Running From A Werewolf | Trying To Survive And Return A Girl To Her Family

Werewolf: The Apocalypse
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Dream 1

The first two dreams are possibly part of the same dream but I am not sure, and so I am separating them as two different dreams; and the first dream started during the day in a fictional field possibly between the D High School and the D Junior High School, and I was there with some of my family in The BV trying to drive out of the field and one of my parent’s was driving while my other parent was in the other front seat and I was in one of the middle seats.

One of Mr. CC’s family members had died recently and so most of his family members were in the field (maybe we had visited them, and we were leaving), as we tried to drive into the street a bunch of his family members (adults and kids) were in the way not moving like they did not care from their facial expressions/body language/et cetera except for the kids who were busy playing, and so we had to kindly ask them to back up and so they slowly backed up eventually still acting like they did not care but there was still not enough room; and so we kindly asked them to move forward and so they slowly moved forward eventually still acting like they did not care except for the kids who were having fun touching/slapping The BV as they moved forward, and then we were finally able to drive into the street to leave.

The next thing that I can remember is walking on Eastside not far from my parent’s street when I probably came across a family member (maybe my male cousin DE, but I am not sure) and this person/family member probably turned into a maybe mean/tough/dangerous/thick/muscular-looking silverish/grayish/blueish werewolf-like creäture who walked on all fours who looked like a fictional more dangerous version of a wolf who looked at you like it partly had the mind/brain of a human; and it started chasing me like it wanted to kill me and I tried to tell it to stop but that failed, and so I ran instead of trying to fight it (maybe because it was one of my family members, and I was at a disadvantage and probably a bit scared)

The werewolf chased me to a fictional street near where my uncle IC’s street should be, I saw a brick house with a brick garage/clubhouse/storage building/whatever that was low enough that I could jump and climb on it, and so I did this and the werewolf could not reach me but it stared at me waiting for me to come down so that it could kill me I guess; and while I waited on the roof I realized that this was Mr. CC’s house, and that I was standing on his clubhouse/storage building/whatever that he would relax in/et cetera.

I saw a tall/large man with whitish colored skin with maybe short yellowish/orangish colored hair and maybe goatee carrying a probably drunk and unconscious Mr. CC toward his house, I was about to warn him about the werewolf but when I looked down it was gone, and so I climbed down to help the man carry Mr. CC; and so I held Mr. CC’s legs and lower body while the man held his arms and upper body, and we took him to the man’s business (maybe a barber shop/diner/bar/et cetera or something like that) across from Mr. CC’s house.

The man said that Mr. CC was depressed/saddened/et cetera about the death of his family member so he had gotten drunk to numb the pain/thoughts and he had lost consciousness, he said that Mr. CC often hung out at his business, and so he brought him there where he could have some privacy because he did not want his family to see him like this; and he had a room where he could sleep, and I took him there and I left after having a brief conversation with the man but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day possibly in a fictional version of the city of D again and I was inside a school-like building in a hall with many other people, and chaos/a disaster/an attack/whatever started with people running/hiding/probably getting attacked/killed/et cetera; but I can not remember the details of what was happening and why (my wild guess is that the system had collapsed leading to chaos, and so maybe some people started committing crimes in the panic/chaos/et cetera while others tried to survive), and I remember running and finding a hiding spot in a narrow small dimly lit room that was a combination of several rooms (laundry room, bathroom, shower room, and storage room) separated by doorways/doors.

I remember a young girl with whitish colored skin with maybe long medium-colored hair standing in the hall during the chaos, either she got separated from her family or someone possibly asked me to take her to her family, and so I brought her to my hiding spot to hid behind the washing machine and dryer; and at some point I think a man entered the room with a weapon, he probably found us and attacked us, and I probably killed him and took his weapons and I possibly fought and probably killed one or more other attackers before things calmed down.

I remember having a silverish colored long barrel revolver like the one that Rick Grimes from the television show The Walking Dead has, in this dream I actually had to reload my guns and I had a limited amount of bullets, and I probably fortified and locked the doors to our room; and we spend several days living/hiding mostly in the back on the room in the storage room/area sneaking out sometimes to scavenge for food/supplies, and during this time I tried to teach the girl skills to help her better survive (basic combat training (guns, mêlée, hand-to-hand), sneaking skills, hiding skills, and basic individual and group survival skills).

One day somehow our door to the hall was now a door to the outside and after I finished reloading my revolver (I probably had to use it a few times over the days during our scavenging runs) my male cousin DE came to the door with a gun (probably a dark-colored shotgun) acting dangerous/untrustworthy and mentally/emotionally/et cetera unstable demanding us to let him in to our hiding spot, I told the girl to hide in the storage room/area, and I went to the door to talk to my cousin DE; and after talking to him it was clear that I could not let him in or trust him so I refused to let him in, and so he grabbed a random man and put a gun (probably the shotgun) to his head threatening to murder him if I did not let him in.

