A Man Calls The Police On Me | Ruth Wilson | Fighting An Entity At A Swimming Pool

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being on the upper floor of a fictional building during the day that reminded me of a combination of the upper floor at the D High School & a small shopping mall and/or a store.

I was near the glass entrance/exit doors that had maybe a buggy/shopping cart rack on the left side and a cash register with a line of people on the right side.

My mom called me on my mobile phone asking me to go to the parking lot to wait for her, she was coming to pick me up in the BV or something like that.

So I went outside to the parking lot, but she was not there yet.

Somehow I ended up sitting in the back seat of a reddish colored four-door car waiting for my mom to show up, I did not know who the car was for, but it was unlocked.

That is not like me at all, and I doubt that I would ever do something like that in the real world.

So I am confused how that even happened in the dream, I remember listening to music on my mobile phone.

Then a young girl with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair tapped on the window asking me if I was okay and / or something like that.

The girl and one of her parents were about to get into an automobile that was parked next to the car that I was waiting in.

The girl probably saw me moving my head to the music, and she probably thought that something was wrong with me.

So I smiled / laughed, I told her that I was okay, and that I was just listening to music as I waited for my mom to arrive.

I thanked her for asking, she asked another question that I can not remember, and I answered it.

Then she got into the other automobile with her parent.

I think that I then saw the BV with my mom inside parked one or two parking lanes in front of the car that I was waiting in.

Then suddenly, a man with whitish-colored skin with medium-length dark-colored hair got into the driver’s seat of the car that I was waiting in.

He seemed relaxed as he asked me some questions that I assumed meant that he thought that I broke into his car to steal something.

I explained to him that this was not true and that I was just waiting for my mom, I apologized, then he told me he had already called the police, but he believed me.

So he started panicking trying to call the police back before they arrived to tell them that it was just a misunderstanding, no one was answering, and we heard police sirens in the distance.

I started to panic a bit, I told him to drive away, to try to call the police again as we drive away, so that we can avoid them seeing us until they answer the phone.

We left the parking lot, the police still were not answering the phone, but he kept trying.

I woke up as we were waiting to drive into the highway/road.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream, unfortunately, is that it was probably inspired by’s Best Of 2014: The Best New Cable (And Streaming!) Dramas.

Which I read yesterday thanks to Names Best Cable Shows of 2014.

The actress Ruth Wilson was in the dream as either a fictional version of her character (Alison Lockhart) from the television series The Affair (which I have never seen, and I never even seen a trailer/commercial for it yet) and/or her character Alice Morgan from the BBC television series Luther and/or an Alice Morgan-like woman and/or as another fictional character and/or as herself.

Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

I can not really remember this dream, there were some other people in the dream as well.

I just remember talking to/seeing/interacting with Mrs. Wilson mostly, that the dream was probably pretty interesting, and maybe it involved several television series & characters from those television series.

That is all that I can remember of this dream, unfortunately.

Dream 3

The third / last dream was possibly partly inspired by the Japanese original video animation Ice.

All that I can remember of the dream is being at a fictional indoor swimming pool with some women and some young women.

One woman had maybe purplish-colored long hair and I think that people called her Captain, and she reminded me of the character Murasaki from Ice.

The other woman had short, spiky whitish / grayish / blueish colored hair, and she wanted to be a Captain as well one day.

She reminded me of the character Mint from Ice, there were three young women, perhaps eighteen-year-olds who just started college, who were possibly there training / practicing to try to join the swim team for a college one day, perhaps.

This dream is very confusing and unclear, I think that we got attacked by an unknown entity that could shapeshift, teleport, and more who seemed to enjoy playing mind games with people.

There was a somewhat long, draining, and confusing fight that we had with it/him in and around the swimming pool (pool).

Thanks to the amazing leadership of the Captain and the help of the Mint-like woman, we were finally able to either win the fight or force it/him to leave.

The entity seemed to be focused on me mostly, I think, and I remember it communicating with me / playing mind games with me / taunting me during the fight.

It revealed some interesting information to me, but I can not remember what I learned.

I just remember that it was a hard fight because it kept teleporting, shapeshifting into other people and objects to confuse us, and maybe it used genjutsu / illusions on us to confuse us even more.

I think that part of the attack possibly involved time travel and some other interesting things like that, but I can not remember what it wanted with me exactly.

I remember the women and young women and I talking after the battle, and I remember some of us trying to swim to relax; and then I remember going to sleep by the pool.

Likewise, I woke up later and one of the young women was sleeping on top of me on top of the blanket that was covering me and part of her body was putting pressure on my groin / penis, causing a slight erection.

Furthermore, I gently moved her to the side and I covered her with the blanket, feeling awkward / uncomfortable / confused about how she got there.

It did not seem appropriate to me, especially because I had no idea how old she & the other young women were, and I was asleep when she somehow got on top of me and my blanket without my permission / consent.

I walked over, and I started talking to the Captain and the Mint-like woman.

The young woman woke up and her two friends and her started swimming in an outdoor swimming pool that was outside next to the indoor swimming pool that we were in.

I could see them from the opening and glass doors / walls, and it was a nice sunny day outside.

Suddenly we got attacked by the unknown entity again and another annoying / draining / confusing fight took place, we did a bit better this time, and we probably forced it to leave quicker this time.

I remember hearing the voice of a woman coming from an air conditioner that was next to where I was sleeping by the pool earlier.

She was requesting permission to enter our location / world / dimension / time period / whatever to help us.

She claimed to be the future version of the Mint-like woman who wanted to help us fight against the unknown entity.

The Captain and the Mint-like woman asked her various questions until they believed her and we granted her permission to enter.

We warned her that we could send her back at any time for any reason, she agreed, and she entered our area from the air conditioner like she used it as a portal.

She explained how she was the future Mint-like woman who would become a captain one day and how in the future the fight with the unknown entity and maybe whoever / whatever was working with it would continue.

I think that she said that the unknown entity who attack us was from the future as well.

Maybe I was somehow important and could help stop it / them one day and / or it / they could use me to help avoid them from being stopped, but I can not remember.

I just remember that she was going to share information with us, help train us & others to prepare ourselves to better defend against & hopefully stop the unknown entity who was cheating by going back in time, probably.

But that is all that I can remember or make sense of in this interesting, confusing, and unclear dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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