Living In A House With Some Of The Cast Members Of Full House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a one-story building that was a school and I remember living inside a house that was inside a classroom that was inside the school (so it was like three layers or a building within a building within a building); and I lived there with some of the male cast members of the television show Full House, my uncle IC, maybe a few other people, maybe my dad, and maybe my brother GC.

The teacher of the classroom that our house was inside of was Grace Randolph from YouTube and the other people I lived with were in her class as well, we would walk out of our house straight into her classroom, and if you leave her classroom you would be inside the school which had many rooms; and I remember going to Grace’s classroom a few times during the dream.

During one part of the dream I was inside our house as the others were relaxing, my uncle IC was sitting on a coach leaning back smoking a cigarette and he gave me some words of wisdom during our conversation, and I briefly talked with the others; and I remember having two small classical guitars that I showed to the others, and I remember talking about how I still had not learned how to play them yet and about other things that I have not learned or finished or got in my life yet (French, college, a career or job, girlfriend or wife, et cetera).

One of the guitars looked strange and like a gittern or another ancient guitar-like musical instrument, at some point I went to my room and/or to another part of the house alone, and I remember practicing some French during some point in the dream but I can not remember where and if I practiced with anyone or not (maybe I went to a French class inside the school or I practiced with Grace or I practiced alone).

At some point I remember being in the school area with other students like my former male classmate LT, and when leaving one of the classrooms a female classmate who looked like a model and I saw some snakes by the door; and one of the snakes was a large boa constrictor, and the others were small snakes.

I remember someone else and maybe I moving and/or picking up one or more of the snakes and/or walking around them, and I remember strange things happening in the school area most of the time when I would go to the bathroom; and I seemed to be the only person seeing and experiencing these strange things, and I remember something strange happening that involved maybe experimental non-human animals somehow being released or escaping into parts of the building.

I think that some of us tried to find them and contain them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr