A Family At A Nice Hotel | My Dad And I Going To Get Haircuts

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, my family (except for my brother CC, who is often is no longer in my dreams now since he graduated high school and joined the military and moved away) and I seemed to be on vacation and/or on a trip to a funeral of a man my parents and maybe I knew.

Near the end of my dreams my family left to a zoo or park or somewhere like that near a nice hotel, I was going to drive there as well but I came across a family who my parents and maybe I knew, and their family was staying at the nice hotel near where my family were.

The patriarch of their family had died I think, my parents and maybe I knew him and his family, and so their family was staying at the nice hotel preparing for the funeral in a day or two; and they invited me to the nice hotel, and they wanted me to stay in one of their hotel rooms with them because it had so much space and several extra unused rooms.

I went to the nice hotel with them and most of their family (extended family as well) were there, I remember being in a large nice modern hotel room that was mostly a whitish color and it was on the first floor, and they were very nice to me; but I did not have any extra clothing or anything because I had went on this trip with my parents at the last-minute, and I forgot to bring my stuff.

They probably gave me a suit that I could wear for the funeral and other things that I needed, I thanked them, but at some point in the dream something strange happened when most of the family left outside.

The actress Angela Bassett probably playing her character Désirée Dupree from the television show American Horror Story: Freak Show was a member of the family who had married into the family, she had one or more children with one of them being a young boy, and in the hotel room was a young man who was a security guard for the hotel who was guarding their hotel room with light medium brownish colored skin who did not speak or understand much English and he was possibly from Asia in a country from the Middle East (Middle Eastern).

I am not sure if I was in the room or not or if I was just seeing this without being there, either way Mrs. Bassett’s young son was in the room as well and maybe a few other kids who were sleeping, and the security guard was relaxing on the couch; and Mrs. Bassett was thinking and complaining to herself about her young son, she did not want him, and so she wanted to get rid of him.

Her young son was in a sleeping bag or something like that and she ordered the security guard to zip up the sleeping bag over her son’s head several times but the security guard did not understand her because he did not understand much English, and so she did it her self and her son quickly died of suffocation; and the security guard was shocked, and she told him not to tell anyone what happened.

The dream jumped in time to Mrs. Bassett and one of the older male family members who had whitish colored skin with grayish and whitish colored hair talking to the owners/managers of the hotel, he knew the owners/managers and he was a rich and well-connected man, and Mrs. Bassett and him were claiming that her son died in an accident that was the fault of the hotel and they wanted them to admit this and pay her.

The security guard never told them what really happened and so they managed to pressure the hotel into admitting that it was an accident that was their fault and they agreed to pay Mrs. Bassett and they apologized, and then the dream jumped to me walking outside where the rest of the family were near maybe the swimming pool; and the rest of the family did not know about what had happened yet, and so they were outside having fun.

I saw my family in the distance at the park or zoo/whatever and they saw me, the walked over to talk with us, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, my dad and I were walking across the field on Eastside that leads to the road/highway that has SC Inn across the street, and my dad was walking to get a haircut at a fictional outdoor barber shop in a fictional park near the right side of SC Inn so I decided to join him and get a haircut as well.

Something happened in the dream that possibly has not happened before or that I can not remember happening before or that is very rare, I was wearing glasses in the dream and I briefly took them off for some reason (maybe to wipe my eyes), and everything looked very blurry without my glasses like in real life; and then I put my glasses back on, and I could see clearly again.

Usually in dreams I never know if I am wearing glasses or not and I usually see things clearly, so it was interesting to finally have a dream where I not only knew that I was wearing glasses but where I took the glasses off and my vision became unclear like in real life, that is pretty amazing/interesting/realistic for a dream.

It had been many years since someone else cut my hair because I have cut my own hair for most of my adult life but I used to get my haircut by other people when I was younger until graduated from high school probably, we crossed the street to the fictional park that was on a hill, and the barber was outside and there were other people from Eastside who were there and they had just gotten their hair cut.

The barber was a fictional man with dark brownish colored skin who I had false memories of, in my false memories he used to cut my hair sometimes when I was younger, and I greeted him and he was surprised to see me because he had not seen me since I was still in public school; and he asked me if I remembered that he used to cut my hair back then, I said yes, and then I sat down to get my hair cut.

I told him that I wanted my hair cut short and even, as short as he could cut, and if he cut it bald that would be fine with me; but I woke up as I was still talking.

The end,

-John Jr