The E House & A Virtual Reality Video Game

I went to bed super late last night and my stomach was bothering me like something I ate or drank was making me sick, I am feeling better but my stomach is not completely back to normal yet, and so I barely remember part of one dream.

My memory is very flawed and this dream possibly took place in two different dream worlds so maybe there was a dream within a dream but I am not sure, and part of the dream involved a video game that was possibly a virtual reality video game.

I know that part of the dream took place inside what looked like E Manor but I think that one of the doors led to an outside area that looked like my parent’s yard oddly, but I could be wrong; and maybe the dream took place during the evening or night, but I can not remember.

I was inside the house with several unknown women and men and maybe some of my family like my mom, I remember talk of a video game and maybe virtual reality, and I remember us possibly playing the video game like we were really inside the video game; and we had to deal with some threats in the video game world, and maybe the other dream world.

I remember us focusing on defense and trying to be cautious, we possibly had to defend ourselves in both dream worlds, and so we had to try to decide how to best balance our defenses between both dream worlds; and I remember this worrying us very much because we did not have many defenses to spread around.

There were more details to this dream but I can not remember them at this time because I did not voice record this dream, but maybe I will remember more later.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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