A Library & A Bad Storm / Hurricane & An Alien Attack Semi-Lucid Dream?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember being in a fictional version of the city of D with most of my family as we were driving to leave the city, we stopped at a fictional library or a fictional version of the BP Library that was possibly in a fictional part of the city, and I remember the inside of the library having a tall ceiling and there were many desks with mostly young adults sitting at them and the front desk(s) was/were at the back of the library.

My family and I went inside the library but I can not remember if I checked out anything or not but I do remember going to the front desk at some point, Mrs. H who works at the BP Library in real life was working at the front desk in the dream, and I remember talking to her about something and maybe checking out something; and then I heard music playing out-loud around the library, and to my surprise it was a song by Pauline Croze from her first music album Pauline Croze (maybe her song Quand Je Suis Ivre).

I noticed a young man with whitish colored skin who was sitting at one of the desks controlling the volume of the song with a remote control, he increased the volume, and I remember some other young adults complaining because the song was in another language (French); and they were the type of people who refuse to listen to or enjoy music if it is not in a language that they can understand.

I remember happily (because I have never heard anyone else playing a Pauline Croze song in real life) listening to the song as I slowly walked to my family, I remember telling them that I knew this song and who it was by, and then we left the library to leave the city; and a bad storm/hurricane was coming, and I remember hearing/seeing a news report about it as we drove away.

A female journalist with whitish colored skin was interviewing a man with whitish colored skin who was holding his baby as the weather continued to get worse, he said that he was a single-father who was traveling through the area to somewhere else and he decided to seek shelter in the city of D until the storm/hurricane passed because he had hoped that it would be safer here/there, but it seemed that the storm/hurricane was going to hit the city of D pretty bad so he feared that he had made the wrong choice because it seemed that the storm/hurricane was going to hit the city pretty bad (maybe that is why my family and I were leaving the city).

All that I can remember next is my family and I reaching a small fictional city that was like its own small dream world that did not look very realistic, it was like my mind made a poorly made small replica city with buildings that were a bit too small (big enough for people, but smaller than in real life), and there were many alleys between/around buildings that you could use to walk around because most of the buildings were close together; and so you did not need to drive around to explore this city.

I remember the clouds and sky getting dark and looking strange like the storm/hurricane was coming but something strange happened that I can not remember, but I think that aliens / spaceships / UFOs (maybe they had robots and other things helping them, but I can not remember) attacked the city from the sky so maybe the storm was used as cover by the aliens/whoever who had spaceships and maybe other strange flying vehicles/things; and maybe the dream went semi-lucid as we ran for cover when I recognized strange things about the city and this reminded me of one or more past alien attack/invasion dreams that were similar to this, and maybe this part of the dream repeated a few times as I tried to find a safe zone and a way that my family and I could survive.

We ran to a dock-like area of the city with warehouses where the sky was clear and the aliens/whoever/whatever were not attacking yet, and I remember hoping that I could make this a safe zone just by thinking it (if the dream was semi-lucid then this is the only thing that I did to try to control the dream probably besides possibly causing the dream to restart several times as I tried to change the outcome, and so maybe the aliens/whoever could not attack this area just by me thinking it; but I am not sure, even in the dream I was not sure).

There were workers in this area loading cargo probably and there were some other people who ran to this area to hide as well, we ran to the warehouses warning the workers to hide because aliens/whoever were attacking, and I remember seeing a man who somewhat reminded me of the character Hercule Poirot from the television show Agatha Christie’s Poirot; and at some point I remember going to the bathroom, and a group of women were in the bathroom in and around the showers and they threatened me and they were very aggressive.

At first I thought that this was a women’s bathroom so I apologized, but then I found out that it was a uni-sex/any gender/any sex bathroom and this group of women seemed to be a gang who were using it as their headquarters oddly maybe; and I probably quickly used the bathroom, and I went back outside.

The man who reminded me of Poirot and I started talking about and looking up pea coats on a computer I think because he and/or I were thinking about buying a pea coat for this winter, and then I tried to gather everyone together to prepare ourselves and work together to defend this area; and I hoped that some of us could help save people in the rest of the city, but I remember the gang of women and several other people arguing/fighting with each other.

