Getting Defeated In Tennis By Justine Henin | JP Using A Talking Ape To Kill And Bully People | A Fictional T-Mobile Store

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a short dream that started positive but quickly became negative, I remember being in an outdoor tennis match and/or tennis tournament during the day, and my opponent was my favorite tennis player the retired tennis player Justine Henin; and I was happy to have her as my opponent.

Our tennis match started well but things quickly became negative, somehow my tennis game was off and I just did not have it in me, and I made serious mistakes in the beginning and middle and at the end of the match; and Justine started defeating me so badly that I described our tennis match as a Massacre in my voice recording of this dream.

At the end of our tennis match right before Justine was about to win the match during her serve I made a big mistake where I saw a tennis ball and I went to throw it back to her not realizing that she was in the process of serving, I threw the tennis ball back to her but then I realized that she was in the middle of a serve, but it was too late so the tennis ball flew at her interrupting her serve; and Justine did not know who threw it at her, and so she became very angry and she started ranting/complaining and demanding to know who threw it.

I was trying to tell Justine that it was me who threw the tennis ball and that it was an accident and I was trying to apologize but she could not and did not hear me because she was angrily ranting/complaining looking around trying to figure out who threw it at her, I remember her complaining to the referee and ball retrievers/whoever, and I remember talking to a male ball retriever/whoever who was near me.

All of this made things even worse for me and I was angry/annoyed/embarrassed/ashamed/et cetera with myself and my performance, eventually an angry Justine continued our tennis match, and she angrily finished defeating/destroying me (she put her anger into our match, which made things even worse for me, and she probably was still complaining sometimes); and she won our tennis match and/or the tennis tournament after easily and angrily destroying me.

After our match I went to tell her that it had been me who accidentally threw the ball at her, I explained what happened, and I apologized; and I remember feeling very negative, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was also short and negative but it felt very strange and a bit disturbing/creepy/et cetera, unfortunately I can not remember most of the interesting details, I just remember the dream taking place inside a large windowless room where some humans and human-sized apes who stood on two feet and who could talk (but not that much or that well except for maybe some of them) and I were; and it seemed like we were at a school.

I remember everyone standing up and my former male classmate JP (the one who had cancer as a kid and who survived surgery, but probably lost parts of his brain so he was probably left with some cognitive disabilities; but he could still talk, walk, et cetera) and a large strong talking male ape who walked on two feet (he was not very smart and he could not talk much or well, even worse and less than the other apes) were walking around people, the strong ape was the henchman or my former classmate JP, and my former classmate JP pointed to people he wanted the strong ape to kill and/or bully/attack/beat up/et cetera.

My former classmate JP was a pure villain in this dream who was enjoying the power of having a strong ape under his control and he enjoyed having the strong ape kill and attack people, my former classmate JP had people afraid and he was in control, it was disturbing/creepy as he walked around pointing out people he wanted killed and/or attacked for no reason.

After my former classmate JP finished pointing out people he wanted killed and/or attacked the strong ape went to do as he was ordered, the strong ape mistakenly walked over to me, and he grabbed me by my arms and he started pulling them like he was trying to break my arms and/or pull them off; and I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was trying to rough me up, and I told him that he was making a mistake because my former classmate JP did not point to me.

Something happened where another ape probably helped me and so the strong ape stopped attacking me, I can not remember what happened though, I just remember talking to the ape who helped me and this ape was tired of how my former classmate JP and the strong ape were killing and bully people; and maybe we started planning on how to stop them, and I remember talking to my former classmate JP trying to convince him to stop this but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably involved my family and I going to a fictional mobile phone company store probably during the day, and it was probably partly inspired by the T-Mobile in the city of LC but in the dream it was in maybe a fictional version of the city of D; and it looked entirely different inside, and the salesperson was a fictional version of the T-Mobile salesperson Mr. AB who seemed to be a combination of himself and Mr. CG who works for the BP School Board Computer Department.

We probably got our plan and phones and we returned home, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a continuation of the third dream, my male cousin DE and I went to the fictional mobile phone store/T-Mobile from the third dream because we had some questions/problems (maybe we were returning our mobile phones because we got new ones for a better price), and I remember it possibly being located where E Manor should be and it was dimly lit inside.

There were lots of other people there because many customers were there for a meeting, they would meet sometimes to vote on who should be in charge of one or more positions until the next meeting, and I remember talking to the fictional version of Mr. AB from the T-Mobile in the city of LC; and he still acted like a combination of himself and Mr. CG, and as we talked my cousin DE walked around looking at stuff like he was a bit unstable.

At some point my cousin DE interrupted us acting unstable like an annoying kid and so I asked him to walk over to look at something across the room hoping that would distract him long enough for me to finish dealing with our mobile phone problems/questions, at some point it was time for the meeting to start, and then everyone voted and the meeting ended after the election ended.

There was a hall that I walked into, a lot of people from Eastside were in the hall it seemed, and when I was walking away from the hall in front of me in the crowd of people was my former uncle DW who acted like himself combined with the actor Terrence Howard probably acting like his character from the television show Empire (which I have never seen yet).

Before we could leave the hall my former classmate JC walked in front of the entrance of the hall from the main room to talk to my former uncle DW, he approached him cautiously and maybe he even bowed a bit to show respect because it seemed that my former uncle DW was a feared man almost like a mafia boss/kingpin or something like that, and he apologized for the interruption; and so everyone stopped as they talked.

My former classmate JC explained what he wanted, he had a question for my former uncle DW and so he asked it, but my uncle DW laughed and he said a few things but he did not answer his question; and then my former uncle DW continued walking, and so did everyone else.

I probably said hello to my former uncle DW and I probably briefly stopped to talk to him and some of his friends/followers/whoever, and then I stopped to talk to my former classmate JC; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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