College Graduation Celebrations

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The new annual default WordPress theme was just released today, and it is called Twenty Fifteen:

Last night I woke up from a dream to use the bathroom and as I was trying to think about my dream or dreams so that I could voice record them, my brother GC was awake and he interrupted me wanting to talk, and so we talked for over an hour causing me to forget all of my dreams that I had before I woke up; and so now I only remember part of one long and detailed dream from last night that I had after I went back to sleep, but I do not feel like typing it so expect missing details and errors.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was possibly in a fictional version of the city of LC or a fictional city that was somewhat like the city of LC during the day, and I was at a fictional hospital where I was possibly working and/or trying to get a job and/or I was there for some other reason(s).

There were some fictional women who worked there with brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who my family knew and who knew us but I can not remember if they were family members or not, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream; and later in the dream after a jump in time (days or weeks or months), I went back to this same hospital to take my brother KD for a doctor’s appointment I think.

As we waited in the waiting room on the first floor one or two of the women from earlier in the dream saw us and she stopped to talk with us, I remember her talking to my brother KD and asking him questions, and her comments and questions and her beliefs were very racist with strong racist beliefs against people with whitish colored skin especially.

She was talking to my brother KD about American football and asking him which race/side was he on and she was telling him to not do anything to help people with whitish colored skin or something racist like that, I hate the fake race system and racism, and so I talked to her about this telling her that I do not even believe in race among modern humans and that we are all one species as far as I know scientifically and that race is just a fake/false/illogical/incorrect human social grouping system/construct as far as I know scientifically unless maybe you are counting extinct human groups like Neanderthals/et cetera as races but even then that may/might not be accurate/correct.

My brother KD did not care and he was just annoyed that the woman kept asking him questions and bothering him so he angrily responded to her telling her that he did not care, I remember saying goodbye to the woman and we left the conversation, which annoyed her a bit; and then we left in my automobile when my brother KD was finished with his doctor’s appointment, and maybe I took my brother KD to my parent’s who were in the city and maybe they drove him back home.

Later in the dream I drove to a college alone that was possibly M College or a college that was like it, there were college and probably high school graduations that were going to take place around the city, and so there were many students/their families/et cetera around the city preparing and celebrating; and I think that there was going to be a parade on R Street in front of the college.

I was once a student at the college but I never finished but they left me join the fun, I remember going around with groups of people from place to place (inside and outside the college, inside and outside businesses in the city, and outside near where the parade was going to take place near where PK Chinese Restaurant/Buffet should be), and I remember having fun.

Near where the restaurant should be I remember a large group of students from countries in Asia like China, Japan, et cetera wearing traditional clothing from their countries with a bit of modern styling like a fashion show was taking place outside; and I was possibly wearing one of these outfits that possibly looked a bit like a modern Kung Fu martial arts uniform, and I remember walking around like I joined the fashion show for fun.

We seemed to be stalling until the parade starts but something happened, possibly an attack or fight or something involving violence, and so the police/city probably canceled the parade; and so people started leaving to various parties/celebrations until it was time for the graduation to start during the night.

At some point it was evening and I left back to the city of D to celebrate with a group of former classmates of mine and some other people at a fictional multi-story field house for the D High School Football (American) team on the second floor, it was probably night now, and former members of the football team were there and they showed us around.

Some of the people celebrated and some worked out/exercised until it was time for the graduations to take place or maybe the graduations were over now, I can not remember, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Flynn,

Oui, and it is good to see that you brought back your Primary Menu and some of your Widgets back to the sidebar. 🙂

I am tired of the fake/false/illogical/incorrect/et cetera concept of race itself among us modern humans (it does not exist among us modern humans as far as I know scientifically, and it is just a false social construct/creation/labeling system/et cetera), I wish that more people would talk about that to help educate the public, and then maybe we can start moving forward instead of most people continuing to believe in that false concept which is one of the many things holding our species back in my opinion. 😉

There is some fake racism going on but there is definitely some real racism going on as well because most people still believe in race unfortunately, to me the fact that most people still believe in race at all is a bigger problem, and I can not see how things can improve/change much until that changes honestly. 😦

Anyway, thank you for commenting Flynn, and good luck experimenting with the Twenty Fifteen theme. 🙂

I made a topic with questions and recommendations for the Twenty Fifteen theme at the Forums (, and so far to my surprise they have used several of my suggestions and even fixed a bug so you might/may want make your own suggestions/ask questions/report bugs for the Twenty Fifteen theme at the forums as well while they are still possibly willing to make some changes. 😉

-John Jr


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