Josh Levison & A Old Hotel With A Nice Buffet

I only voice recorded one of my dreams from last night and so I forgot all of my other dreams from last night except for that dream, and that dream took place during the day in a fictional city or a fictional version of the city of D that is sometimes in my dreams.

I was riding in an automobile with most of my family through a nice fictional neighborhood that is sometimes in my dreams that is probably near where the BM Hospital should be, and my mom told me that they recently saw the character Josh Levison from the Syfy television show Being Human (North America) jogging in this neighborhood.

Supposedly I had been temporary roommates/housemates with Josh and probably some of the other characters from Being Human but for some reason or reasons that I can not remember I moved out, in my brief time living with them I think that Josh and I were starting to become friends, but we had no contact with each other since I moved out.

My mom said that he looked unhappy when she saw him jogging earlier, something happened that I can not remember before I moved out, and what ever it was had a negative effect/affect on Josh since then; and whatever it was it reminded me of what my former male classmate JC is probably going through, and so it was probably a loss (like a death of someone he cared about) but that is just a wild guess.

I felt bad for him and I wanted to talk to him again because we had no contact since I moved out and I hoped to continue building a friendship with Josh and probably the others who lived in the house, and I wanted to visit them; and they lived in a nice old two-story house somewhere in the neighborhood.

My family and I were driving around a bit to see if we could find Josh jogging around the neighborhood but we did not see him so we continued our journey to where ever my mom was taking us and I was going to stop by the house where Josh and the others lived later, and we drove and parked outside an old fictional mostly greenish-colored multi-story hotel / buffet restaurant that I had false memories of and that possibly has been in one or more of my past dreams.

It was in poor condition on the outside with paint falling off and it looked abandoned so I was not sure if it was even open still or not, in the past this was a nice looking hotel with a nice large buffet restaurant, we entered the building walking toward the buffet; and it was still open to my surprise, and it still looked nice inside even though the outside looked bad.

There were many people there to my surprise and we started walking around the buffet looking at the many food items, it was a huge buffet that was spread around different areas, and it seemed to be mostly a giant Chinese-style buffet but there was a variety of foods of various styles there as well; and most of the workers seemed to be from one or more countries in Asia.

There was so much to explore and the buffet had an old upper-class hotel style to it, one area had fun food creations of the day with funny and dangerous names, and I remember a female worker from somewhere in Asia (maybe China or Japan) catching my attention for some reason(s) that I can not remember (maybe I asked her if some of this food was safe to eat or not because some of the names sounded dangerous, and some of the name even said Do Not Eat; and she probably laughed and explained to me that the names were just jokes for fun and that the food was safe to eat 😀 ); and I heard some of the workers speaking in another language that I did not know (maybe Mandarin or Japanese).

At some point I finally got enough food on my plate and I was looking for a place to sit at some bar-like seating that was probably connected to one of the food areas, I saw my uncle CE sitting in this area eating but he did not see me at first and so I walked past him to find a seat first before greeting him, and some of my family started to sit in this area as well.

I greeted my uncle CE and as I was talking to him I started to notice family members from my mom’s side of the family slowly arriving to this sitting area as well, so it seemed that the family was here for a gathering, and so my mom must have brought us here by surprise without telling us that this was a family gathering.

I started to greet the other family members as I sat down to start eating my food, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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