Dom Cobb + Stephen Colbert + Superman + Lindsey Reckis = ?

*I got my new glasses (Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321) today from Zenni Optical, and they feel pretty comfortable (though they could have been a bit wider), but I still have to test them today outside and inside.*

I only barely remember part of my last dream which was an interesting dream, unfortunately I can not remember most of it and my memory of it is flawed, but seemed to take place underground in a fictional dimly lit place that was probably based on the hidden underground dream/memory floors/levels/worlds that the character Dom Cobb from the film Inception used to hide/store some of his personal memories/dream worlds/dream characters.

He would reach each floor/level/dream world using an elevator, he was possibly/probably in this dream as well because this underground place was probably his creation/dream world/whatever, but I can not remember.

Inception: Elevator Memories Scene (Hotel) [HD]

I was in this underground place with various other people like the comedian Stephen Colbert, Lindsey Reckis from the YouTube channel Reckless Tortuga, Superman or a male alien similar to Superman, and various other people I can not remember; and it seemed to possibly be a small community living underground like a vault from the Fallout video games.

There was a cafeteria/party-like room where most of the people were eating/drinking/having fun, and I remember going there during one part of the dream.

I think that Lindsey and her friends did not pay much attention to me at first during the early parts of the dream, but I do remember talking to Superman.

At some point in the dream I got some of his powers and I possibly became Kryptonian or another alien species somehow.

After that point, Lindsey and her friends started talking to me and Lindsey and I started dating eventually, and during the party/gathering I remember having a joke battle/whatever against Stephen Colbert.

Mr. Colbert and I took turns making fun of each other, we were just joking and having fun, so it was all positive, and he probably won eventually because he is a professional comedian.

I probably put up a good fight 😀 , and after he left later in the dream, I remember Lindsey and I spending time together.

In some part of the dream I remember Lindsey and I making out (kissing, et cetera) on a bed, she is tall and taller than me, and I remember her being on top of me and in my lap mostly.

It was an interesting and fun and challenging experience because her legs are so long, and she is so tall.

So we had to do some interesting maneuvering and changing of positions, which was fun and funny.

It was funny and probably looked silly/funny how her long legs wrapped around me and across parts of the bed, and during the times that I held her legs/her in/up various positions.

After this, I remember Lindsey complaining about her new haircut/hairstyle, and she asked me for my opinion about it.

It was not a very good hairstyle/haircut, and so I agreed with her.

I recommended that she just stick with a more natural hairstyle/haircut and simply comb/brush her hair sometimes and not waste money on special hair products.

Because that looked better and saved more money to me/in my opinion instead of wasting money on someone constantly trying random hairstyles/haircuts and hair products on you.

I remember her leaving to probably get her hair adjusted and/or to go somewhere else.

I remember walking to an area further underground which was a maze-like area where most of the machinery/plumbing/electrical systems/heating and cooling and ventilation/et cetera were.

It was a maze of halls/rooms/doors/turns/curves/pipes/machines/et cetera, and I went there to help fix something, I think.

I was doing this for an unknown, nice woman who probably was on a council or something for this underground community.

I did not know my way around, and so I got lost until some kids who were playing down there helped me find what I was looking for.

The kids were not supposed to be down there because it was dangerous, but they seemed to know how to take care of themselves.

I probably used my super speed to quickly run around and fix everything.

After fixing whatever it was, I remember talking to the kids as they helped me find my way back.

I remember a male bully with whitish colored skin, probably a man, who walked up to us as we were trying to leave, bothering/insulting/annoying me for unknown some reason(s).

He probably did not like the fact that I was not human anymore, and he was a bully.

He even attacked me causing me to maybe bleed a bit, but I did not defend myself for some unknown reason(s); maybe because I had Superman-like powers now, I did not want to accidentally kill him, and I could heal faster than a human now.

The woman who sent me to fix something was outside the entrance/exit waiting for us, the male bully was still following and annoying me, so she told him to stop.

She had a talk with him, and I remember her checking my wounds and apologizing about the bully.

I told her that it was okay, and that my wounds would heal in a few minutes, probably.

I told her that I fixed everything that she had asked me to fix, and she thanked me.

We talked about various things, and I remember thinking about Superman and where he went.

Because I probably wanted to learn more about my new powers/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Dom Cobb + Stephen Colbert + Superman + Lindsey Reckis = ?”

Hello Flynn,

Thank you Flynn. 🙂

Good luck, make sure to look at the measurements and compare them to your current pair (which I did, but the price for my new frame was so low that I decided to take a risk), it is a shame that more frames are not made wider (and often the frames that are wider are often too tall/big and ugly); but fortunately my new frame seems like it will fit comfortably enough surprisingly even though they are 3mm less/smaller/less narrow in frame width compared to my old frames (

Yes, we did have some fun, especially the joke battle/whatever with/against Mr. Colbert. 😀

Thank you for commenting Flynn,
-John Jr


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