School / College And Some Of My Family Is Part Neanderthal And The Military?

I do not feel like typing part of the only dream that I barely remember part of from last night, and so I will not waste much time.

I think that the early parts of the dream took place at E Manor and at my parent’s house, and it involved my family and my mom’s side of the family; and I know that my uncle CE was in the dream along with other family members.

The rest of the dream took place at a multi-story building that was a school or college combined with a few other things, and in various parts of the dream I was a student and I went to several classes in several different classrooms with several different teachers/professors; and I went to various parts of the building (locker areas, bathrooms, cafeterias, lobbies, et cetera), and I met various real and fictional people I knew who were my classmates.

Some parts of the dream involved the military/people in the military, like maybe my brother CC and some real and fictional family members of mine, and there were things about various family situations/problems combined with military situations/problems when the two are combined like the constant moving around and separation and effect/affect on marriages and children/kids.

Honestly most of the dream focused on family combined with various other things, and one part of the dream involved a rumor that some of my family and I possibly were part Neanderthal; and I remember wanting to find out if this was true or not, there were conversations about this, and hopes of getting evidence of this.

I thought that it was possible because possibly a small part of the world population are part Neanderthal, I thought that if this was true that it would be interesting, and I wanted to learn more about this and if it was true or not.

The last part of the dream possibly involved me riding an elevator to an underground part of the building to meet a fictional male family member of mine who was in the military because I wanted to talk to him about various things, he was very paranoid, and he held me at gunpoint as he checked me for weapons while questioning me; and eventually he started to trust me enough to talk, and then he allowed some other fictional family members to come to join the conversation but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr