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I almost did not type my dreams today because of the constant distractions/annoyances which will probably return again soon, so I will try to type my dreams now out of order and randomly as I remember parts of my dreams to save time, before I get too annoyed/distracted again to type; and so expect errors and missing details, and I am not sure if the second dream is one or two dreams, so I will assume that it is one dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was inspired by the audiobook for the book Childhood’s End that I started listening to on YouTube because my local library does not have the book or the audiobook, I stopped at chapter 3 before going to sleep, and my dream was about the parts that I listened to where maybe aliens arrived to Earth in spaceships, but they would never show themselves; and there was a human male main character and people wanted to know what the aliens looked like, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream had interesting feelings and a feel to it and it focused on various things from my real life like getting older, jobs, former classmates, my brothers getting older, relationships, school/college, and various other topics with various feelings/emotions being felt throughout most of the dream; and there was more to this dream that I can not remember or describe in words because a lot of it was based on feelings/emotions/thoughts/experiences/predictions/et cetera.

One part of the dream took place during the day possibly in the city of D and possibly in my parent’s yard near the back door or at a gas station, one of my brothers was pumping gasoline into my automobile because I was finally getting some more gasoline again, and I remember talking to him as he pumped the gasoline; and then I took over pumping the gasoline at some point until it was full, more things happened, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The other parts of the dream probably took place in a fictional city that was a college town starting in the day and ending during the night or during the next day or the day after that, and during one part of the dream I remember being inside a store during the day with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate SS; and a lot of things happened that I can not remember like my former classmate SS making an inside joke about me calling me a Colorful Tiara, and I had no idea what that meant, I just remember him and the others laughing, as I tried to figure out what that meant (which I did not, and they would not tell me).

At some point I remember being near the cash registers, and I was waiting for the worker to return so that I could ask to look at two rings by the cash register, one ring looked a bit like my high school class ring and the other ring looked a bit larger like a sports championship ring, and I got tired of waiting, so I picked up both rings to look at them; and then a male worker with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair returned to the cash register, I gave him both of the rings and I told him that I had waited before looking at them, and he smiled/laughed.

I remember walking outside the store and a four-door whitish color car drove up with several people inside of it including my former female classmate JF in the driver’s seat and my former male classmate JC in the back seat, and my former classmate JC asked me if I needed a ride; and I remember feelings/facial expressions/body language/et cetera showing tension between two people who used to be friends but who were not really friends now it seemed, this made me feel a bit sad/depressive wondering what had happened between some of my former friends/classmates like JC and I, and I said no thank you but thank you to him and they drove away.

The next part of the dream took place inside a windowless multi-story building, I got there somehow (maybe I rode with my former classmate SS and the others), and I remember walking with some other people to a small room on an upper floor near the stairs where some people were hanging out; and my former coworker from The BP School Board Mr. CG was there, I was still feeling a bit depressive, and the topic of jobs/school/college/college degrees/et cetera came up so this made things worse.

I remember my former coworker Mr. CG saying that college degrees were not really necessary for most people and that it was better to find a job that you like and some other stuff that I can not remember, I just remember feeling worse, and leaving at some point.

My dad and my brothers KD and TD arrived to this city because my brothers KD and TD were coming to visit/tour/briefly stay at a college and attend an American Football camp or something like that which they were invited to, and I went with them to drop my brothers KD and TD off after we explored the city a bit and then ate; and I wanted to eat at Golden Corral buffet because I wanted to try their carrot cake again, which they did not have the last two times I went, but we ate somewhere else because we needed to get my brothers to the college or for some other reason.

We dropped my brothers KD and TD off at the college and I hoped that we would eat at Golden Corral later during the night or at least before we leave the city because I still wanted some carrot cake (I spent most of this dream wanting carrot cake), and at some point my dad and I probably went to find a hotel for the night; but I do not know what happened to my dad (maybe he stayed at a hotel while I went to look for somewhere else to stay, but I can not remember), I just remember that at some point in the dream I was inside a hostel it seems, and my former high school Spanish teacher Mrs. M was running the hostel.

We were all in one room with beds and there were people from various countries there, my former Spanish teacher Mrs. M was sitting at a desk looking at everyone’s names so that she could assign everyone a bed, and the rest of us were sitting on beds; and right in front of me was an overweight woman with whitish colored skin with long dark-colored hair who was next to her mom who had whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and she wore glasses (they were so close that their backs almost touched me), and I called Golden Corral with my mobile phone to ask them how much was it to buy an entire carrot cake and to ask what time did they close.

A female worker with a somewhat bad attitude answered the phone like she was annoyed and I could somehow somewhat see what she looked like and what the other workers near her looked like during our conversation, she was thin with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair and the other all female workers were about the same but one was overweight and the others were obese, and some of them had dark brownish and blackish colored skin.

During our conversation the other workers were listening and responding, I could hear them in the background and the woman would even talk to them sometimes, she answered my question about when they closed; and she told me that one carrot cake was $99.99, which shocked/confused me, and so I started asking questions about how was it that expensive and how big was it and how much was it to buy slices of carrot cake instead.

The woman started acting very strange, crazy actually, and she started answering my questions at first but then stopped to talk about some nonsense story/rant/whatever about maybe an ex-boyfriend of hers and/or me and/or something that made no sense, and I remember being very confused and feeling weird/uncomfortable/et cetera; and she was talking/acting like she had one or more mental disorders and that she had stopped taking her medicine(s), and somehow my questions triggered a crazy/insane response.

During this conversation the woman and her mother sitting in front of me kept turning back to look at me because they were so close that it was almost like I was talking in their ears, I remember apologizing, and they smiled/laughed letting me know that it was okay; and at some point I ended the call because the female worker was never going to finish answering my questions.

Mrs. M started slowly calling out names to assign beds to each person, and in a bed in front of me across the room slightly was probably an attractive naked woman with dark-brownish or dark-colored hair with a nice tight/fit/thin tanned body who was from somewhere in Asia (maybe Thailand or the Philippines or somewhere like that) who seemed to be posing in a way that censored some of the nudity so you could not tell if she was naked or not and I was trying to be a gentleman and not look so I am not sure if she was really naked or not but I think so (you could even see the top of her groin and she had no pubic hair, and there was some tan lines/whatever of where her underwear should be).

A man with whitish colored skin with short dark-brownish or dark-colored hair from maybe Romania or the Czech Republic or somewhere like that in Europe named Inga, who somewhat reminded me of my former male college roommate from Romania named BF, walked over to the bed where the probably naked woman was and they seemed to be dating; and they started making out while Mrs. M continued calling out name and assigning people beds, they were kissing and touching each other basically having foreplay (touching chests/breasts, groins, et cetera), and about to have sex in front of everyone like they did not care and no one seemed to care either oddly.

Each bed and side of a bed had a number on the headboard/whatever (dark-colored number on maybe golden/brass-colored metal), the side of the bed that I was on had the number 22 and the side of the bed to my right had the number 25, and Mrs. M called my name and she assigned me to bed number 25; but I ended up losing consciousness or going to sleep in bed 22, and I woke up wondering how did I go to sleep like that and why did they let me sleep in the wrong bed but that is all that I can remember before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr

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