Mystery On The Orient Express | Hercule Poirot | My Grandmother DE | A Video Game & Russell Tovey | Watching A Film With An Actress & Quentin Tarantino Invites Me To Dinner | A Lucid Dream & Almost Having A Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD)

I had an interesting night of dreams last night and I almost completed Seepurple’s lucid dream challenge last night, I did a reality check in my dream and I realized that I was dreaming but I tried to move too fast before relaxing first so that I could ask a dream character/the dream itself about the future/my future/the dream/myself/et cetera and so I woke up from the lucid dream accidentally because the dream became too unstable, and then I almost had a wake induced lucid dream (WILD) but I got a phone call about a job interview next week and so that woke me up right when I was about to have a WILD.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being inside of what looked like Walmart, I remember shopping, and I was mostly in the grocery section; and more things happened in the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it was inspired by the Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night called Murder On The Orient Express, my dream took place in a somewhat similar time period, and I guess that I was a famous detective like Hercule Poirot and I even had a hat like his and I was wearing a blackish-colored pea coat that looked like the Sportsman’s Guide Sportier Pea Coat.

I remember greeting people before and after we got on a passenger train that I assume was The Orient Express, it is possible that I knew that something was going to happen, and that I wanted to have some fun watching the others trying to solve a mystery and then trying to solve it myself maybe but I am not sure.

Someone started interviewing me on the train and he/they had an old style camera for photographs and one for old style videos, during our interview he/they took some photographs of me, and as they/he was recording some video of me I suddenly disappeared with a poof-like sound with smoke; and they could not see me anymore, but I could still see them.

They told the others and they could not even find my clothes and so they started trying to solve the mystery of what happened to me as I walked/floated around watching them for fun, at some point I decided that I would start investigating the mystery as well because even I probably did not know what happened to me and why they could not see me, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, I think that part of the dream involved an entertainment wrestling event, and then I remember possibly walking through parking lots/sidewalks near a main road by businesses; and I probably met various people as I walked like a famous detective but I can not remember who, maybe Sherlock Holmes, and later I came across Hercule Poirot and more things happened but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

My fourth dream was nice but also unclear, I remember being inside E Manor with most of my family and somehow my dead grandmother DE was alive again or we found out that she never really died, and my grandmother DE did talk a bit in this dream.

I remember us probably talking, eating, drinking, cooking, et cetera together and then at some point I remember laying on a couch watching television; and my mom and my grandmother DE were on another couch together laying opposite from each other also watching the television, and it was a nice relaxing and positive moment.

Even in the dream I was confused about how my grandmother DE was alive again or still alive but I did not really care about the details because I was just happy that she was back and this was my chance to spend some more time with her, at this point we were so relaxed that we were sitting there silently watching television, and I realized that I better talk to my grandmother DE some more while I still have a chance; and so I started talking to her, and my mom joined the conversation but I can not remember any of our conversations in the dream unfortunately except that they probably mostly involved memories from the past and maybe how she was alive again or still alive maybe.

Early in our conversation my mom annoyingly sent me outside to find something and she wanted me to move it into the laundry building outside so I went outside to do this, my male cousin DE was living in the laundry building which was bigger on the inside than in real life and part of it was used to store things that belonged to my parent’s it seemed while my cousin DE lived on the other part/side of the room in this one room laundry building, and my cousin DE was still unstable.

My mom came outside to show me what she wanted moved and then we walked to the laundry building so that she could show me where to move it, my cousin DE was unstable and talking to himself and talking to things/people who/who are not there acting a bit like kid again riding around on a tricycle maybe and doing other crazy things, and I was very annoyed seeing him and I was expecting him to get aggressive toward us so I looked at him angrily ready to defend us if he tried to attack us or something like that.

To my surprise he was too busy talking to himself/invisible things and invisible people and acting crazy so I guess he did not really notice us yet so we walked into the laundry building without him becoming aggressive toward us, my mom showed me where she wanted the stuff moved, and I started to move it while being very annoyed/angry that my conversation with my grandmother DE got interrupted and annoyed/angry that my unstable cousin DE was living in the laundry building but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of the fifth dream is that it involved a first person shooter video game that was supposed to be revolutionary for its time where you played human characters with guns fighting large creatures and maybe they made a film and/or something like that about it, and maybe the actor Russell Tovey was in one or both of those playing a character; and I remember watching this, playing the video game, and part of the dream probably involved me being a character inside the video game and/or film and/or a dream within a dream and there was definitely more to this dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 6

All that I can remember of the sixth dream is that it took place probably right before evening and I was walking to a place/building/business where many celebrities liked to go to eat, drink, talk, watch films, et cetera; and maybe I was working in the entertainment business, maybe in connection with the fifth dream and/or some of my dreams being turned into films/television shows/books/et cetera, but I can not remember.

The building was up a bit high so you had to walk up some stairs to reach the entrance and as I was walking toward the steps I came across a man with whitish-colored skin with short dark-colored hair who started talking with me about the video game and film/whatever from the fifth dream and some other things (maybe he had read some of my dreams, and knew of some of my possibly fictional entertainment work in this dream), and we had a good conversation about these topics as we stood outside as people slowly walked up the steps to get inside the building.

I am not sure if this was by accident or if this was planned by someone I knew or not but I remember seeing a fictional famous actress who I recognized but who I probably had never met, she was thin with whitish-colored skin with long straight yellowish colored hair and she looked/seemed like a combination of the actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett wearing a nice thin silky dress maybe, and she greeted me after overhearing the man and I talking; and the man said goodbye and left probably.

The actress and I started to walk and talk together up the stairs, I can not remember if one of us invited the other for dinner or not, I just know that we ended up sitting at the same table near the entrance by a window; and a nicely dressed male waiter with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and a fancy mustache was our waiter.

