Pharrell Williams & A Giant Broken Goddess Statue

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional place, at some point in the dream I was at a parking lot that had several connected one-story buildings and businesses, and maybe I was there with the music artist Pharrell Williams and some of his friend’s including other celebrities; and maybe some of my former classmates were there as well.

I remember them/us hanging out doing various activities (listening to music and maybe making music, talking, eating, drinking, playing games, exploring, shopping, et cetera) in different buildings and outside, I talked with various people during various parts of the dream, including one or more women who(m) I can not remember; but at some point I think that they all left to another location.

The next thing that I can remember is being in my parent’s yard and in the alley outside of their yard with my brothers and some of my former classmates like my former male classmates MT, DH, and maybe SS; and they/we were hanging out, and I remember the others shooting BB guns and even trying to hunt with them but I never saw them kill anything (they seemed to miss all the time).

At some point all of my former classmates except for my former classmate MT left, my former classmate MT found a giant whitish colored headless Greek/Roman-style goddess statue somewhere in the wooded areas of the alley I think, and the head of the goddess statue was on the ground near the rest of the statue and both were in good condition to our surprise (it probably even had a somewhat smooth look and feel still); and it seemed to possibly be an ancient statue of a clothed goddess standing up wearing Greek/Roman-style clothing, and it was about as tall as a house.

We decided to move both parts of the statue in my parent’s yard I think using some portable tools/devices/whatever, after moving it we briefly examined it and I wanted to see if I could reattach the head, and I remember my former classmate MT and my brothers going back in the alley to shoot their BB guns; and my brother CC had a BB gun that looked like a light machine gun.

At some point my former classmate MT and my brothers started shooting wildly at the top of a tree trying to hunt/kill a squirrel but they kept missing it seemed, at some point the squirrel escaped, and my former classmate MT started moving both parts of the statue back in the alley; and I followed him because I thought that he was going to try to fix it, but then I found out that he was going to destroy it or leave it because he did not think that we could fix it.

I told him that it could probably be fixed and that it should not be destroyed or left to decay, I wanted to keep it and fix it if possibly (I was thinking about cementing the head back on, and setting the statue up in my parent’s yard), but I felt that it would be better if experts from a museum/whatever could fix it and restore it and maybe put it in a museum where other people could see it and keep it safe and maintained.

It was interesting/amazing to find a statue like this, something so large and possibly ancient and well carved and of a goddess which is very rare, things like that are not found or respected where I live; and I wondered how did this statue end up here, how old was it, who built it, why was it built, which goddess was it of (or was it even a goddess or just a famous woman), and maybe more questions but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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