Dreaming About How Dead Bodies Are Handled And Other Things

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, one part of the dream involved superheroes, and another part of the dream involved how people handle dead bodies/the dead with a focus on the issues of respectfulness and avoiding contaminating the body during criminal investigations and how often autopsies are done and not done; and I remember doing a lot of thinking/imagining/reacting/et cetera on the topic of how dead bodies are handled/et cetera, and sharing my opinions and questions on these things as I explored them trying to learn more and trying to learn what could be done to improve things.

Later in the dream I remember being inside my parent’s house looking through the back screen door during the day when I noticed that another tree or large tree branch had fallen, and this one came close to hitting The G House; and so I told my parent’s, and we walked over to see it.

At some point my mom probably walked back inside the house, my dad drove his automobile outside our gate and he parked it on the side of the road and he turned it off and he walked down the street somewhere maybe, and I remember going inside my dad’s automobile and I started dusting/cleaning the inside.

I remember a fictional man walking up the street who looked a bit like my uncle PE, I recognized this fictional man as a person who often walked up/down our street, and I remember smiling and waving at him; and then he walked to my dad’s automobile and he opened the door, and he asked me if I had $100 and I replied no so he turned around and he started walking back in the direction that he had walked from oddly.

As I was cleaning a certain object I heard a boy say my name as he was talking to one of his male friends across the street where Mr. RD’s house should be, the boy had light brownish colored skin and he looked familiar to me like maybe someone who used to go to a church that I used to go to many years ago and/or something like that (back then he was a little kid or baby, but now he was almost a teenager), and it sounded like he was talking about me like he knew/remembered me.

The boy and his friend walked to my dad’s truck to talk to me, the boy knew me and I recognized him but I did not know his name, and we talked briefly; but I can not remember if I learned his name or not, probably not.

More people started to walk into the street like this was a class from a school that was nearby, they started to line up and a female teacher with whitish colored skin was with them, and my mom walked outside and over to my dad’s automobile; and she wanted to take The B V somewhere to be fixed and/or something like that, and I remember us following the teacher and her class across the street toward maybe my parent’s yard or somewhere else where there was a fictional for-profit/private school or daycare/automobile repair shop.

We went inside the building with the class and the teacher, the teacher was the only worker for both the school and the automobile repair shop there at the time, it seemed that the business was trying to be cheap and not hire enough workers; and I remember my mom talking to the teacher about The B V, while the teacher ignored her class, and then the teacher answered a phone call.

After the phone call the teacher told my mom that it would probably be a while before someone could check The B V, the teacher had a somewhat bad attitude and she was a bit mean and she somewhat reminded me of Mrs. A who works for ER, but I can not remember if my mom was going to continue waiting there or not; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr