The End Of The Year & Gag Gifts | Calming & Exorcising Spirits As The Avatar? | My Dad Breaking Zoo Rules

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being in a field during the day that was similar to the field at the D Junior High School and I was in an outdoor classroom sitting at tables with other students, most of who(m) were former classmates of mine, and we were talking and showing off gag gifts waiting for the bell to ring to end the school day.

It was the end of the year but I am not sure if it was the end of the entire school year or if it was just the end of the year and we would take a short break from school or if we were going to be graduating from school, I was sitting at the end of a table with my former female classmate MW on my right side, and her friend my former female classmate DS on my left side.

Some of my other former classmates who were in the dream included my former female classmate LJ and my former male classmate BH and some of them were sharing and showing off what they called gag gifts (cheap/low-priced jewelry, and other things that I can not remember that they had as jokes/for fun) that they bought for each other and for themselves from a shopping mall that was at our school next to the various school buildings that were very close to our outdoor classroom, and the mall and our school buildings were metal one-story buildings like the buildings at the D Junior High School.

I remember my former classmate MW and DS and I talking a lot, my former classmate MW was talking with me more than she usually does in my dreams and she was very relaxed almost like we were friends, and I remember her using my first name (John) a lot; and it seemed that maybe this was our last day of school and that we would graduate and many of us would probably not see each other again, but I am not sure.

At some point the bell rang and school was over so we started to walk away, I decided to explore the shopping mall because I wanted to check out some gag gifts (especially the cheap/low-priced jewelry/rings), and I remember going to the store that sold the gag gifts last which was near the exit/entrance of the building; and there were other people shopping at the mall as well, and the store that sold gag gifts reminded me of a nice $1 store that sold a variety of things but not every thing was a $1 probably.

My former classmate BH was there and he started talking to me and following around the store somewhat annoyingly, we noticed a fictional female student from our class who somewhat reminded me of the music artist Vanessa Carlton, and earlier in the dream during a part of the dream that I can not remember there was a misunderstanding with her and/or something negative that happened to her; and so we wanted to explain this misunderstanding to her and apologize and/or talk to her/help her.

I wanted to cautiously keep a distance until she either says something to us or she looks at us so that we can greet her and start a conversation with her but my former classmate BH wanted to walk up to her immediately and start talking to her, my former classmate BH started a compromise where he walked near her and followed her around waiting for a chance to start a conversation, and I followed him focusing on shopping.

I remember liking a gag gift that was a silver-colored ring with my name, John Jr, written on it in a blueish color and I remember that our fictional female classmate was ignoring us and she looked angry/annoyed at us refusing to even look at us so that we could start a conversation with her; and I kept suggesting that my former classmate BH stop following her around, but he would not listen.

Eventually we finally started a conversation with her, she angrily said something to us blaming us for the misunderstanding/negative event that happened earlier in the dream while threatening to call the police on us, and so I started trying to explain the misunderstanding/negative event to her because my former classmate BH was doing a terrible job at this and he was making it worse.

I remember explaining the situation to her and apologizing to her and letting her know that we were trying to help her but it did not seem to be working really, but I woke up as I was still trying.

Dream 2

The second dream was long and confusing but I only barely remember part of the end of the dream which was even more confusing and unclear, I remember the dream taking place during the day in a fictional location, and I was outside in a courtyard between buildings in a nice area and maybe someone else was with me.

I remember walking through the courtyard and under a catwalk until I reached a tall gym-like building that was connected to another building, inside the gym-like building was all or mostly women dealing with a sickness that was spreading, and there was a female doctor talking to and examining a woman with the sickness as she explained things to another woman who was trying to help her.

The doctor had never seen anything like this sickness before so she was having to learn and come up with names for it all herself, the woman who she was examining had a pinkish colored growth on her ankle, and the doctor told her what stage the sickness seemed to be in.

The doctor explained the stages of the sickness, at a certain stage of the sickness the infected person would be taken to the building that was connected to the gym-like building to be isolated as they continue treatments and as they continue trying to find a treatment/cure for the sickness, because if they did not isolate them in time the sickness would activate to a stage where the growth would turn into a creäture (like in a Japanese anime or something like that) that would enter the infected person’s body and then take control of them changing their appearance/voice/behavior/personality/and more like it was possessing them; and then they would normally become violent and attack people.

As the doctor was explaining this as I listened suddenly I learned that the doctor was also infected with the sickness and the sickness jumped a few stages to our surprise, the growth turned into an almost human-sized pinkish colored creäture with at least one tentacle, and it entered her body possessing her; and her body started to change and maybe glow or shine as her skin color/eye color/and more changed, her voice changed, her behavior/personality changed, and she probably looked a bit animated like a Japanese anime character now but I can not remember.

The infected/possessed/changed doctor instantly became violent and she started attacking so I remember grappling her as they tried to tie her up so that we could take her to be isolated and treated in the building that was connected to the gym, but someone suggested that I use my powers to try to calm and exorcise the spirit that was possessing her because I was The Avatar I guess; and I did not know if this was possible or not, I remembered that Avatar Korra from the animated television series The Legend Of Korra had learned how to calm the spirits, and so I decided to try it.

The only other man in this dream that I remember seeing suddenly showed up and he looked like the animated character Iroh from The Legend Of Korra, he helped me and we both started doing the spirit calming and exorcising movements/ritual/whatever from the animated television series on the infected/changed/possessed doctor, and her body started to float into the air as we did the movements/ritual/whatever and her body started to glow maybe a whitish color as the spirit calmed; and then the spirit separated from her body and floated up toward the ceiling until it disappeared, and the doctor’s body returned to the ground and she was returned back to normal.

The woman who the doctor had examined wanted me to try it on her as well, I probably did this alone without Iroh so that I could see if I could do it alone, and it worked on her as well; and I remember being surprised and feeling positive and wondering what other powers did I have as The Avatar that I could use to help people, the women in the building probably cheered and they started walking over to me and thanking me, they finally had a way to cure this sickness.

It felt good knowing that I could finally help people as The Avatar and I was ready to go to the building that was connected to the gym-like building so that I could cure the others, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it took place during the day outside at a fictional zoo, I was there with my dad and my brother GC, and I remember us walking toward an area where there were various birds (emus, geese, ducks, peacocks, maybe ostriches, and more) in small fenced areas and outside those fenced area.

There were signs with rules saying to not pick up/disturb the animals and to not enter their fenced areas, but my dad ignored the rules even when we warned him about this; and he picked up some of the birds, and he entered their fenced areas.

We kept telling him not to do this but he kept saying that it was okay, we disagreed, and I tried to warn him that there were probably cameras with microphones; and that they might kick him out of the zoo, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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