Being Chosen As A Military Officer For An Event / Reenactment?

I went back to sleep several times before voice recording this dream and so I forgot much of this detailed dream unfortunately, and so now all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional school that was partly inspired by the D High School where I was a student.

Some other students and I were sent to a gym for an event/reenactment/whatever that this school would do sometimes where several students are chosen to play the role of military officers leading several small teams of students playing enlisted rank soldiers as they compete against each other in an obstacle course/competition with several challenges, several teachers were over the event/reenactment/whatever and there were one or more sponsors chosen each time and FB Church was the sponsor this time and my former high school principal from my senior year of high school would join the teachers each time even though they did not like each other and he was now working at another school because of some conflict with this school that happened in the past, and one of the male teachers really hated my former high school principal.

Somehow I was one of the students chosen to play the role of a military officer and my former male classmate JP was also chosen and several other students, I did not want this responsibility and I was nervous/uncomfortable, and I remember my female cousin TE showing us military officers how to properly walk and stand after our teams were assigned to us.

The school’s principal spoke to the male teacher who hated my former high school principal telling him that my former high school principal would arrive soon and he told the teacher that FB Church was the sponsor the last several times and that he needs to change sponsors each time or people would think that he was trying to help promote FB Church because he is a member of that church, and shortly after that my former high school principal arrived and several real soldiers who were there to help quickly train/prepare us for our roles.

My former high school principal greeted the other teachers and principal, their greetings clearly showed that they did not like each other, and the male teacher who hated my former high school principal and my former high school principal even said a few negative things to each other; and then the soldiers started training/preparing us students for our roles, it was like a super quick/brief basic training introduction course, and so they were being mean and loud toward us like drill instructors.

A male soldiers with whitish colored skin was extra mean toward me for some unknown reason as he made us talk loudly, learn to march, learn how to act/move, et cetera; but we got interrupted by a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair who looked and sounded like she was from somewhere in Eastern Europe, and she somewhat reminded me of an untrustworthy version of the character Aurora from the film Babylon A.D..

The woman worked at the school (probably an office worker) and I thought that she was a student worker at first, she approached the male soldier and I asking me if I have ever been in trouble with the police before, and I answered no; and the male soldier called me an #sshole oddly, for some reason anyone who has never been in trouble with the police before is an #sshole to him.

The woman then told me that an interrogator / investigator / whoever was at the school and he wanted to question/interrogate me, this was surprising and confusing to me, and for some reason something did not feel/seem right to me; and I felt that I could not trust the woman, the male soldier, the interrogator, et cetera like someone was trying to set me up or something like that.

The male soldier was going to take over my team because I was going to be gone, this disappointed me because I was hoping to learn as much as I could and I wanted to prepare my team to be the best overall team and I was hoping to test my leadership skills/strategies/et cetera, but I followed the woman anyway because I did not really have a choice.

During our walk I learned that the woman was not a student like I had assumed and she told me that part of her job was helping protect students in situations like this so she was going to advise me and counsel me before and after the interrogation, I did not trust her still for some reason but I accepted her advice and counsel, and she told me what to do and say during the interrogation; I did not agree with her suggestions and I wanted to be myself, but I decided to follow her advice anyway.

I was taken to a room where a strange man with whitish colored skin wearing glasses was sitting across the room, he was the interrogator and he looked like a torturer for the CIA who was good at reading people and torturing them, and he asked me to take a seat and he stared at me; and I followed the woman’s advice which was to stare back at him not saying anything while sitting up straight and not moving while trying to appear emotionless, and only answer questions when asked and she told me how to answer them or not answer them.

Instead of asking me questions the interrogator just stared at me for several minutes like he was reading me and my mind, then he said that I could go and I asked him if that was it, and he said yes; and I left confused wondering what would happen next, and then I told the woman what had happened.

My memory is too messed up to remember most of the dream after this, something happened (maybe an attack or for some other reason), and the woman took me to a room with several glass doors/walls at the front of the room that led to the covered catwalk outside; and there was a girl with whitish colored skin and a woman with whitish colored skin with me, and there were other people in this room.

She wanted us to wait in this room and I still did not trust her and I felt that something was still not right, I was supposed to watch/protect the girl and woman until she got back maybe, and as we were waiting some of the people in the room started trying to attack us and some of the others; and I tried to distract them while the girl and woman and the others ran outside.

I noticed that some of the people did not like light and so they would not go outside or get too close to the glass doors/walls, like vampires or something like that, and so I ran outside to make sure that the girl and woman were okay; but the girl was gone, and so the woman and I tried to find her.

I wondered if the other woman had left us here to die on purpose and I wondered what was going on, but I woke up as we ran around outside trying to find the girl.

The end,

-John Jr

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