A Tourist Building & A Country In Africa & Getting Pickpocketed & Being Able To Fly

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream which was so long and detailed that this caused me to forgot some of it.

What I remember of the dream is still so long & detailed that it took me over 15 minutes to voice record it, and so I do not even feel like typing it.

So I will try to do a lazy overview of it instead because it would take too long to try to type, and it is a confusing dream anyway.

*I was able to fly several times in this dream, but I only remember a few of those times unfortunately; and so I got to fly longer than normal*

At some point in the dream I think that I was in a city during the day that looked like a fictional version of the city of LC.

I think that I saw my male cousin ME, and maybe I hung out with him and some of his friends / some college students; and then I drove somewhere else.

I think that I ended up driving to another country to a multi-story multi-purpose building that many tourists would visit that had a hotel, restaurants/diners, a gas station, a casino, a college, stores, and more; and it was next to a body of water, and in swimming distance across the water was a country in Africa that was called a poor country by several people in the dream but I can not remember which country in Africa it was supposed to be.

I remember walking around the building with a nice whitish-colored shirt with pants with my keys in my left pocket, my wallet in my right pocket, and two dark-colored pistols with one in each of those two pockets but even in the dream I did not know where those two pistols came from; and the handles of both pistols stuck out of my pockets a bit, and so I had to adjust them sometimes as I walked around the building.

At some point I was going to leave the building by walking through a diner/gas station/store near an exit/entrance but a somewhat old man with dark-brownish/blackish-colored skin with blackish-colored hair who looked poor and possibly homeless bumped into me as I was passing a line/group of people, and he patted me several times as he apologized like he was trying to pickpocket/rob me.

I told him that it was okay and then I checked my pockets and my keys, wallet, and the two pistols were gone even though they were there when I first entered this area; and I tried to not assume that it was him who stole them so I looked around on the floor to see if I had dropped them, but they were not there.

I saw the man talking suspiciously to a woman and another man who also had dark-brownish/blackish-colored skin with blackish-colored hair like they were working together pickpocketing people, I approached them asking the man if he had pickpocketed/robbed me, but he denied it; and so I asked him to show me what was in his pockets, he refused and he tried to leave, but I told him to wait until the police arrive.

Someone called the police and the man tried to escape so I physically stopped him, while I was distracted by him the woman and man who were talking to him suspiciously sneaked away, and soon the police arrived who probably all had whitish colored skin and they spoke with accents like maybe they were from South Africa and/or we were in South Africa; and they seemed to act very mean and racist, and they seem to hate people who were poor.

The man had nothing in his pockets so I told them about the woman and man who sneaked away, the police asked me to follow them to a hideout that possibly belonged to them, and so we went outside to a tall area that was either on the top of a building or on a tall area; and the police had guns that possibly shot rubber bullets (hopefully those were rubber bullets), and one of them knew the code word to the hideout.

The hideout was a group of shacks and tents across a board that was used as a bridge with a little girl with dark-brownish colored skin as the lookout, the police officer said the code word and the girl let them cross, but then the police ran through the hideout shooting, beating, interrogating, arresting, yelling at, and treating the people there badly who were poor and homeless people from the poor country in Africa across the water.

I remember being angry and shocked by what the police were doing and I argued with them about this but they did not listen to me, they said offensive things about the people and they treated them like they were not even human, and they found many things that they had stolen/pickpocketed from people; but my stuff was not there, and the woman and man were not there.

The next thing that I remember is being back inside the building on an upper floor where the college was, I had false memories of going to this college for almost three years in the past before having to drop out because of my problems with social anxiety disorder/generalized anxiety disorder/depression/joblessness/and running out of money, and I was walking down a hall that had some water fountains with small pools of water as decoration.

I stopped to enjoy the view and sounds but I noticed an old man with whitish-colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair and beard who looked homeless, and he seemed to be dead and floating in one of the pools of water with a water fountain; and a girl and a boy with light-colored skin walked over, and they saw the dead body too.

I told them that they probably should not see/look at this but they did not listen to me and they seemed to be a bit excited like this was fun/amazing to them which was odd, and I called the police; and eventually a male police officer with whitish colored skin arrived, we found another dead body of what looked like another homeless man with whitish colored skin, and the police officer said that there was a bad smell like maybe there was a virus and so this area was possibly infected.

He recommended that we stay away from this area and he left to get backup, the two kids told me that they knew a hidden area under the water fountains/pools of water, and they left to show me even when I told them not to; and so I followed them to try to stop them, and they led me through a hidden passage under the water fountains that led to some rooms.

