Dreams At A College Campus While Needing To Urinate

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I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night because during the night I kept trying to sleep even as my body kept warning me that I needed to urinate as I dreamed so this effected/affected my dreams, my sleep, and my dream recall; and so all that I can remember is either part of one dream or part of several connected dreams, I can not remember if it was one or several dreams, so I will separate them as separate dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream possibly involved me playing the video game Far Cry 3 again and/or being inside the video game, and I probably dreamed of some more things but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that my memory of it is so flawed/unclear that I will not be able to properly describe the dream, and so expect errors as I try to make sense of it/guess what happened based on my flawed memory of the dream.

The dream took place during the day at what seemed to be a college campus and I was probably a student, there was a man with me, and one and/or both of us had a mother and/or mentor and/or trainer and/or teacher who I think was referred to as a witch who could use magic/special abilities/powers/et cetera; and I think that the witch had an even older woman who was her mother and/or mentor and/or trainer and/or teacher.

At some point at the end of the dream I remember being inside a windowless building with them at the college that was possibly restricted or we were not supposed to be there after a certain time but I am not sure, and maybe the witch killed her mother/mentor/teacher/trainer for her power and/or to become the new leader and/or for some other reasons.

The witch then probably tried to get us to join her and probably use our magic/powers/special abilities for things that I/we thought were negative/wrong, there was an argument/debate/conversation, and then maybe we fought and/or got attacked by police/security; and maybe the witch was defeated/killed, but I can not remember.

I just know that this dream was more interesting and detailed than I can remember, and so what I typed is probably a poor and incorrect representation of that dream.

Dream 3

The third dream took place during the day at the same college probably and I was with some of my former male classmates like KW and SB hanging out, I remember needing to urinate but we had to leave one of the buildings because it was restricted or closed, and so we went outside to a college field/courtyard that I went to several times in forgotten parts of one or more dreams from last night; and I started urinating against the pole of a covered area where you could sit and/or hangout because there was no bathroom available.

As I was urinating suddenly people were around us/the area even though there was no one else around at first, there were students studying and talking et cetera, and parents watching their kids play on playground equipment; and so someone probably saw me urinating so I stopped, I already felt bad enough urinating outside, and so I still did not finish urinating and we left in case someone called the police/security and I felt embarrassed and because kids/people were around but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream involved my former male classmate JC and I driving back from probably the same college in the other dreams to the city of D during the evening or night, I still needed to urinate, and so we stopped at maybe Walgreens once we reached the city of D; but the store was very crowded and a long line of people were waiting to use the bathroom, and so I still was not able to urinate.

We decided to leave and continue our journey until I could find a bathroom to urinate, but I woke up needing to urinate in real life; and I finally got up to use the bathroom.

There are a lot more details to these dreams that I can not remember unfortunately, but maybe I will remember more details later.

The end,

-John Jr