Something happened that I can not remember but I think that I opened the door and I managed to take the shotgun away from my cousin DE and his hostage ran away, and then my cousin DE started pulling out his backup gun to shoot me and I warned him to stop or I would shoot him but he would not listen to me or stop; and so I tried to shoot him with the shotgun before he could shoot me, and the shotgun sounded like it shot but nothing came out.

I tried again but the same thing happened and maybe the shotgun slightly jammed, my cousin DE shot at me with his gun but the same thing happened to him, and I pulled out my newly reloaded revolver and I tried to shoot him but the same thing happened to my confusion/shock/annoyance; and I remember my cousin DE taunting me as we both shot at each other back and forth between the possible jamming our guns as no bullets came out but you could hear the gunshots like we were shooting blanks, and eventually I retreated back into my room and I locked the door and my cousin DE left.

I went back to the storage room/area with the girl and I remember checking my guns in confusion, they were still loaded and so I was even more confused, and maybe the next day we somehow found out that groups of people were meeting up along the highway across from Eastside near where the SC Motel should be to form groups to travel up the highway together to reach hopefully safer areas or something like that; and this was the only bit of organization/organizing/order that I had seen since the chaos/disaster/whatever started (maybe it was an official effort of some kind to increase people’s survival chances), and so we decided to go so that I could hopefully take the girl to her family who lived in another city or outside the city.

We walked toward the meeting place which was separated by a fictional tall field area with a lake/river/body of water separating it from the highway unless you walked around the water from the direction we walked from which was almost where the abandoned Bread Store should be, we saw people waiting in the area where we were, and some on the highway at the meeting place waiting for a certain number/amount of people to form a group; and then that group would leave together to walk up the highway, and then the next group of people would form/come together and then they would do the same.

The girl told me that almost on the outskirts of the city there was a barn in the forest that some of her family members owned, we decided to make that our meeting place if we got separated and a hideout if we needed somewhere to sleep or hideout during our journey, but then my cousin DE interrupted wanting to join the same group that we would join.

I knew that he would follow us even if we said no and that he was too dangerous/unstable to trust him so I gave the girl a handgun and I told her to go with one of the groups and then hide in our meeting place (the barn) until I can reach her, I told her to be safe and remember her training, and she left to follow my orders; and I did this so that I could distract my cousin DE from being able to follow us, and I wanted to stop to consider if I should let him join us or not.

I had a conversation with my cousin DE as a man with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair listened to our conversation not far from us because he had nothing else to do as he waited, at first I started to feel sorry for my cousin DE and I was close to letting him join us, but first I told him that he would have to follow some basic rules if I was/were to let him join us (like he needed to take his medicine and get help to help him stable his mental/emotional/et cetera disorders/problems, and some other basic rules for his and our own safety).

He refused to admit that he had a problem, he refused to take his medicine or get help and he even refused to tell me what medicine he needed so that I could get/find it for him, he refused most of my basic rules, and he acted angry/defiant/selfish/unstable/et cetera as expected/usual; and so I mostly no longer felt sorry for him and I became annoyed/angry, and I told him that he could not join or follow us and I jumped into the water and quickly swam to the highway to join a group to leave before he could follow.

My cousin DE was surprised/shocked and he did not follow me to my surprise (probably because he did not want to swim) and I left with a group of mostly my former classmates like my former classmates JU, EK, AH (he looked older and shorter and his face and neck were thicker), TS, DR, and many others; and at some point we somehow were walking along the sidewalk not far from the brick building near the new D Court House, and we stopped at a fictional business (they served mostly frozen/cold snacks/desserts, drinks, and other refreshments) along the sidewalk that was owned by the family of one of my former classmates.

They wanted to relax and have some fun before continuing our journey, I wanted to continue so that I could catch up with the girl because I was worried about her and I wanted to get her to her family safe and as quickly as possible, but I decided to try to relax; and so people got in line to order/buy food/drinks/et cetera, and some of my former classmates (EK, JU, DR, et cetera) happily took up the role of employees.

I remember everyone being in a good mood and having fun to my surprise, I assumed that none of them had seen or experienced how bad things were for some of us so far (I had killed people in self-defense, hid and scavenged for days while protecting and training a young girl to survive the chaos, and almost killed my own cousin in self-defense et cetera) probably because most of them were middle and upper class so they were in safer neighborhoods/areas during the chaos so far, and some of my former classmates who were working as employees were keeping the mood positive and they even tried to cheer me up with some games and chances to win free stuff.

I started looking at a menu trying to decide what to buy as I hoped that the girl would remember her training and be safe until I could reach the barn, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream possibly continued where the first dream finished and it possibly involved a werewolf again, and it also possibly continued where the second dream finished; but that is all that I can remember of this dream, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr