Dandy Mott In A Mental Hospital And A Fear Of Heights And A Constant War?

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Part 1

I only remember three parts of/from my last dream from last night which was a somewhat long and confusing dream that does not make much sense now, and all that I remember of the first part of the dream is that it took place inside a one-story mental health hospital and I was there for some unknown reason(s) (maybe to sign up for help/mental health counseling).

The character Dandy Mott from the television show American Horror Story: Freak Show was being held in the back area of the hospital in the area where the most dangerous and most unstable patients go, he was in the hospital instead of being in prison for the many murders that he committed because the court found him not mentally fit to be in prison, but in my opinion that was a huge mistake because he was too dangerous to be at the hospital because it was not secure enough.

Dandy had a nice large room that was somewhat like his room on the television show but even larger, they would lock him in it and they would escort him out briefly each day for various activities, most of the areas of the hospital were in a straight line down one hall with many doors on both sides of the hall; and each section of the building was separated by a locked door to separate/secure each section if someone escaped their locked rooms.

The rooms and sections of the hospital closer to the front of the hospital were temporary rooms that were not locked and they were for people being briefly hospitalized for minor mental health problems, and the rooms closest to the front of the hospital were for brief counseling sessions and medical appoints and medicine pickups and the workers/doctors/nurses/and more.

I remember being in the lobby at the front of the hospital when I heard some workers talking about what I think was about murders that had been slowly taking place at the hospital, I assumed that it was Dandy committing the murders and I tried to warn them about him and that this hospital was not secure enough to stop/hold him, but they did not think that it was possible for him to have committed the murders and they did not believe me; but they did let me help by talking to Dandy, and then escorting him back to his room.

I was alone with Dandy trying to convince him to change and stop murdering people and to not escape the hospital because I was afraid that he was trying to escape at first, he admitted to being the one behind the murders, and that he was manipulating the workers and he was slowly taking control of the hospital; and he seemed to be enjoying himself, and he was trying to manipulate and control me as well and he treated this like a game almost like he enjoyed finally having someone trying to stop him.

It seemed that he was not going to kill me while he was still enjoying having a challenger/competition but he would probably kill me eventually once he won and/or once he stopped having fun, when I walked him back to his room we talked/debated/and more, and then I left and I locked his door so that he could not escape; but I wondered how would I stop him because he was slowly taking over the hospital, and he mostly controlled it already (it seemed that he could escape if he wanted to but he did not want to escape because he could continue to murder people without suspicion because people assumed that it was impossible for him to do it while locked up in a mental hospital, and so he was going to control the mental hospital and its workers and use it as cover to continue murdering and getting away with it).

I worried that he was already manipulating and controlling me in ways that I did not realize yet, that he was too smart/cunning/and more for me to defeat, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

The second part of the dream took place outside in a fictional area with mountains and canyons and some tall artificial structures that you could climb on for a better view of the area, I was there with some of my family and a class like we were on a field trip, and we climbed up on one of the tall structures for a good view of the area; and my mom decided to start a Spanish language class up there after we finished enjoying the view so that we could practice learning/using some Spanish before climbing back down.

We were dangerously high up with no guard rails so if you fell you would probably die, especially if you fell in the canyons below even if you fell in one of the shallow rivers, but there was a nice view of two kingdoms/countries that were separated by the canyons; but I could not really enjoy any of this because I was extremely afraid of being up so high, and this felt very realistic.

I could not stand or climb down and I felt off-balanced and trapped and I experienced the strong mental blocks that I often get in various situations that are connected with my social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and maybe more; and so I could not do anything but be terrified and be trapped holding on for my life, and it felt terrible as many thoughts went through my mind and I felt many strong emotions as I struggled trying to get through the fear and mental blocks so that I could climb back down.

I did briefly distract myself by telling my mom that I rather we do a French language class instead of a Spanish language class before climbing back down but she still planned to do the Spanish language class, I can not remember if I ever was able to climb back down or not, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

The third/last part of the dream continued from shortly after the second part of the dream, I was on the ground again but alone and I came across a small army of men (no more than twenty) and their male leader from the country/kingdom on the left side of the canyons, and they had old-style armor and mêlée weapons oddly; and this somewhat reminded me of a combination of the film 300 and the television who Game Of Thrones because how they looked, dressed, acted, and spoke.

They were on their way to try to find maybe a special relic/object that would finally give their country/kingdom the power/advantage that they needed to finally win the war with the country/kingdom on the right side of the canyons, both kingdoms had been in an endless war, and both sides had struggled for the relic/object so that they could finally win the war/end the war.

The original male leader/male entity who was the leader of the kingdom on the left side had been killed long ago but somehow it seemed that he or his spirit/ghost would always possess/combine with/fuse with the next person to replace him, there were always assassins/spies/and more from the kingdom on the right side who would kill each new leader, and so it was a constant cycle of war and struggle for the relic and assassinations with a new leader instantly being made by the next person in charge being possessed by/combined with/fused with the original male leader/male entity.

The leader kept giving grand speeches as I followed them on their journey up a mountain to get the relic, his second in charge was a man with a partial leather mask or helmet and there was a third in charge but I can not remember what he looked like, but I think that all of them had dark-whitish-colored skin or it was just the dirt on their skin that made them seem a bit darker.

The second in charge ended up being an assassin/spy from the kingdom on the right side and he stabbed the leader and the leader stabbed him with his sword, they both died, and the third in charge instantly became the new leader and it seemed that the original male leader/male entity possessed him/combined with him/fused with him because he instantly started to talk a bit differently and he continued giving grand speeches like nothing had happened.

So each new leader was really the original male leader/male entity in a way but just combined with whoever the new leader was so each new leader was only slightly different and they all had the same goal/mission, and the war/struggle/and more continued; but this time the other soldiers stopped in confusion/fear after witnessing the assassination, they feared that they would all die in this same way before reaching the relic, and so the cycle would never end.

They and I wondered how was there always a new spy/assassin among them magically, I started to assume that there was another male spirit/ghost/entity who was probably the original leader of the kingdom on the right side, and the he would possess/combine with/fuse with a new person each time that an assassin/spy would die; and so the cycle never ended, and this war and struggle for the relic was really a war/struggle between two probably male entities/spirits/ghosts who were rivals using the living as pawns to achieve their goal/mission.

I wanted no part in this and it was clear that this struggle/war/cycle would not end anytime soon and that it would mean my death (all of our deaths) if I continued with them, so I told them this, and I walked back down the mountain; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr