makes it even more unclear, and confusing.

All that I can remember of the dream is that at some point in the dream I was inside E Manor probably during the night with several other people, and we got attacked by what I am assuming to be alien robots that were possibly sent by aliens; but I can not remember if we got to see or fight the aliens themselves or not, and I am not sure if they were really sent by aliens or not.

The alien robots looked like thinner and lighter and less threatening versions of the metal/skinless terminators from the Terminator films or Murderbots from the video game Saints Row IV except that the top half of their heads were missing so the top of what was left of their heads were either flat or had a sink in them like a bowl, and on the back of their heads was a small hole that we assumed to be their weak spot/point.

I had probably an automatic pistol or submachine gun and I remember some of us fighting, running, and hiding from the alien robots who were pretty slow and stupid and not very advanced; but the alien robots were pretty durable, and so it took a lot of shots to defeat them.

The only part of E Manor that looked different was possibly the family room because it was larger and it had maybe bleachers/stands/seating, and I remember some of us using this area to our advantage; oddly I can not remember if the alien robots had any weapons or not.

At some point I fought one of the alien robots in the small kitchen and I put the barrel of my gun in the assumed weak spot on the back of its head, and I started shooting it many times from the hole in the back of its head; and a woman in our group with whitish colored skin came into the kitchen with me to help me keep it distracted as I walked with it in circles constantly shooting it from behind, they were so slow and stupid that you could do this, and I walked around shooting it until we reached the living room.

Finally it was destroyed after many shots to its assumed weak spot, I commented to myself that it did not seem like much of a weak spot to me, and then I moved the alien robot by the front door; but for some reason my bed pillows were on the floor and the alien robots head landed on one of them when I moved it by the front door, and so I moved my pillows on the couch by the television.

While I was doing this a high level man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit who was probably one of the leaders/heads of a professional sports organization (maybe The NFL (National Football League)), one of his male workers who also had whitish colored skin, and a male journalist with whitish colored skin were sitting on the couch across from me; and the journalist was interviewing the head/leader of a professional sports organization.

The male worker had interrupted the interview to tell his boss about a cockroach/roach situation in one of their sports buildings where there were many roaches, they had pest control set some poison bait traps to slowly kill them, but the boss demanded that he call the pest control back immediately to fumigate the building with poison to kill most of the roaches and let the poison bait traps slowly kill any survivors; and so the male worker left to do this immediately.

The last thing that I remember of this dream is that I was alone inside a small room with an exit/entrance door to The White House, The White House had been attacked earlier and was possibly still under attack, but the situation seemed under control now but we were not sure if this was correct or not; and The White House was still under lockdown, and they were sending United States Special Forces soldiers to make sure that the building was clear of threats now.

It was possibly a gray day outside when I opened the door to the room and I was wearing a jacket, winter gloves, and a winter knit hat; but I am not sure if I had been visiting The White House or if I was security, I had no weapons or armor or uniform, and I was worried that the US special forces soldiers would shoot me by accident.

I started going over possibly scenarios in my mind while trying to decide what to do when the soldiers arrived to decrease my chances of getting shot by accident, I also thought of ways that I could help them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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