Working For Robert House | Riding A Bicycle To Sports Practice

I just watched a short film this morning called Sequence, about a man who wakes up to find that everyone in the world had a terrible dream about him, graphic content warning:

Dream 1

This was probably several connected dreams that were all inspired by the video game Fallout: New Vegas, my video game character was probably working for Robert House, and I was probably doing missions for him in the first dream that involved the minor factions.

I was probably meeting with the minor factions one at a time trying to get some of them to join Mr. House and/or to not fight against him, while destroying some of the dangerous and out-of-control minor factions like The Fiends, but that is probably all that I can remember of the first dream.

The second and maybe third dream probably continued from where the first dream left off and parts of both dreams were live action instead of looking like a video game, most of these two dreams were probably live action, and I know that there was a woman in one of them but I can not remember who it was (maybe Cass (Rose Of Sharon Cassidy) ) or what she was doing; but I think that we were working together doing missions maybe, but that is all that I can remember because I over-slept and I did not voice record my dreams.

Dream 2

I only remember barely part of the end of this dream unfortunately but I do know that most of the dream involved bicycle riding, during a gray afternoon or evening I was riding a fictional bicycle with front shocks (like my bicycle that got stolen when I was a kid) that belonged to my brothers KD and TD, and either my former male classmate JC or my brother GC was riding on the bicycle with me somehow; and I think that we rode from another city back to the city of D, but I could be wrong.

We were on our way to the D High School to play some sports and to see if we could practice with one or more of the sports teams so that we could learn/improve our skills and see how we compared to the student athletes, and once we reached the street that the D High School is on we almost flipped/wrecked.

There was an automobile behind us that was being driven by a woman, we hit a bump that caused the shocks on the bicycle to malfunction (there was already something wrong with the shocks), and this caused the bicycle to jump in the air almost flipping but I managed to stop it from flipping; and so we went on the right side of the road to let the woman drive by, and then we rode into the back parking lot of the D High School.

We walked to the a fictional concrete alley between the school buildings and the football field that was completely walled/blocked off from both sides, to my surprise many students were practicing for several sports in this narrow alley, even maybe the cheerleaders; and I started to have second thoughts about my idea, it did not seem like we were students and so it would have been strange for adults to ask to play/practice with high school students practicing for their sports, but I am not sure how old we were supposed to be.

Some of my former classmates were there practicing like my former male classmates SS and JS, we walked over to talk with them and to prepare to change clothes in the locker room that was on the left side, and I think that my former male classmate JC changed clothes and he started practicing with them; and oddly I did not see any coaches around, I waited trying to think about the situation, while they seemed to be practicing for basketball.

I had hoped to practice/play some football/soccer and/or tennis and/or another sport like those/that but I was possibly willing to try some basketball and American football et cetera as well, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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