Forgotten Dreams & A Dream Inspired By Seepurple’s Latest Blog Post

For some unknown reason or reasons I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up to use the bathroom last night, I remembered part of my dreams but I forgot most of them after going back to sleep each time, and I went to bed too late and I over slept so I barely remember part of two dreams.

Before going to sleep I played some Fallout 3 and then I read Seepurple’s latest blog post (I almost could not believe what I was reading and at first I wondered if it was just a dream or a fictional story, what happened to her is terrible, and I just can not understand why some people do things like that), and so both of those things influenced some of my dreams last night; and my main dream of last night was based on Seepurple’s latest blog post, which I wanted to comment on last night but it was a very sensitive topic and it was very late and I was very tired and I could not think clearly so I decided that I should wait until today to comment on it, and I hope that my second dream does not offend Seepurple or make her feel any worse during this sensitive time. 😦

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was probably inspired by the video game Fallout 3 and I probably was testing different weapons and armors trying to see which combination would better help me and others survive, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

Like my first dream my memory of this dream is mostly destroyed/messed up/unclear so expect errors/missing information as I try to make sense of what I think happened during certain parts based on the fragments of the dream that I remember but it was clearly inspired by Seepurple’s latest post, the dream probably took place during the day in a fictional dream world that seemed to be a combination of our modern time period and probably ancient Rome in a city that was somewhat like the city of D, and so we had modern technology but some of the visuals/clothing/symbols/terms/et cetera were somewhat Roman-style I think.

I was on a computer (probably laptop) outside in the alley outside of my parent’s yard where the pet cages should be/are and maybe I was sitting on maybe a golden-colored parade float of maybe a lion or some non-human animal like that that the Romans might use symbolically (well I probably was not sitting on this until later in the dream, but I can not remember what I was sitting on during this part; maybe a pet cage?), a bit like the one from Katy Perry’s Half-Time Super Bowl performance last night except it was a parade float that maybe government officials like the Julius Caesar would probably use during parades, and I was on the internet.

I probably read Seepurple’s latest post and I commented on it, Seepurple responded, and we had a back and forth conversation and during that conversation I saw a clue that seemed to be maybe a username or something that I assumed belonged to her husband; and I wanted to help her get more proof that he had cheated on her/had an affair with another woman to help her prove her case if she decided to get a divorce, and so I decided to do a search engine search for that username/clue to see if it was used anywhere online.

I found a YouTube channel under that username/clue that only had a few videos but all the videos had random names that meant nothing and the thumbnail images for each video were just blackish-colored boxes so you had no idea what the videos were about, it was clear that this was purposely set this way to discourage people from finding or viewing the videos, and so I assumed that these were video clips of her husband having sex with another woman.

I had no idea if this was correct or not, I had no idea what her husband looked like, I did not know her husband’s name, I did not know what the woman looked like who he had an affair with, et cetera; and so I stopped to think about if I should click on the videos or not to see what they were about, and eventually I decided to click on the videos.

Each video was a short video clip of a man with whitish colored skin and a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair naked in a bed in a dimly lit bedroom having sex in different positions, sometimes talking, and sometimes you could see their faces but I did not get a good enough look at the man’s face because it was shown less often than the woman’s face; and I assumed that this was her husband and the woman he had an affair with, but I had no proof and I was not sure because I do not know either of them.

I was afraid to tell Seepurple without knowing if I was probably correct or not so I started asking her some unrelated questions hoping to learn enough information to help me decide it that was probably her husband and the woman who he had an affair with or not, and I started to learn more about her husband during this back and forth conversation over the internet.

I learned that maybe a new Caesar was about to be announced and they were going to have a parade for him (I am not sure what happened to the old Caesar, but I assumed that he died or was killed), her husband either worked for him or the new Caesar wanted him to work for him under his new government in a high level position, and I learned more in scenes of Seepurple telling her husband that she knew about his affair; and in scenes of her husband talking to the new Caesar about the affair, the new Caesar was not worried about it and he was going to let him still have the job regardless of if the affair became public or not, which was slightly surprising to me but not too much since this was a more Roman based system.

I still was not sure about if I should tell Seepurple about the YouTube channel and sex video situation and I can not remember if I told Seepurple about them/that or not, I probably did because I remember saving them in case he deleted them and she probably started watching them and trying to verify if that was her husband and the woman who he had an affair with or not, and at some point I remember maybe the new Caesar and her husband coming to the parade float to practice for the parade; and I remember giving her husband some negative stares/looks and I probably told him what I thought about his actions/him/et cetera.

Seepurple possibly told him either in person at the parade float or over the phone that she had the videos (links, backups, YouTube channel name and username, et cetera), and that she was filing for divorce et cetera; and more things happened, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Forgotten Dreams & A Dream Inspired By Seepurple’s Latest Blog Post”

I wish you remembered the rest of your dream. I’m not offended of the dream, in fact it gives me great comfort that you feel for what I feel. It’s like someone giving you a hug in real life and saying “I’m so sorry.” It’s very very comforting.

On that same note your dream answered my question. Both me and my soon to be ex are in authoritary positions. I’m higher then he is and I have though long and hard to contact another rank over me about the affair. Some higher ups look down on affairs (because they have their ducks in a row), others are just as bad (you know the Roman types). I almost called, but thought I’d wait and see how I felt about it. Your dream I believe is my answer to my question. The ranking official that would have had the biggest compact is not the answer.

It’s ok..It’s alright..

If you have any other informative dreams to my answers let me know.

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Hello Seepurple,

Yeah, me too, I wished that I would have voice recorded my dreams each time that I woke up to use the bathroom like I was supposed to do.

Great, I am glad that my dream did not offend you, and that it brought you some comfort. 🙂

That is very interesting, I was wondering if you would possibly find something that made sense to you out of the symbolism that was used in that dream, I assumed that you would probably find something there that possibly related to your real life situation in some way even though it was just a dream; I try to keep an open mind about the possibility that there could be things in our dreams sometimes that are sometimes possibly more relevant to other people than the dreamer, but I do recommend approaching things like that cautiously/skeptically. 😉

If I remember any more of this dream and/or if I have another dream that I think is relevant I will try to remember to let you know. 😉

Thank you for commenting Seepurple, and good luck. 🙂

-John Jr


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