A Gym + The Foxcatcher Film + John Luther + My Former Classmate LC = ?

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This was a longer and more detailed dream but I can not remember most of the dream now after waking up a few times and going back to sleep without voice recording my dreams, I remember being inside a large fictional windowless school gym-like building with a tall ceiling that was in the shopping center by W Park in the city of D, and there were other people there as well including some of my former schoolmates like one of my large/tall male former schoolmates with medium-brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair whose name I can not remember.

There was stadium-style seating and I remember sitting and talking to some people while watching films on a large television screen and sometimes on my mobile phone, one of the films had the actor Channing Tatum in it as a wrestler, and so I assumed that was the film the Foxcatcher (which I have not seen so maybe Mr. Tatum was playing the character Mark Schultz).

At some point I walked outside and I remember briefly talking to my large former male schoolmate and I think that it was evening or night outside now, I was going to walk somewhere (maybe home), and the next thing that I can remember is joining a group of people to walk to/through a slightly fictional version of W Park.

My former female classmate LC and the character John Luther from the BBC television show Luther were in this group along with several unknown men and women, an unknown man with light-colored skin with dark-colored hair asked to join us at some point so he started walking with us, and I remember us walking into/through a small building near where the swimming pool should be.

We stopped by some stairs near the exit and I remember my former female classmate LC typing something on a blackish colored large rectangular mobile phone that was attached to her wrist/forearm like a gauntlet/bracer/bracelet, it could flip open to access/to use a physical keyboard, and she used that to type a message; and I remember her having a neutral-negative facial expression/body language/et cetera like she had during one of the last times that I saw her in real life back when we were still in high school, and in both cases I assumed that she was having relationship problems with her boyfriend and/or maybe some other problems.

I was curious about her interesting/strange mobile phone so I remember trying to get a closer look but I remember her finishing her message and closing it like she thought that I was trying to read her message and she did not want anyone to see what she had typed, and then we all walked out of the exit except for the man who asked to join us on our walk.

A woman with light-colored skin with long curly blackish colored hair wearing nice ancient Greek-like clothing was in the building that we walked out of, the man mentioned something to her about a deal that they had made and it seemed suspicious like maybe the man was with us to spy on us and/or to betray us and/or something negative like that, but John Luther over heard part of their conversation because he did not trust the man so he stayed behind to spy on him.

Luther approached the man and let him know that he heard part of their conversation, the man looked uncomfortable and he did not know what to say, and Luther warned him; and then they started walking to catch up with the rest of us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr