Mr. AB From T-Mobile

I got awakened suddenly from my last dream by a loud bumping noise like someone had knocked on the wall outside the bedroom or something like that, and this caused me to forget most of my dreams; and I looked outside the window and I looked outside both doors, but I saw no one outside so maybe someone in the house had accidentally bumped the wall or something like that.

One part of the dream involved a woman and a relationship I think but that is all that I can remember of that part of the dream, and the next part of the dream involved Mr. AB a worker from the T-Mobile store in the city of LC talking with several people and I inside an apartment/school-like building.

Mr. AB was boasting, trying to act cool, trying to act smart/intelligent, and probably partly lying to us about some information/knowledge/experiences/technology/et cetera that he had and that he had worked with and that he knew about from/when working with the government/military/corporations/et cetera; but most of it was allegedly classified, and so he could not tell us much, but I believed that he was somewhat using that excuse as cover because he really did not know as much as he pretended to know.

He would share a bit of vague information to get us asking questions and wanting more information, but he would say that he could not share more, and he would pause for long periods of time, and he continued this pattern like he was enjoying all the attention; but as I talked about what I knew and as I asked him questions, it was clear that he did not know that much and that he was somewhat pretending/acting/lying, and that I probably knew more than him overall.

I think that we were mostly talking in a hallway after leaving a room or classroom, my former male classmate MP (Big J) was there as well and an unknown man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was interested in computers/technology/et cetera was there as well, and at some point I got tired of Mr. AB’s games/act/lies/et cetera and I went to use the bathroom because there was no reason to continue wasting my time with him.

After leaving the bathroom the unknown man approached me asking me questions and for my opinions/advice on various computer and technology related topics mostly, we both were interested in the some of the same topics, and he seemed pretty well-informed and intelligent; and so we both had a good conversation.

It was clear that he was interested in the topics and that he kept himself updated on those topics, unlike Mr. AB who was pretending/lying/out-of-date/et cetera, and I told him that we were probably on about the same level knowledge-wise, so I doubted that I had much to share with him that he did not already know; but he insisted that I answer his questions and share what I knew anyway, and so I did but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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