New Street Lights | Tennis Man & Orphans & Playing Against Justine Henin In A Tennis Tournament?

Dream 1

I did not remember this dream until I woke up and started exercising, it seemed like a real memory until I realized that it was a dream, and this dream took place during the morning shortly after waking up and my brother GC told me that he thought that he saw someone walking by The G House so I went outside to see what was going on.

By the electrical pole in front of The G House I saw what looked like an electrical truck with its mechanical ladder and box at the top of the electrical pole with a male worker with whitish colored skin wearing a safety work uniform and hard hat in the box setting up a metal zip-line that went to the electrical pole behind Mr. RD’s house on the next street, and at the top of that electrical pole in another mechanical ladder and box was another male worker and he had dark brownish colored skin.

At first I assumed that they were finally setting up the electricity for The G House again but I saw the worker in front of The G House setting up/installing a new street light, after he finished he zip-lined another street light to the other worker, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is very unclear and confusing and so expect errors because my memory is too flawed, this dream possibly took place during the day in another country (maybe Spain or Portugal or Belgium or somewhere like that) that was partly combined with my parent’s street/yard/house, and it possibly started in an older time period in a small village/town in a courtyard where there was an open market and houses and orphan kids lived in his area outside in various places in the alleys/et cetera.

Orphan kids kept going missing and there were rumors/legends about a creäture/entity/man/woman/whatever that would have them kidnapped/lured/tricked/taken/led/et cetera to its/his/her lair/home/whatever, and the orphans would never be seen again and no one knew what it/she/he would do to them or what it wanted with them; but only orphan kids would go missing, and one or more people worked for this creäture/entity/person and they would get the orphans for it/her/him.

The dream possibly jumped to our present time period and I was in this country/place not far from this courtyard/market/village/town, and I think that I was in or near a street like my parent’s street by a yard that looked like my parent’s yard and there was an apartment house where the first floor was possibly my parent’s house but the upper floor/house or floors/houses belonged to someone/something else (the creäture/entity/person behind the orphan disappearances lived on the upper floor(s)/house(s) but no one knew this expect for the person/people who worked for it/him/her and maybe one other person who wanted to stop it/him/her).

I was in a professional tennis tournament playing against a famous female tennis player who I think was my favorite tennis player Justine Henin, normally in my dreams of tennis tournaments I lose early in the tournament usually getting easily defeated by a famous female tennis player or fictional tennis player, but in this dream I was actually doing good; and I was playing as hard as I could, it was like a battle, and it was very hard/intense/difficult/fun/et cetera.

I think that Mrs. Henin and I spoke a bit of French during and after our match but we mostly used English (mostly giving compliments and friendly taunts to each other probably), amazingly I managed to barely survive the match, it took everything that I had to survive in that match against her (mental, physical, emotional, social, tactics, et cetera); it was like I was fighting the fight of my life or fighting for my life, I was physically/mentally/et cetera worn-out/sore/hurt/et cetera, but I managed to end the match in a draw/tie to my surprise.

We were going to have another match in one or more months to decide who goes to the next round of the tournament, I remember Mrs. Henin and I talking/walking after the match as I maybe went to check the mail, and my legs/feet/maybe knees were sore/hurt and I was limping; and we probably used a bit of French, but mostly English.

My memory is too unclear but we possibly got interrupted by a boy who was an orphan and/or an old man who knew about the creäture/entity/person behind the orphan disappearances, the boy was probably the first orphan to escape from the creäture/entity/person, and he said that the person/people who worked for the creäture/entity/person were after him; and he told us where they had taken him and how, and he said that other orphans were there and he wanted us to save them.

We walked up the stairs to the upper floor or floors of the apartment house where the creäture/entity/person lived, either the old man or one of the people who worked for the creäture/entity/person tricked us into sneaking through a window into a trap, and Mrs. Henin went through the window first somehow; and the creäture/entity attacked her, and I think that she changed into a creäture with maybe tentacles but she was still herself inside probably and so she probably did not attack us.

I could be wrong but I think that the creäture/entity looked like the combined bodies of orphans/people combined with a creäture/entity with maybe tentacles that floated instead of walked, it looked a bit disturbing/disgusting like a mutated pinkish blob of things combined together with a creäture/entity, and there was running/chasing and maybe some fighting with the people who worked for it and it.

The boy called it Tennis Man I think because I think that he said that it wanted them to play tennis with it when he first arrived but he ended up escaping and it was not clear what else it wanted or what it would do to the orphans (I think that we saw some other orphans in the house locked up in jail-like cells maybe), and at some point it possibly seemed that maybe it was not as bad as we thought and/or we managed to stop to talk peacefully trying to figure out what was going on and how to resolve this situation; and the running/chasing/fighting stopped, and we started talking to it and the people or person who worked for it but that is all that I can remember or make sense of or guess what happened.

The end,

-John Jr

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