My Former Classmate SS & An Old Arcade Video Game & An Old Computer | Saving Gangier / Gangia & Avoiding Crocodiles & Piranha-Like Fish?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of the shopping center in the city of D near W Park, I was with my former male classmate SS, and we went inside a small/narrow building in the shopping center that was either his house and/or business/office and/or something like that.

We were going to play an old fictional arcade video game that we used to play years ago, it was installed on a very old computer of his that probably had an old version of Microsoft Windows that was possibly older than Windows 3.11 like Windows 1Windows 2.1 and I probably helped him with this computer many years ago, and we started playing the old arcade video game; but it probably kept crashing, and so we stopped to try to troubleshoot the problem.

I suspected that it was probably malware, outdated software, and possible hardware problems because the computer was so old; my main guess was malware and/or that it needed a hardware upgrade, my former classmate SS was on the computer so I was not able to help speed up the troubleshooting process because he was trying to do things himself even though I knew more about things like this than/compared to him, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started late in the afternoon or early in the evening in maybe India or Pakistan or somewhere else in Asia (there is also a small chance that it was possibly in Africa or South America) outside in a field that had a body of water that the people would spend time in during this time each day talking, swimming, debating, protesting, having meetings, and many other social activities.

The darker it gets outside more dangerous non-human animals would slowly appear like crocodiles and some small fast-moving aggressive piranha-like animals that I could not see (they moved fast and in packs/schools under the water, so you could only see the ripples of the water as they moved quickly, and so I have no idea what they looked like but I assumed that they were fish), and so you had to be careful as it got darker outside.

There was a woman with light-brownish colored skin wearing a traditional colorful dress/outfit/garment (maybe a sari) and head cover and maybe traditional accessories / jewelry / whatever whose name was probably pronounced like it would maybe be spelled like Gangier or Gangia who was there leading a protest/meeting, probably against certain government/military/police/cultural abuses/problems/issues and she was probably arguing/protesting for more rights/freedoms for the people/in the culture/et cetera, and all of this was taking place in the water; and I was there oddly.

Some people from the government/military/police/et cetera and/or from groups who supported the government and probably the extreme parts of the conservative/traditional culture seemed to be there to murder/assassinate her and/or attack her and/or arrest her, I noticed some of them sneaking through the crowds of people in the water toward her, and I probably warned her about this; but she continued the protest not backing down, and so I started protecting her.

I did various things to block and stop them, eventually I got Gangier or Gangia to a safer area in the water closer to the shore and the protest ended because it was getting darker, and so people started to relax before it was time to get out of the water; and so the assassins/attackers/police/agents/whoever gave up for now it seemed.

I started to notice more crocodiles magically appearing in the water so I started swimming away trying to avoid them but I kept seeing more crocodiles, this dream theme usually happens with snakes but this time it was happening with crocodiles, but the other people continued to relax like they were not worried/afraid; and my swimming around to avoid them seemed to be causing the crocodiles to notice me and this made them seem more aggressive, and so some of them possibly snapped at me/tried to bite me.

My constant swimming to avoid the growing number of crocodiles magically appearing caused me to get separated from everyone else and I was in an area of the water where mostly crocodiles were, I started to become a bit afraid as my situation got worse because I felt pretty helpless in the water and I can not swim well (I rarely ever get to swim, only once every few years, and I almost drowned in a pool once when I was kid; and that was the closest that I ever came to dying in my life so far), and I tried to swim to the shore; but then I noticed a lot of fast-moving ripples in the water, I assumed that it was piranha-like fish, and they started chasing me.

I swam quickly away from them while still trying to avoid the crocodiles but they were very fast, I reached a marsh/swamp-like area that slowed me down but it did not slow them down, and I possibly even could walk on this at some point like it was land; but they still were chasing me and they were too fast, and so I accidentally woke up as I was panicking to escape because I did not think that I could escape them because they were too fast and there were too many of them.

The part of that dream with the crocodiles and piranha-like fish/whatever seemed symbolic to me, like most of my dreams with snakes, they usually do not bother me but more and more of them usually appear magically; and as I try to avoid them this can sometimes make things worse as I accidentally get too close to them and as I move around too much trying to avoid them and/or escape from them and when I panic.

The end,

-John Jr

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