Spending The Night In A Room In A College Building | A Pregnant Tricia Helfer Gets Stabbed By An Old Man

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My body is still fighting the early stages of a sickness it seems so I went to bed sneezing and with congestion and not being able to breathe completely out of my nose, and during the night I had other negative effects/affects that probably caused me to wake up a few times like a very sore stomach with gas and some itching/slight pain and maybe a few other things; and so my sleep, dreams, and dream recall were effected/affected by this.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was a long and very detailed and overall realistic dream that started during the night on a fictional version of the street that my uncle WC lives on, I can not remember if I had an automobile or not and I can not remember who was with me during this part of the dream (maybe my former male classmate RB), and I remember the person with me and I walking to an old abandoned reddish colored car that was by the stop sign by my uncle WC’s house.

We decided to see if it would start and we were going to use it if it did (hoping that it did not belong to anyone), it started and we drove a few feet up the road to a dead-end that ended with a yard of a house that looked like a space automobile junk yard or yard of someone who likes to work on automobiles, and our former male schoolmate AS was in the yard working on something; and he told us that the brakes or something like that were messed up in the car, and that someone owned it and they were going to come back for it so we reversed it back to where it was.

I smelled a burning smell as I reversed it and I noticed brake fluid had leaked on the street so whoever was with me cleaned it up while I was still reversing and we briefly talked to our former schoolmate AS about the car and other things after thanking him, and the next thing that I remember is us somehow going to a multi-story college building so that we could hang out in a room on one of the upper floors; and I remember my former male classmate SS being with us, and this room/building/college was familiar to us (we possibly were students or former students or future returning students to the college) and I think that I have dreamed of it before in the past and a few other things about the dream were familiar to me.

The room was like a combination of a small classroom, a study room, an office, a break room, a dorm room with several beds/couches, and maybe one or more types of rooms with two different entrances/exits and some windows on the left side of the room with views to a courtyard of the college; and there were some shelves with books/magazines/et cetera, a typewriter with printing and scanning and faxing and x-raying ability/abilities with the printer at the bottom and the fax on the side and the scanner and x-ray on the top (I could even see the x-rays of objects which was amazing), a radio, chairs, functional lamps and possible light switches that worked in the dream, maybe a computer, and more.

We were not supposed to be there after school hours but the building was not locked so we closed both doors, we only used the lamps, we tried to not make too much noise, we tried to stay away from the windows, and we hoped that no one would notice us or call the college campus police or the police.

I remember exploring the room while my former classmate SS was using the typewriter on a desk near the windows in the office area to scan/x-ray/print letters and print stamps on the envelopes (the letters and/or envelopes were thick and maybe a brownish color like they were old or made of more natural unbleached materials) but I was not sure if those were letters that were already there that needed to be worked on for someone’s office job or if my former classmate SS was making these for himself to mail to someone, my former classmate AS was working on some equipment/objects at the front of the room near one of the entrances/exits, and my former classmate RB was sitting on the middle part of the room closest to the left side of the room reading some magazines/books.

We got so focused on what we were doing that we stopped talking to each other so it got quiet and my former classmate RB turned on a radio so that we could listen to some music quietly and then I started trying to talk to them to get everyone talking again, and slowly we started to have a good time again; and at some point I remember a woman with whitish/yellowish/light-brownish colored skin with long dark-colored hair who was probably from somewhere in South America who spoke English and Spanish being there with us, and we all started to have a lot of fun.

I remember us wanting to spend the night there since there was enough beds/couches for all of us even though we were afraid that someone would notice us and that we would get in trouble or get arrested, and at some point a woman who looked similar to the woman with us who was also probably from somewhere in South America who also spoke English and Spanish who worked as a janitor at the college entered the room carrying her baby/young son and she was with her husband.

I remember us briefly talking to them and the woman with us and the woman who worked as a janitor seemed to be attracted to each other oddly, the family left us without reporting us, and we went back to having fun trying to be a bit quieter/more cautious; and at some point we started trying to go to sleep, but I remember being too afraid of getting caught and so I kept suggesting that we leave even though I wanted to stay but they wanted to stay until morning.

