False Positives And An Upcoming Job Interview

Source: Wikipedia

I went to bed too late last night, my mind is distracted by anxiety for my upcoming job interview today, I got awakened early this morning by loud vehicle noises and a loud horn noise (maybe a motorcycle or something like that, and an annoying loud custom horn), and I did not try to go back to sleep because my body is energized from anxiety.

So I only barely remember part of my last dream which took place during the morning, I woke up in bed inside a bedroom inside my parent’s house, and I woke up remembering that I had my job interview today; and that I had an antimalware / antivirus scan running.

I checked the antimalware / antivirus scan and it had found two false positives that were somehow connected to my job interview, I had expected to get these two false positives, and so I quickly reported them as false positives.

I had several more hours until my job interview and so I decided to go back to sleep, but I reminded myself that I needed to wake up again on time later; but then I got awakened by a loud vehicle noise and a loud horn that sounded like it was coming from inside the yard or outside the yard.

The end,

-John Jr