Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) Leading A Security Team

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception (2010)
Titles: Inception
People: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
© 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day at what seemed to be a fictional version of W Park in the city of D, my family seemed to be rich, and we lived in a solid walled area to the left of the public swimming pool, and I was returning home on foot.

I entered our walled yard, and we had several small castle-like structures and towers in the yard that we lived in and used it seemed, I remember feeling good and was about to enjoy our nice private and secure yard when suddenly I heard alarms, and the alarms were from our security system that protected us.

It seemed that the sensors at the top of the wall detected that someone had climbed over the wall and so the automatic security lock-down was starting which was slowly sealing all the windows and doors and most of the outsides of each structure and the security team were alerted and on their way, and I ran toward the closest structure near me which was a tower.

I was not sure if any of my family was home or not, I did not want any of them to be locked in the yard alone, and so instead of staying in the tower until it was sealed up I went back outside to look for my family which was risky but I was worried about their safety; and to see if I could find the intruder so that the security team would know where to find them.

I sneaked outside as the tower that I left from got sealed up by the automatic security system, I sneaked around not seeing my family, but I saw and heard an airplane in the sky; and several people jumped out of it parachuting toward our yard, and it seemed to be our security team and I remember being surprised by this and thinking that we must be rich to afford security like this.

Several men parachuted into our yard like they were special forces soldiers (they were lightly equipped, but well equipped) and they were the security team, they seemed very professional and well-trained and like they had a lot of experience, and their leader was the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who seemed to be acting like his character Arthur from the film Inception; and I quickly explained the situation to them, Mr. Gordon-Levitt led me to another building away from our property as the rest of his security team searched for the intruder and secured our property, and they seemed to have the situation under control.

I remember being inside a building where I met some of my former classmates and some other people, I do not remember seeing Mr. Gordon-Levitt again after this point in the dream so he probably returned to help his team once I was safe, and at some point I left to another area when a man among the group started trying to sell illegal drugs it seemed.

I remember going to indoor and outdoor areas in what seemed to be a fictional version of New York City during maybe the evening, there seemed to be lower-class and upper class areas, and I remember visiting several buffets and other places in each area.

The mayor of the city was a man with whitish colored skin and his wife also had whitish colored skin and at some point I think that some gang or mafia members blackmailed him to force the mayor to get them inside a place that belonged to a rich man, and he forced him to bring a large group of people from the lower-class areas with them; and I was with the group of people from the lower-class area at the time, I did not know about the blackmail at first, and so I joined them.

The gang or mafia members probably wanted to assassinate the rich man and they were probably going to hide among the large group of people from the lower-class areas and I, maybe they were going to kill many of the rich people and take over the building, but I am not sure.

I remember the group of people and I being happy about having the chance to visit the exclusive area that was owned by the rich man, we reached the door to the building, and the mayor nervously asked to see the rich man; and the mayor asked the rich man for a favor, which was to allow him and the large group of people to enter the building, and the rich man thought that this was an odd request but he allowed us to enter.

We all entered the building into an area that was like a fancy restaurant and lounge, there was security guarding it, and I probably overheard some of the gang or mafia members trying to think up a plan to get rid of the security so that they could go after the rich man; and so I tried to get close enough to the rich man to warn him, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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