At some point the husband of the janitor returned with his baby son asking us to watch his son so we agreed and he left, at some point an old man who had strange hard to describe somewhat darker-colored skin who was also probably from South America who also spoke English and Spanish joined us, and later very early in the morning the female janitor returned with an old female janitor who also was probably from South America who also spoke Spanish but only a bit of English; and the female janitor entered the room angrily accusing us of murdering her husband and saying that their baby was missing, and when she saw that we had her/their baby (I was holding their baby son) she thought that we had kidnapped him.

We were confused and we had no idea what she was talking about and so we told her that her husband asked us to watch their son and he left and that we did not murder him or kidnap their baby, while we were talking the old female janitor was cleaning the room with a broom or mop, and I asked her about her husband and she said that she found him dead; and she did not believe me, and so I asked the woman with us to explain the situation to her and so she did.

The female janitor calmed down and she believed us after their talk and once again it seemed that they were attracted to each other oddly, and to my shock/confusion/surprise they started kissing each other; and I remember the old female janitor shaking her head and continuing cleaning, and the old man with us started trying to grab and kiss the old female janitor but she refused him but he kept trying to grab her so I had to pull him away and he got angry at me.

The female janitor and I recommended that we start cleaning the room to make it look like no one had been there and take anything that we brought with us and then we would leave before the students/teachers/et cetera arrived, her and the old female janitor would not report us, and so we did this and we left separately; and some of us were going to return to the room once classes started to see if anyone would notice that we had been there, and to make sure that we did not leave anything.

Some of us returned later that morning or afternoon to the room as students/teachers/workers were using the room for various purposes, no one noticed that we had been there, but one or two people had left some of their stuff so they got it before anyone could notice; and I remember looking out the window smiling as I waited for some of the others to arrive while thinking about the fun we had and how I wished that we could stay here or try that again but I was still worried about getting arrested, and I probably wondered what happened to the female janitors husband and what was going on between her and the woman who was with us and how the baby was doing but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was much shorter than the first dream and it continued from the same room from the first dream but the situation was different and I do not remember being in the end of the dream and I do not remember any other dream characters from the first dream being there either, and unfortunately all that I can remember of this dream is the very end which was violent/disturbing; and so the dream does not make sense without the rest of the dream.

All that I can remember is that something had happened in the room and everyone left the room except for a woman who was or looked liked the actress Tricia Helfer wearing a dress probably similar to her Battlestar Galactica dress for her character Number Six, she was pregnant (probably from a man who had been in the room earlier during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, and I think that he was tall with dark-colored hair and whitish possibly tanned skin), and she probably had just revealed that she was pregnant to the man and whoever else had been in the room and she probably had planned this.

As she was standing in the room alone happy and smiling to herself an older rich man with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair entered the room somewhat calmly but somewhat angrily ranting about how he knew that she was pregnant from the other man, like Mrs. Helfer and the old man were in a relationship and like they had an agreement that she was not to get pregnant from any other man and probably some other rules, and so she had broken their agreement/et cetera.

Mrs. Helfer was still smiling/happy and she was not worried about the old man and she probably said a few things to him, the old man grabbed her and pinned her on a table and Mrs. Helfer still did not seem worried like she did not think that the old man would hurt or kill her, and then the old man pulled out a knife; and he stabbed her several times but I can not remember where, maybe the stomach and/or hands, and Mrs. Helfer started laughing/taunting him because it was clear that he was not trying to kill her and so she knew that she was not going to die.

The situation got even more gory and disturbing when the old man responded to her taunts saying that she was correct about him not trying to kill her, he told her something that I can not remember and her facial expression went from positive to scared/afraid, and then he started cutting open her breasts like either she had breast implants and he was going to remove them or he was mutilating or cutting her breasts off; but I woke up probably because I could not stand seeing this and not being able to do anything about it.

The end,

-John Jr

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