Boating And A Giant Fish And Octopus

I had more dreams but I can only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during maybe a slightly gray day, and I was on a small boat (with a motor) with my dad and a fictional man with whitish colored skin who my dad knew and the man’s young teenaged son.

My dad and I seemed to be going boating with them and we were at a lake where there were other people boating, swimming, fishing, maybe hunting, maybe golfing, et cetera; and there were ducks and baby ducks, geese, et cetera in the water as well.

I remember the man stopping the boat and going over gun safety with his son, his son had a rifle and the man went over the proper ways to hold it when in use and when not in use, and then the son shot the rifle a few times toward some trees; but then he put the rifle back up, and we started riding around in the boat again.

My dad got a mobile phone call and we dropped him off on the bank/shore because he needed to go deal with something I guess, and then we continued driving around the lake in the boat.

I noticed a giant shadow of a giant fish under the water near the middle of the lake that was bigger than a house, which was scary/creepy but it did not seem to bother anyone, and at some point the son either jumped or fell into the water near this area; and I remember worrying about him getting eaten by the giant fish, but the father did not seem worried.

The father kept driving the boat and at some point I saw the giant fish go to the top of the water like it ate something near where the boy had been, I do not remember seeing the boy again after this (I was a bit worried but I assumed that he was probably okay, and that maybe the giant fish had just eaten an insect or another fish), and I remember the father driving his boat fast and too close to other people like he was trying to annoy them and show off.

He drove very close to some men who looked like they were playing golf from their boats, I assumed that he knew them from work, and this interrupted their golf game/whatever; and the father smiled/laughed at them, and at some point we drove past some ducks and geese and I touched a baby duck as we past by and I could feel its soft feathers and its small round hard head.

At some point we got closer to the shore/bank again and I accidentally fell into the water because of how the man was driving the boat, in front of my face was a large octopus or squid that was looking forward to the left so it was not facing me, and I slowly tried to swim behind it to climb to the shore/bank to avoid it seeing me and/or the giant fish in the water behind me further toward the middle of the lake.

I climbed on the shore/bank and I asked the man if he saw the octopus or squid, he said yeah, and he started moving closer like he wanted to catch it; and I warned him to watch out because it might spit ink, and I started looking for a stick but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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