Lucy Lawless And Looking For Treasure | A Prequel Dream And Chulu?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is part of the end of the dream, the end of the dream took place during the day outside in a fictional countryside where there was simple community, and it seemed that things in this dream world were rough like there was a disaster/crash of major societies or something like that; and so this simple community was way out in the countryside to be away from the chaos of the cities maybe.

The actress Lucy Lawless and a well-respected woman in this community were having a conversation as I stood at a distance, the woman did not like Mrs. Lawless and she was angry at her about something, and Mrs. Lawless was staying in this community as a guest after a deal had been made; Mrs. Lawless used to live a life of luxury when she was dating a man who was probably like Benny from the video game Fallout: New Vegas, but something happened where she lost this life of luxury and a deal was made to allow her to stay in this community to help keep her safe like someone/something was after her.

The woman yelled at Mrs. Lawless about something and at some point Mrs. Lawless mentioned a treasure that she and others have tried to get for years without success, she possibly suggested that they work together to get it and/or if she found it she would share it with them or something like that, and I went and/or was sent to go see if I could get the treasure which was hidden in a certain place protected by traps and dangerous wild animals et cetera.

The next thing I remember is leaving at night on a blackish colored bicycle with V-shaped or W-shaped handles/handlebars that were awkward to hold on to, I had a blackish colored knit/winter hat in my pocket if necessary to help hide part of my head, and a back of rattlesnakes that I assumed was to be used to help distract the dangerous wild animals.

I rode the bicycle to a trailer park in what looked like a fictional version of the city of D where the project housing near N Street should be, I parked my bicycle in front of a mobile home of someone who was gone (I had memories of doing this before in the past, and I hoped that the person would not return home before I could leave; and I hoped that no one would notice), and I sneaked to a fenced area where the treasure was hidden; and I climbed the fence and I started to avoid traps and wild animals et cetera, at some point I started to let the rattlesnakes out of the bag to distract the other snakes I guess, but then I realized that there were more snakes in the area than I had expected and many of them were rattlesnakes as well so I was forced to sneak away before the snakes that I let out and the other snakes could surround and attack me.

This mission was a failure but maybe I could try again another day so I sneaked back to the bicycle, two people were talking outside one of the mobile homes next to where I was but they did not see me at first, and so I put the knit/winter hat on just in case and I started to ride away; but they noticed and saw me from behind as I rode away, the owner of the mobile home where my bicycle had been parked arrived back to his house, and the two people told him that they saw me riding away on a bicycle that looked like his so he ran after me yelling angrily and loudly.

He was so loud that the owner of the trailer park, a morbidly obese man with whitish colored skin, came outside to see what was going on and so I stopped to let them know that I did not steal the man’s bicycle; and the man, who had dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair with a custom box fade haircut from the 1990s, ran up to me angrily and violently.

The man grabbed an object and broke part of it off to use it as a weapon and I tried to calm him down, he got in my face yelling at me and I tried to explain to him that I did not steal his bicycle, and the trailer park owner tried to calm him down as well; and I offered to prove it by going with them to his mobile home to see if his bicycle was still there to prove that I did not have his bicycle, he did not check this before chasing after me earlier, and so his bicycle should be in his yard or house.

He eventually agreed to my idea after calming down a bit and so I started to follow them, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was a prequel to the first dream and it was like a fantasy dream world that combined our world with another it seemed because there were non-humans (vampires, zombies, elves, other humanoids, and other strange animals/creatures/insects/entities et cetera) and humans in this dream, I was given the task of finding a safe and secluded location for someone to live/hide because this person was in danger, and I assume that this person was Lucy Lawless the first dream.

Several recommendations given to me were a secluded secure small kingdom away from the cities called Cattaca that was ruled by a very large man or male entity, the areas on the outskirts of this kingdom, and a small isolated community run by the mother of the ruler of Cattaca (this woman was probably the woman who was angry at Mrs. Lawless in the first dream).

I first walked to some of the areas on the outskirts of Cattaca which were a bit rough and had hills and slops with a brick road with buildings on both sides of it, many non-humans lived here mostly but there were some humans there I think, but most of the humans probably lived past this area probably closer to Cattaca; and in the dream I was probably not completely human and maybe I was part human and/or vampire and/or something else, and I could run and jump et cetera higher/faster/et cetera than a human.

I stopped at an inn along the road to see the living conditions, which were terrible and it looked dangerous because it seemed many criminals and gangs lived in this area, and so I left the inn passing a two-story barn-like building that was being guarded by non-human humanoids (maybe there were a few humans guarding it too, but I do not think so) who seemed to be part of a gang and/or were dangerous criminals; and this barn-like building seemed to store food, maybe strange large fictional insects and other creatures, and maybe some illegal things.

I decided to walk to a warehouse-like building where the vampires had a hideout to talk to them and see the living conditions because maybe I was part vampire, parts of the inside of the warehouse were full of zombies and some vampires who would attack people and other creatures and maybe traps, but this did not bother me really because of my abilities and because I was possibly part vampire so most of the vampires would probably not attack me at first until they realized that I was not a full vampire.

I entered the warehouse-like building and it looked terrible/rough/scary like something from a horror film with blood, debris, dead bodies, zombies, a few hungry vampires possibly feeding on dead bodies, maybe some traps, et cetera; and I walked around trying to find the entrance to where most of the vampires lived/hung out, which I knew would be guarded by vampire guards, and I remember easily running from zombies because I was so fast and I could jump so high that none of them could get close to me (this was fun, I did this instead of killing them, and so I ran around super fast and jumping super high).

