Armored Vehicles And Getting Left Behind

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day in the city of D, I was in the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park, and parked on side of the street near the basketball goals at W Park was an old light-brown/tan-colored military armored vehicle that was for sale; and so I walked over to look at it, and test drive it.

There was a hatch at the top of it and you could drive it from inside the armored vehicle or you could stand up in the hatch and drive it, I stood up in the hatch to drive it so that I could see better, and I drove it up the street by W Park and back; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place at a fictional outdoor recreational area on the side of the highway near Fort P and the city of R and the city of L late in the afternoon, and I was there with my family because my brother CC was visiting us because I guess he had some vacation time from the military; and so we were going to swim, fish, and do some boating in the pond/lake/water.

There was a small wooden building near the lake where the bathrooms were and where you paid to rent boats, fishing supplies, swimming supplies, armored vehicles, food, drink, et cetera; and there was an overweight man with whitish colored skin wearing a t-shirt and baseball cap/hat working there.

I remember us having fun doing various activities, at some point it was evening and it was going to get dark soon so most of my family left except for my brothers CC and GC and I, and we were going to rent an armored vehicle and drive it back to the city of D after maybe fishing and swimming a bit more; and so my brother CC went inside the wooden building to pay to rent the armored vehicle before they left for the day because it was closing time, and my brother GC and I put our mobile phones and stuff inside of the armored vehicle.

My brother GC and I swam in the pond and then to the other side to stand by the highway waiting for my brother CC to come out of the building, I then noticed that it was starting to get dark and various dangerous non-humans were starting to come out and some would be in the water soon and so I wanted to swim one more time and then wait inside the armored vehicle until my brother CC was ready, and so we rushed to swim back to the other side.

When we got out of the water the building/business was closed, the armored vehicle was gone, my brother CC was gone, and all of our stuff including our mobile phones were gone because they were inside the armored vehicle; and so we had to swim back across the water to the highway which was a bit scary because it was dark and various dangerous non-human animals were around and in the water (snakes, dangerous fish, et cetera), and we started slowly walking back to the city of D hoping to find my brother CC, the armored vehicle, and our stuff soon.

We had no way to contact anyone and there were no other businesses or homes along this part of the highway so we had to keep walking in the dark, at some point we found my brother CC, but I can not remember if we found the armored vehicle and our stuff (we probably did); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr