Lana + Kittens + A Storm + Zombies = ?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a dream within a dream that was inspired by some videos that I watched last night about the $13 Xiaomi Mi Band and other fitness / activity trackers, in the dream within a dream I was dreaming about it and then I would wake up in the other dream and think about it also not realizing that I was still dreaming, and my uncle CE was either in and/or mentioned in one dream that I can not remember; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was long and so I can only remember a few parts of the dream so my memory of it is a bit flawed and confusing/confused, but I remember being inside a middle class/upper class one-story multi-purpose building that was probably mostly carpeted; the building had a variety of areas for meetings, eating, drinking, entertainment, maybe hotel, maybe a casino, and more

The building also had pretty good security, at some point as I was exploring/whatever I remember seeing a woman who looked/dressed/sounded/spoke/acted like the entertainment wrestler Lana, and she was walking around looking/acting suspicious and like she wanted to attract attention by slowly walking around somewhat seductively to get your attention and looking at you like she wants you to follow her because she is about to do something illegal.

I remember following her from a distance because it seemed that she was up to no good, the security noticed her as well and they started trying to find her because they alleged that she was possibly part of a conspiracy to commit an attack of some kind, and at some point I probably told the security all the information that I had about her and I started trying to help them find her.

I possibly found her at some point and maybe she told me that I was wrong about her, she possibly alleged that she was trying to stop a conspiracy/attack that another group was trying to commit, and so I temporarily started helping her and several other people joined us; and so now we were avoiding the security, and trying to look for this other alleged group.

I was neutral and I was not sure who to trust yet so I followed and I listened trying to learn as much as I could because I sensed that an attack/conspiracy was happening and I wanted to stop it because I felt that something bad was going to happen and people would die, but at some point I think that Lana disappeared like she either sneaked away or got caught or something like that; and so we were not sure if she had been lying to us or not.

The other people (men, women, and one or two young adults) and I continued working together as one group trying to stop this attack/conspiracy, after losing Lana I felt that the attack was going to start and that we would fail to stop it, and something bad happened and/or was mentioned and/or started that possibly involved a bad storm; and my group and I left the building to travel somewhere else, maybe trying to find a safe place before the chaos/attack/conspiracy started, and it was late afternoon or evening outside.

At some point I remember us walking in a field like the one outside my parent’s yard but it was hilly/had bigger hills, on one of the hills were several cat houses with orange and whitish colored kittens with the same pattern who were from three or four different litters in and around it, and each litter were different sizes so they were born weeks and a month or so apart from each other.

We stopped to pet them and at some point we continued our journey and the attack/conspiracy started I guess, zombies/whatever attacked the city/world/whatever, fortunately we were away from most of it; but we were in the open outside and it was getting dark, and so a young woman in our group who had whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair told us that we could go to her parent’s house which was not far away.

So we went there and it was in a lower class neighborhood, her parent’s yard was one of the few that had a fence around it and the fence was tall and party custom-made, and so we sneaked into the yard; and we sneaked into the house to see if it was safe or not, and we moved quickly because we did not want to be seen by any zombies if there were any around.

It seemed that most people had either been killed, ran away, and/or were hiding because it was quiet as we walked around the city; and I was not comfortable with having to rush into the house not knowing if it was safe or not, and we had no weapons or armor.

No one was inside the house and it was clear, I wanted to fortify the fence and outside of the house but it was not safe, and so we needed to wait until things calm down; and so the plan was to try to temporarily fortify the windows and doors from inside the house, and maybe fortify everything else the next morning or when it seemed safe outside.

I did not like this but it was the safest plan that I could think up, we rushed to close and lock the windows and doors and to start fortifying them, but before we could finish a group/gang of dangerous-looked armed men with whitish colored skin started trying to enter the house from an open door that we had not reached yet; and I remember rushing to close the door, and the men were smiling and laughing like they knew that we were easy targets for them to rob and maybe rape and kill.

I remember thinking that other humans like this were our biggest threat, which was sad that it was other humans and not zombies who were trying to attack us first, and that some people were already using this disaster as a chance to commit crimes; and I remember trying to hold the door closed as the men tried to push it open, I told the others to sneak out of the other door to escape while I hold them off, and I remember trying to talk to the dangerous men asking them to leave us alone and/or to let us go and they could have the house.

They wanted the house and they wanted to attack us so there was no reasoning with them, I decided that I would distract them long enough for the others to escape and then I would probably try to escape because they had weapons and they had me outnumbered, and I wanted to avoid violence.

But these men seemed like the type of people who would hunt us down later so killing them would probably be a better option, I continued holding the door as they pushed it open trying to decide what I should do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr