A Buffet And My Former Classmate DH Dies And Submarines And A War Involving The United States (USA) | E Manor And Fallout: New Vegas Weapon Mods

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being at a small fictional buffet that was owned by a family who was probably from India who had light brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair and who spoke English with strong probably Indian/Hindi accents (the wife was short and older, and I remember us saying a few words to each other as she tried to walk by me and some others to clean up and/or add some more food to the buffet), and I was there with my mom and my brother GC; and my aunt ME showed up, and I remember her talking about how she wanted a certain person to buy The BV that my parent’s were selling.

My aunt ME was trying to contact this person so that they could come look at/test drive The BV and decide if they wanted to buy it or not, my family and I were ready to leave especially my brother GC who was laying his head down on the table looking annoyed and bored by my aunt ME constantly talking about The BV, and my aunt ME noticed this and she said something to my brother GC and he responded rudely/angrily to her and he walked away while she was still talking to him; and so I apologized to my aunt ME, and I left with my brother GC.

I remember being contacted by Mrs. CH telling me that her son/my former classmate DH died in either an accident where he got struck by lightning and/or had a heart attack and/or something like that, and that they were about to have a memorial or something like that; and so my brother GC and I were going to meet Mrs. CH somewhere in a fictional LC-like city (maybe the fictional city that we already were in), and we were going to go to my former classmate DH’s memorial/whatever.

The dream starts to get a bit crazy and makes no sense in some parts after this, I remember riding in a blackish colored submarine that I could control from inside the submarine or from standing in it with most of my body outside the hatch where I could see better, and my brother GC rode in another blackish colored submarine; and somehow we were driving our submarines through and in and under sidewalks/roads/parking lots/et cetera like there was magically some water there that we used to travel through, and we met Mrs. CH in a parking lot that was almost like the parking lot of CiCi’s Pizza in the city of LC and she also had a blackish colored submarine but her submarine was probably bigger than our submarines.

Before we could leave together to my former classmate DH’s memorial/whatever a short war (mostly air combat) started between the USA (The United States) and another country and maybe some of their allies got involved or almost got involved but I am not sure, we saw/heard aircrafts and maybe missiles in the sky and we felt that the city was possibly about to get hit with a missile or something, and so I helped Mrs. CH close her hatch and submerge her submarine under water to avoid any possibly blast/explosion and I told my brother GC to submerge his submarine under water as well and I told them all to meet up at the place where my former classmate DH’s memorial/whatever was going to take place; and then I submerged my submarine underwater, and then my brother GC and I traveled to where my former classmate DH’s memorial/whatever was to take place.

We arrived in a large parking lot that was somewhat like the parking lot of the KRH Elementary School and D Junior High School but Mrs. CH was not there yet like she got lost or maybe she had not figured out how to drive her submarine when submerged underwater, where the D Junior High School should be we saw a walkway with flowers/et cetera for my former classmate DH on both sides of the walkway, and so we got out of our submarines to walk there.

The short war between the USA and whoever was over now, it was very short (just a few brief attacks back and forth it seemed), and our parent’s showed up so we placed some flowers with the other flowers/objects near a sign and maybe photograph of my former classmate DH; and we went inside the building, and oddly the inside was like E Manor and we walked into the family room.

Some of my dad’s coworkers were inside oddly like the BP School Board janitor Mrs. S and so my dad started talking to them, some of my aunts like my aunts ME and DE and some other aunts were in the kitchen cooking and so my mom went in there to join them, and I remember walking to the living room and my uncle CE entered the back door and we started talking as I walked him to the kitchen; and my mom was cooking fried hamburger patties, and my uncle CE started sharing his recipe for that.

I remembered Mrs. CH and I hoped that she was okay and so I probably tried to call her and/or go find her but I can not remember what happened, I probably found her and she was okay, but I woke up.

During some part of the dream I remember the song Instinct Blues by The White Stripes playing quietly in the background, maybe during the short war when I was underwater in my submarine, but I can not not remember when or where.

Dream 2

This dream was longer and more detailed but I did not voice record it or bother trying to remember it, and so all that I can remember of it is that it took place at E Manor; and one or more people and I were there, it involved fully modded weapons from the video game Fallout: New Vegas with all the weapon mods for each weapon, and it possibly involved parts of the house itself being modded.

There was another person in the house (maybe a man) who I and/or someone else asked several questions about their predictions of what was going to happen with E Manor in the future and some of the questions were:

“Will the family sell E Manor to someone in the family?

Will the family sell E Manor to someone outside the family?

Will the family let someone in the family live in E Manor?

Will the family let someone outside the family live in E Manor?

Will the family only use E Manor for temporary occasions like for family gatherings, as storage for the family, and as a family hotel?

Will the family leave E Manor abandoned?

Will the family tear down E Manor and sell the land?

Will the family tear down E Manor and keep the land?”

There were more questions asked and more things happened during the dream, the dream possibly even took place over a night and until the next morning, and the person’s focus was on the weapons and weapon mods and possibly modded parts of the house mostly; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr