Beck Living In The G House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day at The G House, and the music artist Beck was living inside the house.

My uncle CE was working outside where the garden used to be, one or more of my family members were near the back porch, and I was near it as well working with an intelligent personal assistant / antivirus-like program that had a male voice.

The program had three modes: manual, automatic, and a mode where it would create its own personality based on how you answered several questions or it would quickly observe its environment/any only close enough and decide for itself.

I tried each mode and the mode where it creates its own personality was the most talkative and the worse because it picked a mean personality after making its own personality after quickly observing the wrong thing(s), and it kept insulting me; the manual mode was the most quiet, and the automatic mode was the most balanced and so that was my favorite mode.

The annoying mode could even report you to other people (maybe even the police), I remember it telling the other person near the back porch something incorrect/false about me, and this person ended up going to tell my uncle CE this false information; and so I reset it, and I switched it to automatic mode.

I remember going inside The G House and Beck was further inside the house, I probably saw him from a distance a few times in the dream and maybe I said a few things to him from a distance, and he was using the bedroom by the kitchen as a storage room; and I remember going into this bedroom/storage room to clean it up by getting rid of some of the trash/junk,and organizing it.

My uncle CE approached the window to this room confronting me about the false information that he was told by the other person who was told this false information by the intelligent personal assistant/antivirus-like program, I think it told him/them that I was stealing Beck’s stuff out of the bedroom/storage room, and so I explained the situation to my uncle CE.

After explaining the situation to him I went to explain it to the other person, I remember being a bit annoyed, and after that I was going to get back to cleaning up the storage room; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Flynn,

The electricity came back on earlier than expected a few minutes ago (giving me enough time to fix and finish this post), the possible tornado passed through quickly, but it is still raining so the minor flash flood/whatever is probably going on still; thank you Flynn. 🙂

I am curious to get your opinion on my questions/polls at the end of my post from Sunday (May 24th); no one else voted/answered my questions yet, and so it would be nice to get at least one person’s opinion(s). 😉

Thank you,
-John Jr

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Strange, thank you for letting me know, I wonder is that a bug?

Maybe something strange is going on, it seems that some peoples views are not being counted when they go to my blog like yours and some others, I reported this but I only had one report to go on (someone who had used my Contact Page/Form, but no views of the posts/pages that they visited); but it is possible that this is a pattern because there is no views of that post since the day it was made, and some other posts that you have commented on/liked/rated in the past.

I guess I will have to remove the polls and just let people answer the questions using the comment form.

Anyway, thank you very much for voting Flynn, my brother GC also voted Peter as his top pick overall but he voted Rachel as the best female voice and Paul as the second best voice overall and Heather fourth place and Ryan last place; and so Peter is the winner because I doubt that anyone else is going to vote except for maybe one other person. 🙂

Thank you,
-John Jr


I probably overlooked some of that because of a possible bias, the Rachel voice slightly reminds me of Tilda Swinton’s voice/accent (I wish that there was a Tilda Swinton voice option and/or a Charlotte Gainsbourg and/or a Imogen Heap and/or a French English accent option on the website that I used to make those), and so I probably liked the Rachel voice a bit more than I should have because of that. 😀

An example of Tilda Swinton reading:

There are other free voices out there so I will have to look around on a few more free websites to see if I find any more interesting voices. 😉

Thank you Flynn,
-John Jr


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