At some point I jumped near the top of the wall to the entrance of the place where most of the vampires were, some large muscular dangerous and mean male vampire guards yelled at me asking me who I was and what I was doing and what did I want and they told me to get off the wall, but they almost instantly recognized that I was not a full vampire; and so they started shooting machine guns and/or miniguns at me, I dodged the bullets telling them that I just wanted to talk and look around, but they would not stop shooting at me so I ran away super fast back outside.

I decided to go back to the barn to talk to the dangerous-looking non-human humanoids and see what was inside the barn, they were mean to me and they searched me for weapons, and then I started talking to them; but a very large oddly shaped strange male humanoid in a large suit walked over paying the guards asking for a moment to look inside alone at the merchandise to decide what he wanted to buy or something like that, I could not see his face or head (maybe it was covered), but his body shape in the suit looked like a non-human creäture or creatures hiding in a large suit trying to look humanoid as a disguise.

The guards made me walk outside with them to the street while the male humanoid walked inside alone and closed the doors, then we started to hear strange noises inside the barn, and the guards tried to open the doors but they were locked; and then the barn started expanding like something was filling up the barn and would break it eventually, and the guards became afraid.

A strange tannish/yellowish colored small head with at least two strange eyes with a very long elephant-like trunk went through the window of the second floor of the barn and the trunk/whatever was so long that it touched the ground from the second floor window and this was a tall and large barn, the guards were terrified and they kept saying the name: “Chulu!” and this name and how it looked reminded me somewhat of Cthulhu, and they sounded the alarms and yelled for everyone in the area to grab their weapons.

People/creatures/et cetera started running and grabbing weapons terrified and many of them kept saying Chulu, Chulu was laughing with a deep and creepy laugh as it continued to expand inside the barn, it seemed to have eaten everything inside the barn and this seemed to allow it to transform into a bigger form; and I assumed that it would eventually break the barn and that it would look like a giant dinosaur-like creäture with a long neck and body and trunk, and even though many of the people/creatures/et cetera had weapons it seemed that even they did not think that the weapons would help much against Chulu.

It was interesting watching these various animals/creatures/entities/people getting terrified of one entity, many of them seemed like harden criminals and gang members, but Chulu terrified them even as this entire area started to prepare to fight and/or run together; and I decided to keep walking to the next location to check out the mostly human area instead of staying for the battle against Chulu.

In the human area I remember going inside a gym/recreational center-like building, the human area was nice compared to the previous mostly non-human area, and I remember playing field hockey inside a gym with other humans; and in the last few seconds of the match I scored the only goal/point in the game, and so my team won.

My team cheered and celebrated and congratulated me, we then went to the bathrooms to use the bathroom and/or shower and/or change clothes et cetera, and in the hallway outside the bathrooms were some shelves along the wall where a man sold various food products that people would make and sell to him; and my former male classmate DC had made some interesting packaged Nabisco brand-like desserts (interesting cookies, orange twisted things with chocolate on them, and a few other things) and he sold them to this man, and the man was selling them now along with his other merchandise as the two of them talked.

I went into the bathroom but it was so full that I had to wait to use a urinal and then I went to use one, they barely had any privacy with a thin and small divider between each urinal and the door was open so anyone in the hall could see you, and so I got very close to the urinal as I urinated; and then a woman with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair awkwardly entered the men’s bathroom with us because the women’s bathroom was full.

She stood next to me either at a urinal or at a sink, she told me why she was in the men’s bathroom and that she was a bit uncomfortable and she apologized, I told her that it was okay and that I understood, and we started awkwardly talking as I urinated and as she did whatever it was that she was doing; and I remember asking her if the women’s bathroom looked cleaner and better than the men’s bathroom, like I predicted she said that the women’s bathroom was cleaner and better, and I told her that was usually the case unfortunately.

I finished urinating and then I went to wash my hands as she was leaving after washing her hands, I then went outside to look at the desserts and I was possibly going to buy one that my former male classmate DC had made, and the prices varied between $2.50 – $8.50 on his desserts; and I remember my former classmate DC and the man who owned the business arguing about their business deal/et cetera.

It was a funny and silly argument and they quickly resolved it, I then noticed some people looking around and asking about Mrs. Lawless, they looked like people who were after her; and so I knew that this place would not be safe for her unfortunately, it was a nice place but they had found it, and so I left quickly before they could see me.

I decided that I would visit the isolated community run by the mother of the ruler of Cattaca, it was said to be a community of mostly elves and humans and that maybe the mother was part human and part elf and part something else, and that the ruler of Cattaca would send help to them when ever they needed it; but usually they did not need help because they were very isolated and independent, and so they kept themselves safe mostly but it was good to know that they were also under the protection of Cattaca if things got too bad.

I then left to talk to them and see the living conditions, but I woke up.

So the first dream took place after this, I guess that I decided that the isolated community would be safer for Mrs. Lawless and so I guess that she made a deal with the mother of the ruler of Cattaca to let her live with them as a guest under their protection, and maybe I was there to help keep Mrs. Lawless safe and work for her until whoever was looking for her was dealt with.

The end,

-John Jr

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