Situations At And Near My Parent’s Yard

There were four parts to this dream that I remembered but I can not remember the order of each part, and so I will type them randomly; and the first part of the dream started in my parent’s yard during the day, and I was following an unknown man with whitish colored skin who was probably a teacher/professor who was walking toward The G House I think.

At The G House/house was my former male classmate LT and the man told him that he wanted him to admit the truth about something and get the help that he needed and he was going to try to help him but he was going to have to follow some rules/whatever and/or something like that, my former classmate LT refused, and then the man told him that he saw what happened the other day/night/whenever; and he explained what he saw.

The man said that he saw some friends of my former classmate LT beating/attacking someone inside the house while my former classmate LT watched, he could not see everything so he was not sure if my former classmate LT had helped beat/attack the person or not, and the man said that he never saw that person leave the house so he was assuming that person got beat to death; and so he wanted my former classmate LT to tell the truth, and to report the crime to the police and let them know where to find the dead body so that a proper burial can be done.

The man said that if my former classmate LT was involved in the assumed murder that he would try to help him, either by helping him get a reduced prison sentence or get no jail time by taking the witness stand against his friends and making a plea deal with immunity from prison or possibly reporting his friends while lying about his involvement, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream started in my parent’s yard during the day and I remember feeling tired/maybe a bit sick/maybe depressed/depressive/like giving up/et cetera and I was in deep thought, I walked inside my parent’s house to go to sleep because of how I felt and that seemed like a good way to escape how I was feeling, and inside the house was my mom and the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg and a little girl who was probably Mrs. Gainsbourg’s daughter.

I laid down on my bed feeling terrible and I started trying to go to sleep, as I was getting close to going to sleep I started to feel like I might die if I went to sleep and/or have a panic attack and/or something like that, and I wondered what was wrong; and so I started thinking about this along with all the other negative things that I was thinking about and feeling, but the little girl interrupted me because she wanted to know what I was doing.

The little girl was acting like a happy and curious kid, which was very cute/funny/positive, and her presence made me feel a bit better because it was good to see how positive/amazing kids can be and how I used to be; but it was also a bit sad as I thought about how many of us lose parts of ourselves when we become adults and/or those parts are rarely shown/felt/et cetera, and I missed those days/feelings/experiences/et cetera.

I told the girl that I was not feeling well and so I was trying to go to sleep hoping that would help, the girl got on my bed and she laid down next to me mimicking me for fun while smiling, and this was so funny/cute that I could not help but smile and laugh; and then Mrs. Gainsbourg and my mom entered the room to get the girl so that I could sleep, Mrs. Gainsbourg probably apologized to me but I told her thank you but it was no problem, and then they left the room so that I could sleep but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third part of the dream started outside in my parent’s yard during the day and my male cousin SC walked into the yard, he started doing something that caused us to tell him to stop and leave the yard but he refused to stop and to leave, and eventually we warned him that we would call the police if he did not stop or leave (so whatever he was doing it must have been pretty bad/annoying) but he refused to stop or leave; and so I think someone called the police on him, and we all waited for the police to arrive while he waited defiantly.

There was arguing/et cetera until most of us went inside my parent’s house to continue waiting for the police, at some point I remember us talking to my cousin SC again until the situation calmed down and we no longer felt like we needed the police to come, but I am not sure if they ever came or not because even in the dream I was not sure because I went inside the house to talk to my mom about the situation; and later I think that my cousin SC was gone, but I was not sure if he left or if the police took him to jail but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The fourth/last part of the dream started during the day inside my parent’s house in the living room as I was talking to my brother GC about an idea that I had about the electricity situation at The G House, I wondered if one or more of the fuses were bad or not, and I felt that someone should check them; and I remember my brother GC checking a fictional indoor fuse box / circuit breaker panel that was by the back door, and then I went outside to tell my dad about my idea.

My dad and I walked outside The G House to a metal electric-like cable that was on the ground hanging from The G Hose to the fence of E Manor, my dad did something to it that briefly caused electricity to flow through it that you could hear/feel, and then we walked to the front of The G House to go inside the house to find the fuse box because we did not see one outside oddly; and my dad had a pickaxe-like hammer, and the inside of The G House looked slightly different and bigger inside.

My dad used the pickaxe-like hammer to constantly knock on the floor to let my male cousin DE know that we were inside because there is no doorbell and the front door is broken and there is no electricity, on our way toward the kitchen I saw my cousin DE on the right side of the house and he somewhat annoyingly and negatively said: “I need to talk to you John.”, and I assumed that he was talking about my dad.

I told my dad what my cousin DE said but he was busy trying to remove some ugly strange-looking (very dark-colored and there was a strange effect/affect like the color was constantly moving on their bodies maybe, but I was too far away to tell) and strange-moving cockroaches from a hole in the floor where he hoped the fuse box was, it was gross/disgusting seeing him removing some of the roaches, but I woke up as I kept my distance.

The end,

-John Jr