I stopped the arguing/fighting and I gave a speech about how we needed to work together and help other people and defend against the aliens/whoever, I possibly started telling them about some of my past experiences and information learned from past alien attack/invasion dreams and how we might survive this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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Hello Seepurple,

You are correct, though your dream seemed more normal to me compared to my dream, except for the part where the UFO turned into a piglet 😉 ; that was an interesting dream, and I am glad that you shared it. 🙂

Thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr


Hello Seepurple,

I believe you, same here, and some of my weird dreams have taught me something as well. 😉

Well, the part in my dream where the man who reminded me of Hercule Poirot and I were looking at/talking about pea coats was clearly inspired by something from my real life, and in real life I have been recently trying to decide if I should get a pea coat or not and in what/which color.

I am curious how would you rank this pea coat in these three colors from best to worst 😀 :

I am not sure about the other parts of the dream but to me the end of the dream with the alien/whatever attack/invasion was what I might call disaster/survival training, in my opinion my mind likes to sometimes use my dreams for training and to do experiments/tests, and in my opinion my mind tries to test/experiment/train in various scenarios looking for strategies/tactics/et cetera that will lead to better outcomes so that I can be better prepared in real life if one of these scenarios comes true one day; but that is a wild guess based on how they often seem/feel to me. 😀

Thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

-John Jr


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A library is supposed to be silence/without music. Again, you probably could control the outcomes of your dreams. I’ve read online articles which suggest that aliens/whoever hide in clouds. Again, you got toilet references. Maybe you’re drinking too much water prior to bedtime. Definitely stop arguing/fighting and work together.

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Hello Flynn,

Thank you for pointing that out, I did not even think of this in the dream or after the dream, oddly the library was noisier than in real life (many of the young adults were talking, using electronic devices, et cetera). 😀

This time I think that I barely directly influenced the dream if at all compared to my usual lucid or semi-lucid dreams (if this dream really did go semi-lucid, which I am not sure), but I was trying to find a better outcome through trying various strategies normally.

That would be an interesting place to hide, and an interesting place to attack from.

Probably, I did have to urinate when I woke up, and so that bathroom part of the dream was probably definitely influenced by that; good job Flynn. 😉

Yes, that is very important especially in situations like that, and that is something that my dream security seems to be very good at as expected (I probably wished that my dream security were in that/this dream because most of the people in that/this dream did not seem to have good team work skills if any); and good team work often allows other dream characters and I to overcome various challenges/threats that we normally would not be able to overcome.

Thank you for commenting Flynn. 🙂

-John Jr


Colors of the coat. (first time I ever heard of a pea coat *LOL*)…If it’s between the three colors I,charcole and navy it all depends. What color is your eyes, do you want to bring out your eyes. If you have blue eyes go for the navy, if you have brown…maybe the charcole. How ever if you want a jacket that matches everything so you don’t have to worry about this or that…go for the black. Black goes with everything, charcole sticks out like a sore thumb if your wearing all black.

I would agree with the bathroom…maybe you just had to go.. However, everyone knows the bathroom is usually the safest place to go during bad weather. It has more pipes that go into the ground so your chances of survival are greater…especially if it’s an inside bathroom. *LOL* It’s so sad we can’t carry conversations with our mind so we can say “why did you dream this”. Isn’t it very weird you can’t ask yourself your own question and get an answer. It’s an enigma.

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Hello Seepurple,

I am new to pea coats ( as well, I did not know about them until a few days ago when I was looking online for military surplus jackets/coats and military style jackets/coats, and so this is new to me as well. 😉

Thank you for the advice (it is good to get some opinions on things like this which am I not familiar with), I am not very fashionable(?)/I do not know much if anything about fashion and I am the type of person who rather keep it simple with flexible colors/style that goes with almost anything/anyone/occasion, and so based on your advice and what I assumed then black would probably be the safest/most flexible color choice; thank you very much. 🙂

Thank you for reminding me that the bathroom is usually one of the safest places during storms, I knew this but I did not think about this in reference to this dream 😀 , so well done Seepurple for reminding me of this; and so this probably had both meanings then in the dream. 😉

Actually it is somewhat possible to do that, most people who do this usually only can do this in lucid dreams (, and even I have somewhat done this briefly a few times; but I have not practiced really, and so I usually do not remember to do this in the rare times that I have a lucid dream.

There is one example (there are more, but I can not remember them because I have thousands of dreams here on my blog 😉 ) that I can remember from one of my past dreams that went lucid where I decided to ask some dream characters some questions to see if I could learn something about myself/the dream/et cetera:

With a bit of practice you can remember to ask other dream characters and/or the dream itself et cetera questions when the dream goes lucid to see what you can learn about yourself/the dream/et cetera. 😉

Thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

-John Jr


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