A Casino Chip (Token) And Victor Frankenstein And Comodo Internet Security?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that either I was helping some detectives or I was a detective, we were dealing with a case where a man went missing and we assumed that he was killed by the mafia because he had owed them money and they found out that he had won something and came to collect and something went wrong, and his wife and young son were now alone at their multi-story home.

The family all had whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair, I remember them being questioned and the house searched but no one knew where the husband was, and I remember being worried about the safety of the family; and so I stayed to continue to investigate and protect the family in case the mafia returned.

I talked with the wife a lot and I looked around the house investigating trying to figure out what happened and where the husband’s dead body might be, it seemed that whatever he won the mafia wanted but he refused and they ended up killing him, but they never got what they wanted; and so whatever it is that they needed to collect that he had won was still missing as well.

At some point I was on an upper floor of the home and I talked with the young son, he mentioned that his dad was carrying around what looked like a casino chip constantly and that he dad kept repeating a certain phrase to him that he wanted him to remember, and I assumed that this casino chip is what was needed to collect the prize that he had won; and that the mafia did not realize that either he still had it on his dead body or that he had given it to his son or something like that.

I then possibly figured out what had happened and I remember reenacting the crime in my mind, there was a doctor involved who I assumed stabbed the husband in back of the head with a syringe and injected him with something knocking him unconscious (I felt this, and it felt realistic) after the husband had refused to give his prize to the mafia (the mafia wanted the entire prize instead of just the money he owed them); and then I imagined some mafia members searching the house not finding what they were looking for, and so they took the husband to torture him until he told them where it was.

Whatever he won was worth enough where he felt that it would take care of his family for the rest of their lives so he refused to tell the mafia where it was, I assumed they killed him and that they were still looking for it, and so I called the other detectives to tell them my new idea; and that I wanted them to question the doctor, and get the family to safety because they mafia might come after them.

I still did not know where the husband might be but I hoped that the doctor would know, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear but I remember traveling during the day and I stopped at a restaurant to eat, a man who reminded me of Victor Frankenstein from the television show Penny Dreadful was with me traveling with me I assume at some point maybe, and at this restaurant you had to get in line and pick what items you wanted like in a cafeteria; and the workers would put the food on your plate, and each item had its own price.

I mostly remember one of the workers behind the counter who was a woman with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair wearing a whitish colored uniform and apron, I think that there was another female worker who had whitish colored skin, and I remember talking with them and Mr. Frankenstein or whoever he was as I picked out my food.

There were some strange parts to the dream involving Comodo Internet Security and maybe someone using it or something else to pay for their food and to have sex or something crazy like that with which ever worker was behind the counter waiting for them to pay for their food, I just remember someone using it or something else several times to pay for intercourse and oral sex, but those things possibly happened in someone’s daydream inside the dream or in a partial dream within a dream using this dream world; but I am not sure and it is too confusing and unclear, and even in the dream I was confused and someone else was doing this as I somehow was able to see it or forced to see it.

I remember Mr. Frankenstein or whoever he was paying for our food when I was distracted and forced to see that crazy and confusing part of the dream, once the dream went back to normal I thanked him, and I paid him back for paying for my food; and then I went back in line to buy some peach cobbler and maybe something else.

At some point I remember sitting down and talking with Mr. Frankenstein or whoever he was as we ate, we talked about our trip probably planning the next part of it like we were trying to reach somewhere or someone (he was probably a doctor, and so maybe we were trying to get somewhere to help someone), but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr