A Russian Military Victory Against American Special Forces / The United States Of America

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and so I forgot most of my dreams from last night, I do remember waking up once during the night when I was sleeping very comfortably/solidly because I was probably snoring with my mouth open when my pillow left a space causing my head to turn over the space at an odd angle, and I remember dreaming/daydreaming/thinking about if I should get my first pea coat or not; and what size and color pea coat should I get.

This all started a few days ago when I started looking around for cheap/low-priced durable winter military jackets/coats or military style jackets/coats listed under military surplus, and then I glanced at the non-military surplus coats that were somewhat military style without being camouflage and I saw this :

I never tried or considered a coat in that style before and I am not used to seeing them where I live, I thought that it was more of a women’s/woman’s style because I have seen mostly women’s coats based on this style, but I did not know that this was actually a style made popular by the military for men; and so I have been trying to decide if I should try one or not, if so, which color and so any opinions are welcome (and any links to men’s pea coats under $40 are welcome as I continue looking around comparing prices/et cetera). 😉

Anyway, all that I can remember of my dream from last night is being inside a school and maybe my brother GC was there also, and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate WG; and we seemed to be students.

At some point the school got attacked and taken over by a group of men with guns, and I think that we were in a small probably fictional country that used to be part of Russia or allied with Russia but The United States Of America (USA) got this small country to ally with them instead of Russia during the Cold War or the USA got control of the small country militarily.

Something happened that I can not remember where a battle/fight started inside the school, maybe the small country sent soldiers to stop the men who took over the school and/or the USA sent special forces soldiers to stop the men who took over the school, but this is too unclear and confusing for me to remember what happened and what was going on; but whatever happened led to my brother and I somehow getting involved as we tried to survive.

The American special forces soldiers were winning the battle until a large old Russian military cargo airplane purposely crash landed into the gym, Russian soldiers got off the airplane to join soldiers from the small country to fight the American special forces soldiers because Russia was taking back this small country and/or had got them to ally with them again instead of the USA, and one of the men who was inside the school was the leader of the soldiers (so I guess he was undercover at the school, and so this entire attack was planned it seemed).

I was afraid that the Russian soldiers were going to kill my brother GC and I as well but the man recognized us from the school and he told his soldiers to not harm us because we were comrades, he walked us to his temporary command center in the gym by and in the airplane as he gave orders to his soldiers, and they defeated the American special forces soldiers forcing them to retreat; and it seemed that they now controlled most of the country forcing the USA out of it (probably not undercover CIA agents, special forces soldiers, et cetera yet).

Russia and this small country probably had a press conference announcing to the world that they were allies/united once again and that the small country had officially ended ties with the USA, and the Russian soldiers and soldiers from the small country at the school celebrated their military victory over the USA; and in their minds they proved that the USA was not unstoppable, and it was a big boost to their confidence.

My brother and I were mostly innocent bystanders in this but I feared that the USA and all of their allies would think that we were directly part of this and that they would add us to their terrorist/enemy/traitor watch-list/kill-list and have us arrested and/or killed if we ever went to any of their countries again, and so I asked the man leading the soldiers if he/they could take us back to Russia because we needed somewhere to live probably if what I feared was true.

He welcomed the idea and was happy because he saw us as comrades for some reason(s) that I can not remember, I assume that maybe we helped fight back against the men who took over the school when they were trying to kill people/us/him, and so they flew us back to Russia with them after their celebrations and after they finished securing the country.

I was hoping that my fears were wrong and that we would not be on any kill-list / watch-list, but I was preparing for the worst while hoping for the best; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Definitely get a pea coat one size larger or loose enough to wear a thin sweater underneath. As for the color, it depends. If you want to go stealthy, stick to the darker color. If you’re a more flamboyant personality, go for the rainbow/colorful ones. As for you being a comrade, I guess you could trust your Russian friends. But then again and like you said: hope for the best/prepare for the worst.

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Hello Flynn,

Thank you for the advice, if I do get a pea coat that is what I plan on doing after reading various comments online for that pea coat in the link on this post, including your advice of course. 😉

I definitely am not the flamboyant type, I am the type who does not want to be noticed really (a bit shy combined with social/generalized anxiety), I am curious about how would you rank the three colors (black, navy, charcoal) from best to worst for that pea coat in the link that I have on this post?

I am curious about what the outcome of that dream would have been, would the USA and its allies have mistakenly added us to their kill-list/traitor-list/watch-list or not, and if so how would we have adjusted to/survived life in Russia. 😀

Thank you for commenting Flynn. 🙂

-John Jr


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