E Manor & Domino’s Pizza Desserts? & A Bake Sale & Cousins & My Former Classmate DF

I slept pretty well/solidly again and I had a long and detailed dream, and I forgot most of this dream; and my memory of it is unclear, and even though it was positive I somewhat do not feel like typing it so expect some errors and missing details.

All that I can remember is that at some point in the dream it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D and I remember being inside E Manor with my mom, some of my brothers, and a few of my aunts like my aunts DE and ME and maybe one or two other aunts.

It seemed like we were there for memories and maybe to help clean up a bit since the house is now abandoned since my grandfather CE died, I remember my mom and my brothers and I talking by the closed off fireplace, and my mom was trying to talk to us about personal/private family issues (finances maybe, and a few other things that I can not remember); but my aunt DE was being nosy trying to listen to our conversation as she pretended to be sweeping with a broom while moving slower to us.

My mom noticed this and she tried to talk slowly and low and do other things to make it harder to follow our conversation, at some point my aunt DE was so focused on trying to listen that she was standing next to us no longer pretending to be sweeping, and so my mom started talking to her hoping to annoy/bore her into walking away eventually.

The next part of the dream took place outside and I was walking through the parking lot of SB’s Seafood Restaurant on my way to maybe the Domino’s Pizza across the highway/street, I remember thinking to myself and feeling self-conscious, and I was wearing my winter knit hat and my nylon jacket and winter gloves.

I made it across the highway/street through traffic and I entered what I assume was Domino’s Pizza but the inside was different and longer and it was dimly lit with tables, their menu was different with new food items including nice homemade-like desserts, and you could buy food by the box (a special cardboard-like box) or by weight.

There was a man with whitish colored skin with medium-length dark-colored hair standing in line and a woman with whitish colored skin with long-dark colored hair who somewhat reminded me of the actress Lindy Booth and several other people, I remember talking with the man a bit, and then at the back of the line I noticed a display that had the boxes; and I walked to them to see how much they cost.

For an entire box of food it cost $29.99 (the boxes were not that big, maybe a bit bigger than a box of chicken), I saw a male worker with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who was the manager who was about to walk away like he was in a rush, and so I asked him to explain how paying by the box and by weight worked.

He explained it to me and I remember making a joke about versus video games (two different video game franchises coming together in one game where characters from both games fight each other) and how many of them are often not very good, the manager rushed away outside, and I remember the man and woman in line laughing at me; and they moved away from me and they started whispering and looking at me and laughing like they were making fun of me.

I think that someone in the line or at one of the tables introduced me to a boy with light-brownish colored skin with long brownish colored hair, I did not know who the boy was at first, but the person explained that the boy was my cousin and that his father was my cousin ME; and then I remembered who he was, it was just that he looked different with the long hair, and I had only seen him once or twice before.

I left without buying anything because the line was long and I  was tired of being made fun of by the man and woman in line, and the next part of the dream took place outside in a fictional field on Eastside somewhere not that far from my former uncle DW’s house; and there were tables there with people eating, drinking, and talking while others stood up or waited in line to buy things at an outdoor food stand.

My former female classmate DF was there and I remember talking with her as I waited in line and then I sat down with her at a table to talk waiting for the line to get shorter, it was very nice and sunny and positive outside compared to earlier in the dream when I went to Domino’s Pizza, and the people from Eastside were enjoying themselves as their kids played; and my former classmate DF and I had a good conversation.

At some point I got back in line but when it was my turn to order I noticed that my wallet was missing so I had to go look for it, my former classmate DF found it on the ground at her table and she gave it to me, and I thanked her; and I noticed a table not far from the seating area with several old women with light-to-medium brownish-colored skin with short dark-colored curly hair, and they were having a bake sale to raise money for their church.

I walked over to their table and they had nice homemade desserts that were even bigger and better than the desserts at Domino’s Pizza, and they were much cheaper (under $1 each); and so I decided that I would buy some for myself and for my former classmate DF for finding my wallet, I saw that my former classmate DF was leaving, and so I asked her what dessert(s) did she want before she leaves.

She told me that she did not want any but thank you, she said goodbye and I said goodbye and thank you, and she left so I bought some desserts for myself; and then I was approached by the boy from earlier who was my cousin, his hair was cut short this time so I recognized him instantly, and I gave him a warm greeting.

His father (my cousin ME) walked over and I greeted him as well as I played with his son/my cousin briefly, and then I started talking to my cousin ME about old memories and we had a good conversation talking about and thinking about good old memories; and at some point my cousin ME and I walked and talked to a trailer/single wide mobile home where he was living.

Something happened where my cousin ME wiped a booger/dried nasal mucus on my face as an old childhood prank/joke and he ran away laughing, it was pretty nasty, but we both started laughing very hard; and it was just so funny to me/us for some reason, it reminded me of the positive times when we were kids and we used to have fun and act like actual cousins, and so I was enjoying those positive memories compared to how things are now.

I went to the bathroom laughing and I started cleaning off my face as I thought about various positive childhood memories with my cousins wishing that things were still like they were back then, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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