One hidden room was a long narrow room with beds on both sides of the room that possibly had three beds stacked vertically like tall bunk beds maybe, on each bed were bodies under the bed sheets, and this room felt very creepy/freaky/scary like someone was doing illegal/secret/unethical experiments on homeless people (including kids); and so I told the kids that we should leave this place and warn the police because I feared that someone was probably watching us with hidden cameras.

Suddenly some of the people under the bed sheets started to wake up and this was very creepy like a horror film and it felt realistic but I can not remember what happened other than I was probably correct about the illegal experiments and someone was probably trying to develop superpowers by experimenting on the homeless; and the next thing that I remember is following a man with whitish colored skin with a dark-colored goatee who was dressed somewhat like a warlord from a different time period (an older one combined with a somewhat modern time period), and he had superpowers.

I guess that I had some superpowers (I could fly I think) and he wanted me to moderate a meeting between several rival/waring groups, some warlord-like men and their small groups of trusted guards/soldiers and maybe most or all of them had superpowers as well, and we went into a dimly lit circular room where each group and their leaders were standing and I was standing alone in the middle of the circle.

They all looked angry and ready to fight each other even though this was supposed to be a peaceful meeting, maybe the dream went semi-lucid because I remember realizing that I was more powerful than I though and I powered up and I gained courage, and I started the meeting; but they started trying to fight, and so I made a barrier that was like a force field to stop them.

They kept pushing against my barrier getting closer to me and each other using their superpowers and eventually I decided to give up and let them fight each other, some of them attacked me too so I fought and flew away as some of them chased me as the others fought each other, and it was crazy because so many people had superpowers; and I flew through the halls, I had to move my arms horizontally like I was swimming to fly, and so it was like swimming in the air.

Eventually I escaped the battle back to the college floor where I was approached by two men with whitish colored skin who were college student detectives or detectives in training, they walked and talked me to their office like I was a potential student for their department, and I remember telling them that I used to be a student at the college but I never finished.

Their office was an open windowless room with a sunken lower area on the left side of the room with many desks where other students/detectives in training/et cetera were, and their desks were near the entrance/exit; and one of them did most of the talking, he looked up my student records and other records, and he started interviewing me about many personal things in my life.

He noticed that my grades in public school were good and then my first semester of college went well, but then things went wrong; and he asked me what happened after my first semester of college that caused this, and I explained in detail about how I started to question my word view/beliefs/religion/and more; and I ended up losing my faith in my religion/world view/beliefs/et cetera and I no longer knew what to believe, I became depressed and I thought about suicide and more, and my shyness became more than just shyness and became social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

My college career and life started falling apart and I never have been the same since then, things have improved some since then but it is still a struggle that I am dealing with, and while I was telling them all this everyone in the room was listening; and they all seemed to think that something was wrong with me, the detective in training who was next to the detective talking to me left to do something else like he no longer cared about what I had to say, and the detective interviewing me started treating me differently like there was no hope for me so there was no point in wasting time interviewing me as a potential student.

I felt a bit uncomfortable and sad about this but I handled it well, the detective interviewing me rudely left to do something else as I waited, and eventually he came back and said that he did not think that I would be a good fit for their department at the college; and so I thanked him, and I left.

Instead of being sad I decided to have fun flying through the building back to the first floor and outside to fly home because my automobile keys and wallet got stolen/pickpocketed earlier in the dream, and this was fun and because my flying was like swimming in the air I flew slow enough where I had time to enjoy the experience more.

I flew outside across the water to the poor country in Africa as some people noticed me in the sky and they made various comments, the area near the water was the nicest because that is where most of the tourists go, and then I turned around to fly back across the other country to fly back home to whatever country I lived in.

I flew across neighborhoods and roads as some people noticed me flying and they made various comments, this was fun, and eventually I reached a slightly fictional version of the city of D not far from where my dad works; and there was a fictional swimming pool next to a bathroom, and I saw my female cousin CE wearing a bikini walking to the bathroom.

I landed by the bathroom because somehow I was wearing swimming trunks now that were falling down so I needed to tighten the string to hold them up, I heard someone making fun of my cousin CE because her bikini top string was too loose and so they tightened it for her, and she went into the bathroom hall and sat on the floor crying about this for some odd reason.

A man and his girlfriend were walking in the hall to the bathroom and they had no compassion for my cousin CE and they made some negative comments toward her as they entered their separate bathrooms.

So after I tightened the string on my swimming trunks I walked into the hall to cheer up my cousin CE.

I told her to try to not let those negative comments bother her and I gave her some other advice, but I woke up as I was still trying to cheer her up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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