Far Cry 3 Inspired Dreams With Reenactments Of The John F. Kennedy Assassination & Experimental Autonomous Robots

Dream 1

I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up during the night to use the bathroom, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last three dreams which were all inspired by the video game Far Cry 3 again (which I played last night before going to sleep again).

The first dream was basically me once again playing the video game Far Cry 3 and probably being inside the video game during the day, this time there was more of a focus on doing missions (especially main missions/the main quest), and some characters like Citra Talugmai / Montenegro were in the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place during the day on one of the small Far Cry 3 islands / Rook Islands, I came across a group of people reenacting the assassination of the former President Of The United States John F. Kennedy, and they had set up a very simple island replica of the scene of the assassination.

They were trying to figure out if the official / government version of the assassination was scientifically possible or not/if it was true or real or not, and they wanted to try to figure out how to recreate the assassination in a way that was scientifically accurate/possible; and so they were testing various hypotheses/theories with various shooters from various positions/angles/locations.

They had a dirt road with a curve that they drove an automobile on to represent the motorcade, they had various shooter locations set up with people with rifles that possibly had lasers and sensors instead of bullets because that would be too dangerous, and they were physically reenacting various possibilities while recording their data as I watched; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place during the day on another small Far Cry 3 island/Rook Island, I think that there was a woman with whitish colored skin who was exploring the island (I am not sure if I was in the dream or not yet), and she came across some experimental autonomous robots who were humanoid and human sized and made of metal in a simple design with no skin or hair et cetera.

Maybe I arrived at the island shortly after she did and maybe I saw her staring at the autonomous robots as they walked around working/et cetera, she said that they probably belonged to a fictional corporation who were secretly and possibly illegally testing autonomous robots with artificial/synthetic intelligence, and that this island was a good place for them to experiment.

We possibly tried to communicate with them but I can not remember if we did or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

This dream was possibly inspired by the trailer for the 2015 film Ex Machina which I watched the trailer for last month:

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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