Where Is My Brother CC?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening and night at E Manor, most of my family and I were staying there, and my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC were in town visiting; and during the end of the dream my sister-in-law JC was visiting her family, and we did not know where my brother CC went in his automobile.

My mom tried to contact my brother CC by calling and texting his mobile phone several times during the dream but he never responded, Eastside seemed a bit dangerous in this dream, and as it got darker outside we started to worry more and more about my brother CC; and at some point I remember seeing my former male classmate JC and an unknown man with brownish colored skin leave the whitish colored abandoned house across the street from E Manor, and they left with shotguns that had the barrels cut a bit shorter than normal (longer than a normal sawed-off shotgun, but shorter than a normal home/self-defense shotgun).

They both looked like they were up to no good like they were going to make or interrupt a drug deal and/or kill and/or rob someone, they ran up the street to the left, and I remember telling my family what I saw; and my mom tried contacting my sister-in-law JC but she did not know where my brother CC was, and my mom tried contacting my brother CC again but no one responded.

We probably heard some gunshots and a few minutes later I saw my former classmate JC and the other man running back down the street with their shotguns but they ran past their house and E Manor like they were running to hide before the police and/or someone else could arrive, we started to worry about my brother CC even more, and I started to wonder if it was possible that he was trying to make a drug deal with my former classmate JC and the other man; and maybe they shot him and robbed him, and so I started thinking up possibilities of where my brother CC might be and why he was not responding.

So I can not remember what was real and what was me imagining things, I assume that what I remember next was me imagining possibilities but I am not sure, in one probably imagined scenario someone started to reply vaguely by text to my mom’s text messages; but it seemed that it was probably not my brother CC but someone else who possibly robbed and/or killed him.

In another possibly imagined scenario my brother CC called saying that he was hurt badly somewhere and that he needed help, we tried to figure out where he was by trying to find his location based on the location of his mobile phone, but the battery in his mobile phone was going out; and I imagined us getting close to his location and finding him wounded on the ground near his automobile with wounds from a shotgun, I imagined him close to losing consciousness as we tried to keep him awake and get him to a hospital, and I remember talking to him trying to keep him awake.

After these probably imagined scenarios we probably still had not heard back from my brother CC so I started hoping that he was okay, I wondered what would happen if he was dead and I was also worried for my sister-in-law JC, and if my brother CC was dead with gunshots wounds my first suspects would be my former classmate JC and the other man; and so I started trying to prepare myself for various possibilities/outcomes while hoping for the best, it was possible that my brother CC was just hanging out with his friends or something like that, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was with most of my family traveling out-of-town, we stopped at a small store off of the highway, and the store somewhat reminded me of a low-budget clothing store combined with a Dollar Tree combined with a Harbor Freight Tools; but mostly like a budget clothing store with some cheap non-clothing items as well.

I remember my family and I shopping, I remember my dad talking to someone about my brother CC being in the military but that we did not know where he was because it was currently a secret or something like that, and I remember going into the dressing/changing room which had various clothing hanging on the wall oddly; and so I tried on several clothing items, but they seemed like they were possibly for women so I stopped.

I saw a sale(s) paper/picture that showed that they had some leather jackets on sale, I started looking around trying to find them, and a somewhat old couple (husband and wife) with whitish colored skin started talking with me; and then they tried to help me find a leather jacket, we could not find it, and so they took me to the workers behind the counter.

I thanked them and they continued shopping or bought their stuff and left, there were two male workers with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair, and they incorrectly thought that I was looking for motorcycle gear/whatever; and so they started showing me shin pads/et cetera, but then I explained that I was looking for a leather jacket (their motorcycle gear had real leather materials in some of it, and that is why they assumed that I was talking about that).

They told me that the jacket on sale was really a fake/synthetic leather jacket made of synthetic materials, they hated that so they refused to call them leather jackets and they looked down on those types of jackets, and then one of the workers (who looked annoyed now) started to walk me to where the synthetic/fake leather jackets were; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr