Jeremy Wade Swimming Naked In A Race

I am finally getting a chance to type my dream after spending most of the day with most of my family out-of-town trying to recover from mobile phone related drama / mistakes / annoyances / issues.

I learned some things from this experience, and I do not plan on letting something like this happen again.

Likewise, I do not like learning things the hard way, but at least I am not likely to forget this lesson any time soon.

It is a shame that things had to end negatively like this, leaving me with a bad impression of certain people and of a certain store and of a certain type of job.

Unfortunately, I did not voice record my dream before leaving, and so I have forgotten some of the dream.

I only remember part of the end of the dream, which took place during the day in a fictional tourist-like area in probably another country.

This area seemed like it was an area that has been used in several of my past dreams in other countries in an area near a hotel that tourists often use, but it looked a bit different in this dream.

Maybe some of my family and I were staying at the hotel in this area and maybe my dad and some of my brothers wanted to go fishing, but I can not remember.

What I do remember is walking along a sidewalk that went through a park-like area.

On the right side of part of the sidewalk were many sunken ponds and one or more swimming pools that looked like ponds.

The ponds and swimming pool(s) were sunken down lower than the land and sidewalk, so you had to walk downstairs to reach them.

There were people walking and fishing and sitting and talking and even swimming et cetera, and I remember walking to the ponds and swimming pool(s) for a closer look at the water.

I remember seeing Jeremy Wade from the television show River Monsters in one of the ponds talking to an athletic-looking man who was younger than Mr. Wade.

They challenged each other to a swimming race, and then they started their race across the pond as I watched from a distance.

During the race, I noticed that Mr. Wade was naked because I saw his butt when he went to swim on top of the water.

I assumed that he decided to swim naked, hoping that would give him a speed advantage because he was racing a younger and more athletic man.

I am not sure who won the race because I got distracted by snakes.

As I was walking on the land above the ponds and swimming pool(s), I noticed a small blueish and blackish colored snake, probably sleeping partly buried in the ground closer to the ponds.

So I walked around it to avoid it, but then the common dream theme of more snakes magically appearing started to happen as usual; but not as many snakes as there usually are.

I walked around and avoided several other small blueish and blackish colored snakes, they did not bother me as usual.

I had more space to avoid them than usual, I decided to walk toward a swimming pool instead, hoping to avoid more snakes, and I was thinking about trying to swim.

The swimming pool looked like a pond except for the water which was like swimming pool water, it was between ponds, and this worried me.

I was afraid that snakes and other non-human animals might be in and / or around the swimming pool.

So I did not feel safe trying to swim in it, but I woke up as I continued to think about it.

The end,

  • John Jr

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