Sir Ben Kingsley As The Leader Of Iran | JC Working As A Government Agent? | The Police Trying To Destroy A Gang | An Isometric 3D Video Game With Milla Jovovich

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I went to a fictional version of the country Iran like the leader of the country had invited me, the leader of Iran was the actor Sir Ben Kingsley, and it seemed that a civil war was starting in the country and there was some conflict/war going on between it and one or more countries.

I was brought to a very nice somewhat ancient style palace that was very nice and the color gold was used a lot I think, I was on an upper floor with large open windows/doors with nice curtains blowing in the wind with a balcony around most of the floor, and there were many people coming and going like it was open to the public; and the view outside was amazing/beautiful where you could see a body of water/sea/ocean/whatever, the sky and clouds, the sun, et cetera.

Sir Kingsley was with one or more of his bodyguards enjoying the view and we both talked while enjoying the view, part of our conversation was about the view and how beautiful it was, and Sir Kingsley wanted me to see the real Iran instead of only knowing the rumors/lies/et cetera about it.

He wanted me to help him as an adviser and/or bodyguard and/or ambassador and/or something thing like that, I was trying to decide if I should help him or not, and if so I wanted to make sure that I only helped him in peaceful ways to help the people and in a way that would not be considered treason to the country that I was from.

I asked questions trying to learn what the situation was, what was the real Sir Kingsley like and was he someone I should help or not, which countries were attacking them and why, which groups within the country were fighting and why, et cetera; and I wanted time to explore the country talking to various people and seeing things for myself and I wanted to talk to my country and the United Nations about the situation before making a decision.

Sir Kingsley seemed like an intelligent and overall good person/leader with the best interests of his people and the country in mind, it seemed that some groups within were probably being supported by other countries to destabilize the country to overthrow his government, and it seemed that they were hoping to have him killed to stop him from forming a stable and peaceful Iran.

But this is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a college/multipurpose building, I remember my former male classmate JC being there and he seemed to be working as a government agent or something like that, and he was sent on an assignment so I followed/joined him out of curiosity; and we walked to a certain part of the building on another floor, and we approached a somewhat over-fat/over-weight woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was wearing a light brown/tan police or security guard uniform who was in her office.

My former classmate JC looked and acted serious, he talked to the woman in her office while I waited outside and then he walked outside in the hall where I was to wait for the woman to do something, and the woman walked/paced back and forth in her office looking scared/nervous/et cetera and like she was trying to decide if she should do whatever my former classmate JC wanted her to do.

I assumed that this woman was doing something illegal on her job as a police officer or security guard, so the government was investigating her, and I guess my former classmate JC was sent to pressure her into sharing some information/evidence that would help them in another investigation probably involving who ever she was working for/with; and I assume that my former classmate JC shared the evidence that the government had against her, and he hoped that this would scare her into sharing the information/evidence that he/they needed.

The woman seemed so stressed that I felt bad for her, I wondered if she was going to commit suicide because she looked like she felt that her life would be over/ruined, but my former classmate JC looked serious and like he did not care; but I woke up as we waited as the woman continued walking back and forth nervously probably complaining/ranting/crying/shaking/and more like she was having an emotional/mental/et cetera breakdown.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I was not in the dream, and the dream followed a man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who was a member of a gang whose members all had brownish/blackish colored skin (the gang did not seem like a violent gang) and his sexual orientation was homosexual and his male friend or boyfriend.

The homosexual sexual orientation of the main character of the dream probably caused some/a bit of conflict within the gang, the leader of the gang was a large/tall strong man with dark brownish colored skin who probably liked to wear suits, and so at some point the main character of the dream and his friend or boyfriend left to another city until things calmed down a bit/out of anger.

Later in the dream they returned to the gang’s headquarters one day, which was in a field on the side of a street in a poor neighborhood in an old mobile home or house, and police officers were all over the place; and they found out that the police had killed the leader of the gang, they claimed they had no choice, but their claims and the evidence did not make sense so they seemed to be lying.

The next leader of the gang also got killed by the police under suspicious circumstances and this pattern continued with each new leader of the gang getting killed by the police suspiciously, it was clear that the police were murdering the leaders of the gang trying to destroy it (it seemed that they were doing this because of racism, and they did not want a group uniting that community like they wanted this community to stay poor and separated), and eventually the gang officially broke up/ended/disbanded; but unofficially the main character of the dream became the new unofficial leader, this was safer because the police thought that the gang was finished/destroyed so the police were no longer trying to destroy them, and so the gang kept a low profile under the new unofficial leader but I woke up.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was watching someone play a fictional video game that was from an isometric 3D view that somewhat reminded me of the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there were two characters to choose from with the first character being a man with whitish colored skin whose weapon was a missile launcher that shot/launched a missile that you could control, and the second character was the actress Milla Jovovich whose weapon was a large laser gun that shot a slow large constant energy beam/laser like a lasgun from Frank Herbert’s Dune books.

Once you picked your character you had to fight the other character in a death match that lasted for a certain amount of time in an arena/level/stage (in the dream it was an underground cave, but there were various arenas/levels/stages to choose from), who ever got the most kills once time was up was the winner, and to make the game more challenging you could not see your opponent unless they were in your line of sight so there as a fog of war/whatever that prevented you from seeing what was in the distance.

The person who I was watching play the video game picked the male character, his missile launcher whose missile you could control was over-powered and it was not a fair fight in my opinion, Mrs. Jovovich’s laser gun was so slow that he could jump over her laser and his missile had area effect damage so it could kill her even if it was not a direct hit if she was close enough to the explosion, and this person was easily winning.

The person figured out a strategy where they could shoot the missile through a wall where they thought Mrs. Jovovich was hiding, the explosion of the missile would often kill her if she was hiding in that area, and so they used this strategy to get many kills even without being able to see Mrs. Jovovich; and this person probably won the first match easily, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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