There were other people there at separate tables talking, eating, drinking, et cetera until it was time for the film to start and near each of our tables was a bed/couch-like thing that you could lay or sit on while watching a film; and I remember the actress and I probably talking about some of my dreams and possibly fictional entertainment work, I guess she had read some of my dreams and/or seen some of my work, and she was interested/impressed possibly.

It seemed that she was possibly interested in me and that this was possibly a date but I was not sure so I decided to be overly cautious because I did not think that an attractive famous actress like her would be interested in someone like me, I was only a bit nervous/uncomfortable and my biggest problem was just being too cautious, but we were having a pretty good conversation as we probably ate/drank.

At some point our waiter brought me a nice poster/ticket/invitation-like thing/whitish colored paper with maybe gold-colored trim with text and one or more images on it that he was able to hook on the window next to our table and maybe a gift was attached to it as well, he said that the director Quentin Tarantino (who was at one of the tables in the building) sent this gift (a free ticket to his newest film probably)/invitation to me, and he wanted to know if I would accept his invitation to dinner tomorrow night at maybe 10:00PM (but I could be wrong about the time, maybe it was for 7 or 8 or 9PM) probably in this same building.

I was shocked/surprised and I assumed that either someone told Mr. Tarantino about some of my dreams and/or he read some of my dreams and/or some of my fictional entertainment work or he had overheard me talking with the man earlier or the actress about them, and I assumed that he was impressed and possibly interested in using some of my dreams/ideas for a future film/et cetera; and so I accepted the dinner invitation and I thanked our waiter and I asked him to thank Mr. Tarantino for me, and our waiter left to give Mr. Tarantino my answer and my thanks.

The actress with me seemed impressed and I was impressed/surprised/shocked/excited/curious/et cetera, and it seemed that I became a bit more confident and/or the actress started to seem more interested in me now; and at some point it was time for the film to start so the actress and I sat on our bed/couch thing to watch the film; but I can not remember what the film was about, I was mostly focused on the actress who seemed to be trying get me to physically flirt with her trying to see if I was interested in her or not, but I was being very cautious.

I remember us slowly moving closer, we started to lay down next to each other, I moved a pillow on my lap and she put her head on it, we laid together in a few different positions and I moved the pillow in few different positions, and she seemed to want me to touch her so she kept posing in various suggestive positions sending me signals but I continued being very cautious because I still was not sure and this was our first time meeting so I only lightly put my hand on her back once or twice; and I was going to slowly and cautiously trying to make some more non-sexual physical contact until I was sure that is what she wanted or not, and so my plan was to give her a neck and back massage next before possibly slowly moving into semi-sexual physical contact.

Unfortunately the actress seemed to have gotten tired of constantly sending me signals and not having me act on them, it seemed that she incorrectly assumed that I was not interested in her, and so she got up to leave before the film was over; and so I tried to get her to stay or to at least let me take he home to make sure that she made it home safely, but she politely declined.

I told her that I had a good time and that I hoped that we could try this again or meet again soon, she made a possibly semi-fake smile without responding to if we could meet again, and we said goodbye and she left; and I felt that I had ruined things by being too cautious as usual, at least I had fun, and I was curious to see what Mr. Tarantino wanted the next day but I woke up as I thought about all of this.

Dream 7

The seventh/last dream involved me laying in bed thinking about my dreams, I thought that I was awake in bed not realizing that I was dreaming, but for some reason(s) that I can not remember I started to wonder if I was really awake or not; and so I decided to do a reality check by looking at my hands, and I was going to count my finger but as soon as I looked at my hands I noticed something strange.

There were probably several strange things about my hands but the thing that I remember and that stood out the most was that my hands were somewhat transparent/faded like my hands were disappearing like a ghost/spirit or something like that, and I smiled and I laughed because I realized that I was dreaming thanks to this simple reality check of checking my hands which is super rare because I almost never look at my hands in dreams or much in real life (fortunately I did this reality check a few times this week to practice to try to complete Seepurple’s lucid dream challenge).

There was another dream character in a separate bed to my right, maybe my brother GC, but in my excitement I did not take a deep breath or relax first and the dream instantly became unstable so the dream character suddenly jumped us super fast and ran or flew away in blur because he/it was so fast; and this scared me a bit but I was so excited, and I remembered that I needed to try to ask a dream character or the dream itself Seepurple’s question about the future/my future.

I realized that the dream was unstable and collapsing so I needed to act quickly so I once again made the mistake of trying to move/act too fast without relaxing, and I tried to jump out of the bed to find the dream character and/or ask the dream itself some questions; and while I was trying to do this I started saying: “Hey dream character or the dream itself, I need to ask you a question about the fu….!” but the dream collapsed from being too unstable/I woke up.

I woke up excited and I was not going to give up so I started trying to go back to sleep with the intention of going back into the dream lucid (a wake induced lucid dream (WILD) to ask my questions, I started going back to sleep still conscious, and I was close to starting another lucid dream or continue that lucid dream; but I was interrupted by a phone call for a job interview for next week, and so I had to get out of bed and I stayed up permanently for the day after that loosing that opportunity to have a WILD.

I now think that I can have a WILD, especially if I wake up from a dream that I partly remember (especially a lucid dream) and set the intention to have a lucid dream and what you want to do in that lucid dream, and try to go back to sleep thinking about this; and now I know that the reality check of looking at my hands and maybe trying to count my fingers can be effective, and so I need to do at least one reality check each day and night before going to sleep if I want to increase my chance of doing this in a dream and realizing I am dreaming so that I can have a lucid dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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