Abuse And Crimes In A Pea Coat And Guards Guarding A Door And A Research Paper On Pauline Croze At A School

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I continued sleeping instead of waking up to voice record my dreams and so now I only barely remember four parts of my last dream which all took place during the day at a fictional school, and I was a student at the school and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate BH; and I remember him telling me that a male teacher with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who possibly wore glasses did not like him and that this male teacher would sometimes physically abuse him (push, grab, and hit), I was surprised by this considering that my former classmate BH’s mom Mrs. H is a teacher who probably worked at the same school, and I wondered why would the male teacher do this.

I know that my former classmate BH could be a bit weaselly/weasel-like and that he would probably annoy teachers sometimes but physical abuse was unacceptable, we talked about the situation and I gave him some advice/recommendations, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the second part of the dream I was going around the school possibly over a period of several days but it is possible that it all happened in the same day during a time where a man who possibly looked a bit like me was going around committing crimes around the school wearing a blackish colored jacket/coat or pea coat that was probably the same Sportier Pea Coat that I bought from The Sportsman’s Guide about two weeks ago on sale for $19.99 (thank you Seepurple, Flynn, and my brother GC for the color advice/recommendations), and I was wearing the same pea coat or jacket/coat or one like it during the dream; and they even had video footage that possibly was of me and not the man committing the crime, I think that they made a mistake because I happened to be walking through that area after a crime, and so I was afraid that they would arrest me by mistake.

I wanted to tell the police and school about their mistake but I had no real proof that I was innocent and they did not know it was me in that video yet so I hoped that they would catch the real man behind the crimes because I feared that they would arrest me if I went to tell them about their mistake, and I remember walking around hoping that no one recognized me in that video clip (which was blurry/unclear and from a distance and at a high angle so you could not see my face really); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the third part of the dream I was walking outside under the catwalks to another part of the school, this part of the dream was like an adventure/journey that I was taking alone because no one else was around this area at first and it was a long walk, and at some point I saw a door to a building being guarded by two dangerous possibly armored men with assault rifles who looked and acted like video game characters whose only job was to guard the door and scare people away because only certain people were allowed to enter the door/building.

I needed to pass the two guards to continue my journey but as I got closer they started looking in my direction and getting their assault rifles ready, and they pointed their assault rifles at me telling me to stay away as I tried to explain that I was only passing by; and so I walked away until they calmed down/reset, I started walking toward them again as they repeated the same actions as before, but this time I kept my distance and walked by without looking at them until I passed them but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the fourth/last part of the dream I reached my destination which was the library and I needed to do a research paper that was supposed to be turned in on March 26, in the dream it was March 26 and I missed turning in my research paper before school ended for the day, but we had a substitute teacher this/that day so I hoped to finish the research paper in the library and put it in my teacher’s room/office before someone noticed that I was still at school because school was over for the day; I wanted to avoid missing the March 26th deadline, which I would miss if I did not finish before someone noticed me and/or before they closed/locked the school/building for the day, and so I tried to be quiet so that no one would notice me.

I decided to do the research paper on maybe the music artist Pauline Croze but there were no books about her that I knew of so for my sources I was going to use some facts from an encyclopedia in reference to the classical guitar, a dictionary in reference to the genre/genres of music, a book about France and/or the French language, and some information about Pauline Croze from her official website/Facebook page.

I got my materials/sources and I sat down at a table and I used my dream blogging methods to help me get started writing and I hope to finish quickly with over a page of words double-spaced after every sentence but at some point my teacher for the class that I was doing the research paper for entered the library and she was a nice over-fat/slightly obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, it seemed that she came to check on her classroom and gather the research papers to start grading them now that she was back from whatever she had left school for and needed a substitute teacher for earlier during the dream, and I briefly talked with her; and she said that what I was doing was okay, but that I needed to finish before she was finished grading the other research papers.

I thanked her and I continued hurrying to finish my research paper in time, but I woke up.


The end,

-John Jr