Getting Shot And Waking Up In The Future

I am not sure how many dreams I had last night or in what order they go in because one or more or all the dreams took place in the future, in one of the dreams I died or was in a coma or something like that and I got brought back to life or awakened years later in the future, and in one of the dreams someone shot me with a gun and then injected something into the back of my neck with a syringe to make me forget and to knock me unconscious; and so my memory is all messed up and confused. (I had some chamomile tea before going to sleep, and so maybe that had an affect or effect me)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a strange-looking day (very dream-like) during maybe late in the afternoon in the city of D, and I was maybe riding a horse; and there was a woman riding a horse next to me, and maybe this woman was my girlfriend or wife but I can not remember.

I know that we were happy together and we were enjoying our ride, for some reason that I can not remember we stopped by the field by the A Plant (maybe a train was blocking our path), and some of our family and friends arrived or were there with us; and they seemed happy about us being together, and I remember everyone having a good time.

At some point the woman got on my horse with me and we rode together having fun and maybe doing some stunts but my memory is unclear after this, I remember possibly walking with my horse talking with my parent’s as we walked through a trail closer to the old C Building (I am not sure where the woman was now, maybe she was with the others by street, still waiting for the train or whatever to move), and we saw trash on the ground like someone who was homeless was living next to the C Building; and I remember my former male classmate TC approaching us, he was not doing well financially, but for some reason he gave us some money even when we told him to keep it because he needed it.

Something happened that I can not remember, it is possible that we heard gunshots in the distance and police sirens, and maybe a stray bullet hit me in the head killing me or knocking me unconscious but I can not remember; and maybe the second dream in part of this dream or it is separate, but I am not sure.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I woke up during the evening on a twin sized bed in the same field where I was at the end of the first dream, some of my family and a few other people were there (but probably not the woman from the first dream), and I maybe asked them how was I here because I was supposed to be dead or almost dead.

They told me that they had me either brought me back from the dead or they had me awakened, I guess somehow my body was preserved for years until they had the technology to bring me back or wake me up, and so now it was years into the future (maybe the 2020s or 2030s, but I am not sure).

I was confused and I probably had various conflicting feelings and thoughts about this, we talked briefly and they gave me a quick update about various things, and there was an annual competition taking place at a new area in the field where groups of people compete in a fashion competition of dress clothing.

Our neighbor Mr. RD approached us and he talked to us briefly, I started to walk away at some point to explore the competition, and Mr. RD asked my mom who was I and how old was I because I looked familiar to him but she dodged the question (only they knew that I was alive or awake again, and so they were not ready to tell others yet); and they caught up with me at some point, and my mom joked about how she had dodged the question.

There were many people dressed up in suits and other dress outfits, one of the popular groups all had brownish colored skin and they seemed like they were from maybe the city of G, and I walked through this area until I reached the street which also had people in it who were adjusting their outfits and they were showing off various suits styles from the past to now (so the newer suit styles were a bit futuristic, and a bit unusual and interesting to me); and I saw some of my former classmates like my former male classmate PL, and my former male classmate LF.

I continued walking up the street until I reached a building where I lived (maybe before I died or was unconscious for years), this is so confusing that maybe this is part of another dream that I forgot but I can not remember, and I walked inside the dimly lit building which was like a dorm and almost everyone was gone to the competition; and I walked to the room that I used to live in, and the room that I lived in was like a dorm room that I shared with several former classmates and several other people where we all had our own beds in one open room like a military barracks/dorm room.

The room was how I remembered it and my same roommates were still living there and my stuff was still in the room, it seemed that I was or had possibly been in the military, and I had a knife by my bed in a greenish colored military nylon sheath with a metal tip; and I hid it out of view, and everything was still how I had left it.

I went to check the air conditioner settings and the room was very cold even though the temperature was set to a warmer temperature than usual and the fan speed was not set on auto like it normally was, my roommates entered the room to go to sleep (my former male classmate LF was one of them, and he seemed to be in the military or was in the military), and I mentioned how the air conditioner settings were different and how I guess their future technology allowed a warmer temperature to make the room colder than it used to years ago but I woke up as they joke about how I liked having the air conditioner settings set a certain way.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it also took place at some point at the same field from the first two dreams during the day, I remember seeing something about how the actress Jennifer Lawrence was going to be in another film in a film series that I had seen part of years ago before I died or was unconscious maybe, and so this dream was in the future; and maybe she was being interviewed in front of a studio audience, and things looked a bit futuristic.

At some point I remember some fictional friends, family members, fictional people from my neighborhood, and some other people they knew welcoming me back from the dead or my coma or whatever; and maybe I also was going to be moving to a better neighborhood and maybe I was going to get a nice job, but a fictional man with dark brownish colored skin with short hair wanted me to stay in the same neighborhood and he wanted things to be how they used to be.

This man was possibly a friend of one of my family members who grew up in the same neighborhood as me so I guess I knew him since we were young, he was involved in criminal activities probably, and something happened where he tried to stop me from leaving; and he had a gun, and I remember driving away in an automobile as he chased me in his car.

At some point he drove next to me telling me how if I left that I would probably not visit them and that I would abandon my old neighborhood and everyone who lived there, he said some other things as well that made it clear that he did not want me to move up in life, and he shot me in my arm with his gun because he was only trying to stop me not kill me.

This caused me to slow down and he was able to reach his arm into my automobile, he told me that he was doing this for my own good and that things would be how they used to be once he makes me forget, and he injected something into the back of my neck with a syringe and I could feel it so it felt realistic and he said that this would make me forget and that I would wake up later not remembering anything after a certain point.

I asked him what was he doing and what did he inject me with, I told him that he was gone crazy and that he was going too far, and I said a few other things but my vision started to go blurry and my mind started to get foggy; and I lost consciousness.

I woke up in the real world feeling the same pain in the back of my neck and the same feelings that I was feeling in the dream, this faded slowly, and I used the bathroom and then I went back to sleep after voice recording my dreams.

Dream 4

I had this dream after going back to sleep and it took place during the day in what looked like the front parking lot of D High School, there was a multi-story house there where a family (husband, wife, kids) with whitish colored skin with light-colored hair lived, and I was maybe visiting them or something like that; and I remember talking with the wife mostly, and some of their teenage male family members came to visit.

I remember talking with them and one of them mentioned that they were having computer problems, I asked them about the computer problems trying to see if I could help them, and I remember him saying that they probably did not have an antivirus; and I told him that they should have one, but at some point it was time for a family gathering outside and I was invited.

More family members from both sides of this family arrived, my former male classmate JR and his girlfriend or wife were among them, and there was food and drinks; and I remember sitting and talking with my former classmate JR and his wife and some of the others.

I remember eating some cherry cake that had the cherry filling but no cherries, my former classmate JR lifted the cake to show how the cake had no cherries and how it did not have much filling, but when he put it back down the filling had spread out flat and the cake no longer looked right; and he tried to adjust it, but it was just making it worse.

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr